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Turf Wars audio from the Brown’s in Wa State


Published on Dec 26, 2014

Audio file of a suspected male group of sasquatch on the perimeter of the Brown property, in Grays Harbor, Washington. Tree knocking and crazy vocals are apparent.  The Brown’s will be joining Shannon on Show Notes-Monday, January 26th.

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  1. will m

    There are some interesting spots in that photo. I like the blobs on the diagonal tree in the center. Then there is another blob at the base of a larger tree directly above the youtube 1/4 up from the bottom. On the far left almost 1/2 up peekaboo. Then a few other interesting spots here/there. Magnifying glasses work well. Anyone else have thoughts on those spots!

  2. Renee B

    Shannon how I envy you getting to go to the Brown’s property. Its seemed to me that there is a spirit of detante on their property between the resident bigfoot and the Browns. I believe Sara said she and Jon respect the boundaries such as staying out of the woods at night and such. In turn the sasquatch leave them alone. I do worry about the ones that Sara calls the juveniles being agressive tho. As to the Yip Yeller he seems to have a sense of humor and playfulness about him. He could still eat you if he wanted I’m sure and I wouldn’t play a flute for him but he seems like he likes getting the Browns attention. So stoked for Monday’s show!

  3. Dave T

    Yeah, I think I’d let the squatches have the property after dark too. Can’t wait for the show. With an area as active as this is they must have some class A encounters with these guys. Imagine all the stuff the Browns have heard without a recorder going in the past. If this turns into a 3 hr show Shannon that would be fine. I’m there.

  4. Jeff L

    Biggest line of BS that I have ever listened to. The Brown’s are fake and most likely have a band of house cats surrounding their property vs anything out of the ordinary. Shannon please do not interview these people and do not go to their property you’ll be wasting your time and resources!

  5. Robert V

    If I were the browns I’d worry one day they’d get pissed and attack the house while in it. Just saying. Are they prepared for such an event?

    On a side note, the noises Sasquatches make are eerie. I would never want to hear these noises or those loud screams they make while camping.


  6. TheGiant573

    Jeff L are you the clean cut short one in the good suit? Seriously why pick on the Brown’s there are plenty of blobsquatch photos and dog Coyote noises to pick apart but not this stuff.

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