Dec 2

Tonight’s Show: Don’t Look Behind You

The show will be available around 7pm Pacific Standard Time. I will be having a couple of eyewitnesses on the show tonight to share their encounters along with Timothy Renner. See everyone tonight!

Timothy Renner returns to the show to discuss encounters from his new book Don’t Look Behind You: Following Ghost Roads Into the Unknown.

Timothy Renner’s book, “Beyond the Seventh Gate”, explored the history and mysteries of the infamous Toad Road – an area in York County, Pennsylvania which is home to a variety of paranormal activity. “Don’t Look Behind You” expands on that volume, presenting more cases of strangeness from the area.

Renner’s continuing research has brought forth more stories and new witnesses describing bigfoot attacks, UFOs, venomous snakes, Mothman, orbs, buried treasure, and even a creepy Toadman lurking in the nearby creek. To these stories, Renner adds his own experiences of oddities, weird synchronicity, rare animals, unexplained lights, and other high strangeness.


Tim also does a podcast called strange familiars. It is available on iTunes and YouTube. Check it out here.

5 Responses to “Tonight’s Show: Don’t Look Behind You”

  1. Jay R

    Look forward to listening to show on the way to work tonight for Timothy Renner has some solid writing skills while Wes displays mastery in podcasting.

  2. Tracy L

    I’m really tired of people calling the all black eyes “evil”. Are Squirrel Monkeys evil? Their eyes are all black. If you are going to research Sasquatch, then read up on what primate characteristics are. Secondly, why do people have to whip out a gun and start shooting right away? Even if his son was ill or injured, he knew that it hadn’t physically touched him yet. He actually placed his son and his entire group in more danger by shooting at the creature without thinking. This great white hunter mentality is why Sasquatch uses infrasound against humans to disable them and runs and hides from us. You can tell from his continued justifying his actions, i.e., I thought what I did was right, over and over again, that he knows in his heart that what he did was wrong. It was wrong.

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