May 14

Tonight’s Show: I Quit

At our live show in Houston over the weekend, I sat down with Bob Gimlin to tell a story about the first time I met him, and how important he is to me and Sasquatch Chronicles. I planned on sharing that audio with you guys, but there were technical issues outside of my control with capturing the live presentation. While it’s not what I hoped to give you guys, I will recreate it and tell the story about the day I quit the show, and will put it out for everyone when I get back into town.


Bob was the most integral part of continuing the show when I had decided to be done and walk away from it, and it has NOTHING to do with filming Patty. If you didn’t already love Bob Gimlin, you will after this. So if you enjoy the Sasquatch Chronicles and you happen to meet Bob in the future, be sure to thank him.


Bob flys out early tomorrow morning, so this evening we said our goodbyes and I took the opportunity to have a real heart-to-heart with him, letting him know again just how much he means to me, and how thankful I was that he could be with me when I told that story. He teared up a little when I said it to him and I told him to cowboy up or he was going to make me tear up too…


Also thank you to everyone who was able to come out to the live events in Houston and Dallas this weekend. It was really nice to get the chance to talk with some of you, and I really appreciate you taking the time to come hang out with us.




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  1. Jeffrey H

    Wes, you clean up pretty good there with those fancy duds on! You and Tony are two lucky guys to spend time with a true gentleman. The mold has been broken but hopefully we can put it back together and be the gentleman that Bob Gimlin is! It’s on my extremely small bucket list to meet Bob G. before I leave CA for good. He is a legend, a walking and talking legend. I hope he knows just how rare of a man he is. They don’t make cowboys like him anymore, close but not the same. I look forward to hearing your speech. At first I wanted to meet Bob G. because of his part in discovering and putting Bigfoot on film but a few years ago I just wanted to meet a real gentleman cowboy. Growing up back east we didn’t have the cowboys from yesteryear. If you wanted to see one you had to go to CA or TX. Sound familiar? If you wanted to see a Bigfoot you had to go to the Pacific Northwest or California. I moved out to CA to see Jethro and Ellie Mae and swim in their cement pond but that will have to be in another life time. In this life time I’m still hoping to meet such a man like Mr. Bob Gimlin! God Bless Bob and all the best to Bob and the Mrs. Gimlin!

      • Michael C


  2. Melissa K

    Wow, what a lovely story. How awesome for you to have the support of such an amazing man and now in return for him to have such a devoted friend. God bless you both, there is good in this crazy world.

  3. Orma B

    Wes, I remember that interview when it happened and was so happy when he gave you his support. It showed the kind of person he is and I’m glad he gave you the impetus to continue the show. It was a very difficult and hurtful time for you and Bob Gimlin, of all people, showed up to help you! He is an amazing man and I am glad he is your friend.

  4. Renee S

    It’s certainly clear that you two respect each other. You’re two peas in a pod. How wonderful to share a friendship as meaningful as the two of you have!

  5. Charles R

    I got to meet Bob, ask a couple of important to me questions and me, and get a picture with him a few years ago at Salt Fork Lake. I will never forget him leaping to feet to address the one question and the sparkle and confidence in his eyes. It sure won me over and right quick. He is the persona of a true gentleman cowboy and a fantastic man to be around. I hope his health stays good and he is around a lot more years and that Hollywood will make a true production movie of him and Roger and that glorious day when all their hard work and perseverance paid off.

  6. Ted M

    Still listening to you from Afghanistan, thank you Wes! One of the highlights of my week is to be able to zone out and listen to your show. What you do has meaning and value. Thank you for the peace of mind that you help me to have over here in this hell. God bless you.

  7. Trey

    Think I’ve heard most of the cliff notes of the conversation before but I can’t wait to hear from both you guys sitting there talking about it. Never got the pleasure to meet bob in person but on the call in show I got to talk to him and ask a few questions and I was so star struck I bout Forgot what I was going to ask. Turns out there was no need he’s one of the most down to earth people I’ve talked to especially in the BF community. He was extremely nice and patient with me even though he didn’t know me from a hole in the wall. Straight up class act, a living legend and one of if not the best in the whole community. We love you Bob!

  8. Thomas W

    But you didn’t quit, you found the strength to make the show your own and it ended up a much better “product” because the show reflects who you are and that provides the guests a chance to just be themselves and tell their story like to two friends having a beer. Not easy to pull that off and you are a great talent. Hopefully, you also get a chance to hear how much you mean to us, whether it is working out our own stuff from traumatic Sasquatch encounters or helping fill in some lonely times, Sasquatch Chronicles is a treasured part of my week! Thank you for being you, Wes and doing what you do!

  9. Reid D

    It was an awesome time!! 2nd time meeting Wes and the first time I got to meet and shake hands of The Bob Gimlin! A true cowboy and legend! Tony and Bob and Wes, great great guys!!

  10. Steve W

    I believe it was the meeting of THREE GREAT GUYS !!! Tony has proven himself to be a great PODCASTER and is on his way to great things. Thanks in large part to Wes who was a big inspiration. GO BOB. GO WES. GO T O N Y ! ! !

  11. Janet B

    Thank you Wes for all that you do for all of us here, and all of the guests you have one. Kudos as well to a wonderful and marvelous man, Bob….I’m so happy you didn’t quit, and that Bob was instrumental in your decision. Hope that you both, “keep on, keeping on”, for many years to come. You are both true gentlemen, and your work both together and separately is terrifically valuable. Thanks again Wes!

    Jan B

  12. Glen K

    Quit? Quit? Wow, I’ve never heard that before. I’m anxious to hear the story concerning this. I’m so glad that Bob Gimlin was there to impart his wisdom to you, Wes. I hope you know by now how much you and Sasquatch Chronicles mean to your many, many members. We never want to hear you use the word “quit” !!! As to your trip to Texas, again I regret I couldn’t make it. Hopefully one day soon I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you and Bob Gimlin. I enjoyed the photos you posted! You look very sharp, Wes. And Bob has a twinkle in his eyes, and looks so much younger than his age! Look forward to meeting you both!

  13. Eric D

    I respect Bob so much that I have made sure to purchase a few autographed pictures of “The Man” from his website. I have said it many times if you want the true story of the Patterson Gimlin film all you have to do is listen to Bob!

  14. Evelyn L

    Mr Gimlin seems like such a class act. A real cowboy and a gentleman. I have only recently gained an interest in the subject of these creatures but it did not take long to see that there is a real problem with certain people who consider themselves to be experts in this field. The people who attack Mr Gimlin should be ashamed. I could not believe my ears when I heard the things that a certain man who is considered to be quite good at clearing up video was accusing Mr Gimlin of! He may have a technical talent but he is no expert in investigating people. Nobody could have “proof” about things that happened so long ago! To attack a person and try to smear their name like that is just evil.

  15. Randy M

    Looks like you all enjoyed yourself must of been alot of fun hanging out with one of the legends i liked the one about Henderson geting packed of that was cool episode but what i really like to say is that i be glad when your back from vacation and get soom more episodes going agine not haveing a episode at least once a week i feel like i missing something in my life i would also like to say comeing home one night. way back in the wolibolies up the eel river here in northan calf.about 1:00 in the morning i seen a huge figure standing behind a tree it looked to have both arms wraped around the tree and it head was looking stright at me the road was a switch back and it was on the upper corner to my right as i turned left the size of this thing was huge i like to say it was at least 14-16 foot tall and I’m not jokeing if not bigger as i drove up the mountain whitch was about 14 miles up and out of the river gorge my right front tire went flat i was not about to stop i drove all the way home with a flat tire about 30 miles on a flat clear back to covelo ca. Valley the place this happened was between kentonpalm ca. And covelo ca.

  16. David S

    I actually enjoy the shows with Bob. He’s interesting to listen to and reminds me a lot of one of my favorite uncles who passed away a couple of years ago. Keep up the great work both Bob and Wes! Also kudos to you Wes for being a steadfast friend to Bob. As you’ve pointed out some folks who are involved in this genre haven’t been so good to him. It’s awesome that you’ve been able to return to him the friendship and support that he’s provided you over the years.

  17. Penny S

    Hey Wes
    Just wanted to say thank you for supporting me (Literally)
    after our pic together. Once outside I realized I had a push pin stuck in my shoe. I would have hit the floor if not for you. You all were so great. Come back to Texas anytime.

  18. TERRY B

    In houston I started my question with Mr. Fill in. He stopped me and said, “That’s Bob.” A true gentleman and I am very proud to say that I shook his hand and looked into his eyes. You can tell that someone significant is at home in that brain and in that soul.

  19. Kathy R

    Amazing how God seemed to know that pairing you with Bob Gimlin would bring about great things for you, Bob and all of your loyal listeners. Great friends, great audience, great podcast! And now Tony coming into his own with his podcast… life is good!

  20. Nicholas S

    You better not be quitting… what I don’t think you realize is how many lives you touch and how many people listen. You have changed lives in the positive for so many. We need you wes!

    • m99

      No doubt we’ll like it! We’re like a pack of dogs waiting for a bone. You’ve created a group of junkies. Sasquatch junkies. LOL!

  21. Kelsey B

    Omg – love you guys! Great pics! Wish I could have been there. So glad I got to meet the legend last year at IBC! Love Bob. What a wonderful man. Thank you for carrying on, Wes!

  22. DeAnn A

    Thanks for sharing with us Wes. I would love to meet both you and Bob some day. Glad you had a good weekend. Ive been thinking of you all. I’m just 6 hours from the Big D but I just couldn’t make it. Take care!

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