Sep 14

Upcoming Show: “He stood there looking at me…”

A listener writes “I am a long haul truck driver, two years ago I had an encounter that changed my life, almost gave me a psychotic break and has turned an alpha male supposed Billy badass into a man that is afraid of the dark and refuses to stop at rest areas.

I’ve only told my daughter and now my current partner that I drive with because I had to explain my behavior at night and my refusal to stop in rest areas. I’ve been holding this in for almost 2 years and, well I could use a debrief so to speak. Love your podcast, it’s helped me a lot as I’m equally obsessed with Bigfoot as I am terrified.”

Spoke to the witness last night and he jumped out of his truck to go pee. When he jumped back into the truck a very large creature came out from behind the dumpster and stopped and just looked at him. The witness said “I was in shock and terrified, he stood there looking at me…”

There are many more details the witness will share with us.

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  1. m99

    Now, that sounds frightening for anyone! Especially since these beings aren’t supposed to exist, and pow, there it is, up close and personal. Doesn’t it seem they’re getting bolder and wanting more people to know they’re there? Once again, proof that SC is helping people through the terror left in the wake. Can’t wait to hear this witness.

  2. Steven B

    “…they’re getting bolder and wanting more people to know they’re there”

    Yep – but there are still some people that they could walk up to, vigorously shake their hand, and say, “G’day! I’m Bigfoot. I’m SOOOO happy to meet you and make myself known!” to which the person would say, “You don’t exist! I really gotta quit (drinking, drugs, working too much, not getting enough sleep…).”

  3. Trent M

    Yeah I’m looking forward to this one. Remote secluded rest areas are already scary enough but then add late night encounters with things that are monsters and are not supposed to exist and that is a real recipe for PTSD.. I don’t care how tough you are. I’m glad this gentleman is coming on!

  4. Asheim

    Looking forward to tomorrow night’s show!! I have never had an encounter but I have a friend who did and is a person of integrity I believe. I still get a little scared of the woods after dark walking with my dogs. I am a believer, do not wish to become a knower. Don’t be ashamed of your fears, your feelings are normal.

  5. Pat T

    Another good show to look forward to!, thanks again Wes and much praise for your courageous guests who continue to amaze. The shock one must feel at that moment can be life changing indeed.

  6. Cynthia S

    Sounds like a good one. Rest stops are creepy.
    A few years ago I was driving from Minneapolis to Los Angeles, alone. On my 3rd day at about 3 or 4 pm I got so sleepy and I pulled into a rest stop somewhere in Nevada. I was the only one there and immediately felt uncomfortable, like someone was watching me, but this place was deserted. I was so creeped out that I only lasted about 5 – 10 minutes and I left in a hurry. I think about it now and I get the chills.

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