May 30

UAMN TV: NASA And The Mars Panel

UAMNTV writes “In this video we take an insightful look at the planet Mars, questions NASA/JPL’s continual cover-up of a lost civilization and the significant remains of buildings, pyramids and massive relief sculptures which cover the surface of the red planet.

William Saunders: William R. Saunders graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomorphology. He began work in the petroleum industry in Calgary, Alberta in 1978 and currently works as a petroleum geoscience consultant in Calgary. He was reintroduced to the “Face on Mars” in 1991 by Richard Hoagland’s book, The Monuments of Mars. He began looking at the Mars Global Surveyor images on NASA’s web site with their first release in April of 1998. He met George Haas on a web-site discussion group shortly thereafter.

George Haas: George J. Haas is founder and premier investigator of The Cydonia Institute, established in 1991. He is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Pre-Columbian Society of the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Haas is also an artist, art instructor, writer, and curator. He is a member and former director of the Sculptors’ Association of New Jersey. He has also authored monographs for various art exhibitions, and had a one-man show at the OK Harris Gallery of Art in New York City. He became interested in the “Face on Mars” after reading a book on the subject by Randolfo Rafael Pozos in 1991.

Mark Carlotto: Mark Carlotto is an aerospace engineer with over thirty years of experience in satellite imaging, remote sensing, signal and image processing, pattern recognition, and app development. He received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1981 and has published over one hundred technical articles and written six books. In Before Atlantis, Dr. Carlotto draws from his unique background and experience to propose new answers to basic questions concerning human origins, ancient technology, and archaeological enigmas.”

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  1. Ron S

    So I’m about 19min into this video and I don’t understand how people aren’t seeing the truth. I was basically a D student with a learning disability growing up and now understanding God a little better I’m roughly only 5 pages into the book of Luke and even I see it, the Bible is absolutely amazing and confirms so much, and it’s evident everywhere (from my point of view).

    Here’s my personal opinion on this subject in this video regarding Mars and UFO’s: You can my thoughts turn on your idea 💡 bulb and wake up, or you can yawn and turn out the light and sleep in. It might only be a matter of salvation… no biggy right?

    Here’s kind of what I think is the floorplan to life. Life is basically about your own personal salvation or helping others to achieve theirs by following the one true God (he does love all of us and wants us to find him the right way through free will).

    Theirs lots of characters and meaning in the story called life, but I’ll sum it up so we can get to the most important bits. There’s the three main participants that apply to us in this world we call Earth.
    1. A good God of love and light and creator and controller of everything (including evil).
    2. A lesser god called Satan who is allowed to exist with powers but also powers limited to the Creators will.
    3. Humans who hang in the balance and who’s fate is determined by which god they choose to follow and praise.

    One God leads with love for humans and their discovering positivity within the world God created as well as the beauty within themselves and each other.

    The false god resorts to trickery, temptation and Earthly sinful pleasures in order to destroy human souls (because in actuality he hates humans and is jealous of them, and wants the last laugh or to feel like he is as powerful as the Creator, but this isn’t the case).

    All mankind is born holy to the creator, so if you act upon sin and darkness you are giving yourself over to the lesser god to take out his hatred on in the afterlife. But in the meantime he’ll try to keep you hanging on with money, power, sex etc.

    It doesn’t matter how many bad things you do, you have always been favored by the creator and Satan cannot wait to get his claws into you by leading you with temporary Earthly pleasures. Their is no humanly pleasure in hell, no humans as rulers under Satan. Make no mistake.

    You did not come into this world as an Angel, just a spirit, you will not leave this world to become an Angel or a demigod or demon or whatever, just a human spirit subjected to either light and love or… the torchers of Hell. There’s no way to put it more mildly, sorry.

    Hell is no playground for human spirits to frolic around in with Earthly like sin, Just the most vile and evil things unimaginable that would make the most evil person on Earth beg forgiveness from.

    Evil is so tricky in fact that it uses humans to make more evil. Evil is perpetrated by those that have fallen into the trickery and physical pleasures of Earthly sin and the desire for more (they always desire more) sin is a cup that cannot quench a thirst.
    Only the simplicity within appreciating the Creator and everything he made can you feel full by drinking it in.

    Demons, Creatures and Extraterrestrials are basically all the same thing (which is evil attempting to lead you by fear into believing demons are either more powerful than what they possess) or believing that these false Gods or demons are actually the real McCoy and the Big Guy himself.

    Let’s take the letter “E” as In extraterrestrial, it represents the three horizontal planes of existence. Heaven, Earth, and Hell. The vertical line represents the link between having you fooled into thinking all horizontal lines are connected, or that Extraterrestrials will be a coming of the creator or the one true God in Heaven (don’t be fooled) all that comes from the sky isn’t Heaven, it’s also the perfect place for another mockery of it.

    When the true God comes or you make it to his Kingdom you will be overcome with unimaginable love, knowledge and light for all humanity and all in creation. There won’t be any mistaking it whatsoever. It can’t be replicated with a built in Siri in your head (more mockery).

    And yes life is super cryptic like that, with winks, nods and symbolism, signs and pitfalls… but also amazing and wonderful things. Be careful what you wish for and what you seek. Make sure to not lose your Holy instruction manuel, you’re going to need this to constantly refer back to in times of crisis and also avoiding crisis.

    People say “how come we can’t make the pyramids like they used to?”
    Well, we have… they’re called towers… You know like cell phone towers, Wifi? Think of those (if you will like) as the eye “i” of Saron from Lord of the Rings, if you need to comprehend it better. We all have “the one ring” the true ring is your soul, your own personal (false ring) is right in your hand most times…ring ring🎶.
    Is that far fetched? Reaching perhaps? Makes sense to me. It also leans to the idea as many things do that plans were in place to try and corrupt people long ago.

    When you develop a good sense about things or intuitions, technology and AI are super dark. Use with caution⚠️

    If you want to know my thoughts on missing people, Sasquatch isn’t abducting people, Extraterrestrials aren’t abducting people, it’s people who are consumed with darkness and worshipping dark things that are trying to perpetuate the thought and fear of it… that it’s something else committing sinful acts other than people.

    These people (or more like lost souls) will even go so far as to make deaths look mysterious or happened by way of a creature… a creature that does exist but by Gods law is so powerless to the Creator that it has to beg in god’s mercy to even be allowed to be acknowledged anymore or make an appearance. The Creator has made a tool out of the devil, for us. But make no mistake God is love but he can have vengeance to those with the free will to know better.

    The Times when evil is allowed to exist in demonic form has a clause, (those moments he allows them to be seen must also be or have the potential to be beneficial for us spiritually), that’s why he allows them… we’re supposed to ponder these encounters with Gods heart to unlock the mystery and become even closer to him.

    If you have potential in you (as we all do) to be forgiven and ask for Gods mercy you will be spared. He has the power to lift this veil and allow Satan even more power and have us realize that darkness and monsters are currently all around, it’s what many of us have created with sin and is actually all around us at all times… you do not want to see everyone elses monsters running wild with no protection from the Holy Creator, trust me.

    Love god, live by his word and his rule alone, don’t try to roll him over or take advantage of him.

    I may have been a D student with a learning disability but I’m not dumb. I’ve personally witnessed a sample of the power of the dark and the light. Stay in the light.

    Have a beautiful day everyone! I’m going to enjoy the nice weather and be thankful for everything I have… maybe pick up some trash, (so ther people don’t have to look at it😉). Love and light to all 🙏🏼🌞

    • Ron S

      BTW a capitol “E”… that’s just an inverted number 3.
      The caution ⚠️… upside down “i”.
      Flip the caution sign upside down and it’s an arrow pointing down. Down to what? I’m guessing Hell.

      There’s so much more is gross… evil has been taking us for fools. But not today:)
      It’s also really getting old seeing worms posed as snakes and then dressed in the wise old owl’s clothing… fear not, God is watching these people, and man oh man I hate to see what he has in store for them if they don’t repent pronto… or maybe I should say “what fate they made in store for themselves”… yikes 😳 I think that particular godslap would be too much for God fearing people to even witness.

      The real god works in very subtle and mysterious ways because he doesn’t need to boast or show boat, he doesn’t go against his own laws. He may shepherd you to a solution though if you pay attention and believe.

      • Ron S

        Beware of mockery found in anything against the “eye” of God or the Holy Trinity. It may be in letters or symbols having to do with sight. There may be a drug in the future combined with tech that makes people go temporarily blind and then a frequency by some BS god to give people back their sight… something like that.
        It’ll be a mocking at a miracle that goes with scripture… maybe even some radiation burns or Leper like syndrome. Evil is kinda dumb and repetitive like that.

  2. Ron S

    Yeah, the world is definitely full of shills trying to perpetuate an agenda. I’m not going to impressed by some “so called intelligent findings on mars” when that happens… why the heck do you think there have been so many missions to space we knew nothing about?

    Oh hey I saw someone supposedly posted a couple pictures of a Nephilim looking over a fence… personally all I saw was sheet.

    So glad how they used the 3rd eye shape on its forehead like I made up in my avatar above… unoriginal bass turds.

    And that voice of the creature, c’mon man, I can duplicate it so you wouldn’t tell the difference… It makes me want to sing a song in that voice… maybe Lionel Ritchies “Hello”. That’d be hilarious 😂
    Stay alert and grounded people, believe in God.
    I’m guessing within 3 years some big Alien or Nephilim or God thing is going to be hoaxed on a massive scale. It’s a power play. I can smell it approaching.

    Heads up… and I don’t mean some fake looking Squatch art head peeking over a fence either. I could make one waaaay better… and I’m not bragging, I know I could. I don’t BS when it comes to art, or anything actually… so I wouldn’t unless I was upfront and told you it was a joke right away.

    I can’t wait to see the fake martian crap they’ll show that will be in reality made by humans… I love art❤️

  3. Ron S

    Oh what the heck, might as well just say a couple other things with potential dark meanings. The capital letter a A with open bottom triangle and capital letter T which is a shape referencing what I think the is horizontal line of our life on Earth and a vertical line representing a portal to H E double hockey sticks. I don’t study any of this stuff but Gods subtleties and intuition haven’t let me down yet. Pay attention to it or leave it… see what you find. It won’t always apply to everything but what it may apply to might make sense to something nefarious. I don’t have examples just instincts

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