May 20

UAMN TV: Secret Underground Bases

UAMN TV writes “Underground bases, tunnels, cities, and entire infrastructure to support and sustain life – classified, high budget, runs for 1000s of miles across the entire U.S. What is Going on below our feet?”

4 Responses to “UAMN TV: Secret Underground Bases”

  1. Ron S

    Wes, check out a podcast on YT I just discovered yesterday evening called Blurry Creatures. I just about fell over at some of the things I’ve heard on there already, especially megalithic underground structures, seemed like a synchronicity, they’re talking the same basic language with their guests that goes right along with my own impressions of what’s happening in some cases… not everything, but a good portion of it. I hope I didn’t overstep just now.

  2. Linda B

    I’m literally nervous to listen to this. I don’t want to know. I have a friend whose cousin was a construction worker in Missouri and he was hired to help construct underground living quarters for the elite ten or fifteen years ago. I can only imagine. One thing I do know is I have a God who is mightier than all of “them” combined, so I don’t have to know either. It is beyond scarey. Thanks Wes for keeping it varied and honest though.

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