May 20

Unsolved Mystery of Eric Smith’s Disappearance Baffles Tazewell County

I want to thank Tony L. for sending this to me. Lets hope they find Eric alive and well.

ericEric Smith, a 41-year-old Cedar Bluff resident, departed his home on the morning of November 8, 2013 to go hunting. He was never seen again and no traces of him were discovered, despite extensive efforts by local law enforcement and hundreds of volunteers to locate him. Thousands of dollars in reward money for information leading to his whereabouts have yielded nothing fruitful.

Smith’s disappearance is a mystery that continues to linger in the minds of local residents. A foreman for Consol Energy’s Buchanan No. 1 operation and a devoted family man, Smith seemingly had a good life and no reason to abandon everything of his own choice.

In the wake of his absence, many rumors circulated among Tazewell County citizens of possible foul play, but nothing was ever proven. Cedar Bluff Police Chief David Mills said his department investigated every tip they received, but none of them led to the truth behind Smith’s fate.

If anyone reading this knows where Smith is, I urge you to contact local law enforcement or send an email with any relevant information to  Share and Like this article on Facebook, and maybe it finds its way to a person who has the answers. Don’t let this story fade until the truth is known; his family deserves to know what really happened.

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  1. Frank S

    Hope they find Mr. Smith/ again/ another mysterious disappearance in the woods n in another area of documented Bigfoot activity. Hope Mr. smith finds his way home.

  2. Debbie C

    I’m wondering if anyone with psychic ability
    could help locate or give psychic understanding
    as to what became of Eric Smith November 8, 2013?
    That is a long time to be missing.
    I feel for his family, his friends. This is a hole left
    open with their hearts.

  3. Paul M

    I’m not sure where this place is either. It’s very weird to say the least when someone goes missing without a trace. My prayers go out to his family and friends. This has happened to a friend of mines cousin. He went hunting in N. Central MN. 30 yes ago. Never to be seen again. No trace ever found. High strangeness.

    • Kent C

      Robert; …………..The Mainstream Media considers hunting (….and anything else that is “Firearm Related”) to be “negative behavior”; …….So they are not interested in a happy ending. In many cases, they will even express satisfaction that another hunter “got what was coming to him”!

      I’m 62 years old, and I have seen far too much of this kind of discrimination.

      • John W

        I completely agree with you. I am not a “gun nut” but I was raised in a hunting family and I happen to believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right to uphold constitutional values. The media demonizes good people who uphold the constitution. I am 33. Time for a change in this country.

        • Eddie M

          What do you expect my States 5th U.S. Congressional District elected U.S. Representative that said in Congress to a U.S. Navy Admiral his concern over a Marine Division Deployment to Guam was: “The Island may Tip Over”… That is The State of Our Government.

  4. Carol S

    Agree with Kent on that. Even in much of NH, people think hunters are a bunch of backwards hillbillies with third grade educations, swilling cheap “Natty Ice”, shooting at anything that moves! Of course these are the same people that think it’s the apocalypse when the electricity is out for more than 8 1/2 minutes!

  5. Ralph F

    Tazewell County is the same county where a hunter claimed to have killed a sasquatch and witnessed the larger male carry the body up a sheer wall/cliff with what seemed like supernatural ability. This was discussed in an earlier episode of SC. It was the first time ever that I know of where Mutt and Jeff (those 2 managing government thugs) were ever described which in my opinion lends total credibility to his encounter. I am from Virginia, live in Virginia and have no doubt there are many sasquatch in the Appalachian areas of this state.

  6. r v

    Ralph F thanks for clarifying that. I was under the impression that the incident you’re referring to had occurred in Canada/the Northwest. As for this incident, (and I’m always the first to suspect/acknowledge Sasquatch activity), I see nothing in this report that points to any abnormal activity. It very well could have been an abduction by a BF, but it could have very well been other things as well. We need the info. As in relevant info.

    • Ralph F

      I agree that the evidence of sasquatch being responsible is really not there, I just thought it interesting that it is the same jurisdiction as the hunter’s encounter which I found very credible. Almost 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail runs through the Virginia Blue Ridge, by far the longest stretch of any state, which includes this area. This is a very heavy missing 411 area if there ever was one.

    • Anthony L

      The area Eric disappeared is probably about 15-20 minutes drive from the area the hunter shot the bigfoot. I use to work for the same company as Eric and obevof his friends told me they brought out the search dogs but they went so far into the woods and stopped wouldn’t go any farther.

  7. Dave T

    It’s still very rare a hunter disappears into thin air in the lower 48. There are numbers of hunters that die every year but almost always by explainable causes. I know when I hunt, I always let someone know where I’m going and about when I should return. I do hunt and fish in what has been said to be BF hotspots in OH so I’m always aware of my surroundings. We had a serial killer in our state a few years back. He targeted hunters. He would shoot guys right out of their deer stands with a high powered rifle. That’s was some scary sheet while that was going on. They got him by the way.

      • Dave T

        Pamela, I’ve hunted in most of the eastern half of Ohio at sometime or another. Too many to list. I’ve also hunted in the same woods or within a stone throw of reported sightings. Most of my hunting is done right now in Summit, Portage, Noble, and Washington counties.

  8. r v

    Dave T it sure seems that, in the end, humans are the scariest monsters. It’s funny, whenever I watch Dave Canterbury’s videos shot on his property over there in OH I have to wonder if he’s ever run into anything peculiar. The woods look so inviting and the shelters are so cool. Bit of a sidetrack, but I wonder how many people in a poll would opt for a hammock under a tarp over a tent with walls. The enclosure of the tent lends to a sense of false security, but it also limits your field of assessment. That would be a good question for a forum topic if that ever kicks off again.

    • Dave T

      RV, you’re right on all accounts. Your odds of a meeting your demise from another person far outweigh that of a squatch doing it.

    • Carol S

      True about the tent, but here in the NE, the mosquitoes would suck you dry by daybreak if you opted for the hammock/tarp setup. Of course you can slather yourself with deet every few hours. It would definitely make you taste bad! Perhaps, that a novel booger deterrent–Deep Woods Off.

      Definitely missing the forums!

  9. Dave T

    Amen on the Mosquitos Carol. You ain’t sleeping outside in the open in the Midwest or NE until after a couple of good hard frosts in the Fall. Summer, forget it! You’ll die from West Nile Virus quicker than any squatch.

  10. r v

    I had an idea for the ultimate insect repellent one time. It was inspired by the words coming out of my mouth and a testament to the brand name “OFF”. I can’t really say it on here.

  11. William L

    When I went to boot camp in the Navy it was in Great Lakes, IL. I can remember standing in line for something, you do a lot of that in boot camp, and being totally flabbergasted. You see, I’m from Florida and there we were standing in line with snow on the ground and being devoured by mosquitos. And, I’m thinking what is wrong with this picture? That was when I came to the realization that cold doesn’t necessarily kill mosquitos! Later I learned that the mosquitos in Alaska would carry you off across the tundra and suck you dry…….LOL That may be a slight exaggeration because I think they would need the help of the black flies to get you completely dry..LOL

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