Nov 17

Tomorrow Night’s Show: Law Enforcement Officer’s Encounter

I moved tonight’s show to tomorrow night because I want to include another guest for you guys and gals.

July 14, 2013 5:00P Washtenaw County, Southeast Michigan

That aside, one hot muggy day last summer we entered this remote swampy marsh area with patches of thick woods that changed a lot of things for me. To my personal instincts nothing seemed right from the time we ventured into that location and everything seemed out of sorts there. Twenty years an half on the streets in law enforcement and two stints in the military along that period and you learn to trust your instincts. Trusting your instincts is a skill, not everyone will learn nor understand but your instincts – your inner being never lies, it will never betray you.

So I was quite familiar with that feeling, I felt it many times over the years. Over time you learn to trust your instincts, your instincts keep you safe and they will never lie to you.

I was already aggravated by the hot sticky temperatures; I was sweaty, flies and mosquitos were biting like mad, I guess I might have even been hungry and a bit grumpy too, but nothing seemed right.

The deeper we ventured the more unexplainable aggravation or annoyance I felt when suddenly I heard a break! It wasn’t a twig or anything it had intonations of a thick branch break and I whispered for my friend to halt and we both listened. Not hearing anything else we preceded forward with my partner in the lead me lagging behind when we heard another break. Everything went dead silent in the woods and I can tell we didn’t smell anything but my instincts told me something was amiss.

Something was definitely not right.

I was glancing up all around the trees and there it was! It’s either standing behind a tree or hanging onto a tree peeking a distance away but unbelievably close in relative terms. My partner was inspecting a large stick nest with his back to me and it. I am thinking it’s time to leave before this thing decides to ramble over my way. So here we are surrounded by trees and three large trees in particular with a large stick nest to the west and the three stick tipi to the east of my feet. I don’t want to panic my friend, I want to leave so I turn toward my friend and say something like I’m ready to leave and quickly turn back around start snapping photos in a 180 degree sweep.

Somebody said here before and I heard it and read it many times since. There are more than one species of Bigfoot out there, I know it, I believe it and seen it. What I seen appeared strangely human but with thick reddish brown hair on the head, shoulders right arm, waist right down its knee. This wasn’t the A-typical Patti ape looking black hairy beast! This thing I seen was a freak of nature and big.

I’ve learned to compartmentalize stressful incidents over the years where you put those things that bother you most away much the same the way you would hang your coat and hat, leaving it there until needed again but you don’t take it unless you need it.

If I were to guess we’re probably talking about the beast being between 30-60 yards away and it was over 8 feet tall, I would think. It appeared to me as though it was climbing down or going up, I couldn’t tell but I didn’t want to wait and see. High up in the trees next to the beast in the photo, I could see another creature and this appeared to have blonde hair and looked, like one expect a werewolf to look like, but with red lips and it seemed disinterested looking off in another direction but silent.

We’re out of there and just before we start across the field from which we crossed to get to the woods we found this week old print in the dried mud that measures about 17 – 17 ½ inches in length. I am uncharacteristically quiet all the way home. I get home and upload the photos and yes, I wasn’t seeing things and wasn’t making this up there it was. Not only was the being in the photo as I saw it but in the trees to the left of it was a blonde haired Chewbacca looking creature with red lips.

Let me also say this once again, I am not an expert nor am I a Bigfoot Researcher. I’ve seen a lot of things murders, suicides, accidents so on and so forth but nothing bothered me more personally than what I seen that day. It is real as reality is to you in your world.

Is it a curse or blessing?

Perhaps it wasn’t just the sudden odd strangeness of feelings that seemed to overwhelm me or the moment of visual contact but all of it together called my attention like invisible fingers beckoning me forward against my will. What I felt wasn’t love peace or happiness but an undeniable sense of some powerful hand of hatred, some dark foreboding that is very capable of lulling you into weird state of bliss and helplessness and for me that is perhaps the most defining thing that I can say about it. I will never forget it.


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  1. Aaron M

    I grew up near, went to college and worked in Washtenaw county. I wouldn’t expect there be enough vast wooded areas for a squatch to live. Ann Arbor is in Washtenaw county to give some reference.

    I can’t quite make out the picture though.

    • JOHN E

      I hear ya on that…..we have been on this site for a while ….its something all the stories … wife saw a gray one this summer I was so happy because ya know most just dont think its for real ….This story will be great …..THANKS WES….

  2. Amy D

    We camp in Pinckney /Waterloo area all the time, not far from, Ann Arbor & live not far from there…. there are thousands of acres of woods and marsh where I believe a Bigfoot could easily hide… since reading the account of the 2 witnesses last year you bet I’m more careful on my walks & camping trips! 😮

  3. Amy D

    P.S. the picture… a.m. I seeing a big face to the left of the tree trunk ? Am I seeing an eye too? Or is it the blonde creature in a tree? Any thoughts?

    • Gumshoguy

      Tree stumps that I customarily see through the woods from time to time wherever I go, don’t have two eyes, a mouth two legs and arms with that much hair like it. This beast creature had an almost pinkish pallid complexion but sparse facial hairs.

      Tree stumps are much part of Bigfootology that is often overlooked. I studied a vast number of reports all over North America, and there are over 112 examples of “Tree Stumps” as you say that got up two feet and either stood there staring back at witness or fled from the scene. In this particular case it was neither a living being, not human nor a piece of wood but rather some living breathing freak of nature.

  4. Ben H

    I can’t wait to hear this show! Play it now!!!
    Just kidding, I’ll wait one more night. I admire the way Gum approaches the subject and he is teaching me a lot about how he collects his data. Going to be fun to hear him tell his own encounter.

  5. MONTE M

    The pics are more than we usually get photographically from most all other encounters on here and are freaky . Obvious looking top to what appears to be a Tee Pee structure above time stamp . It is always easy for naysayers to exploit their nay . The picture is very clear and like all pics is grainy when zoomed up . I can appreciate the level of thought and time Gumshoguy puts into his posts onto this sight and feel he has been affected by his encounters to where he’s a knower and now a seeker looking for answers . He knows what he saw and once you are in that situation the last thing you are probably thinking is I better get a real crisp clean picture so everyone believes me . No it is probably …ok , this is real , my instincts tell me to beat feat out of here to live to play the game again tomorrow . If the pic and story isn’t telling enough had his friend seen it too ( Iam assuming he may not have ? ) then his friends additional statements wouldn’t be any better for a naysayer to believe . The best thing a naysayer could do is shut up and go look for themselves . Michigan has a large database of sightings . Just reading this reminded me of the FL sighting where two guys are on the water seeing hut structures and one guy sees something that is not supposed to exist and is so startled that he doesn’t even bother to tell his friend just realizes it’s best to exit stage left shows over for today .

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