May 21

Travel Channel: Bigfoot Spotted in Tennessee?

Travel Channel writes “A man is shocked when he spots a large bipedal figure in his backyard.” Its a short clip from the Travel Channel, I do not have information on the details of this but take a look below.

Link to the video

8 Responses to “Travel Channel: Bigfoot Spotted in Tennessee?”

  1. Charles R

    It definitely has some earmarks of a Bigfoot most of us here are aware of. Of course it just had to be blurry. I am surprised that Clay Shiner did not measure the distance between the trees is was tourching simultaneously, which of course would have given us a close meausre of it’s wingspan, and also measure the height of the subject, which could have been closely measured. Maybe Clay did and this was not included in this clip. If someone has information where more of this sighting can be obtained, I would like to know.

  2. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Those are very long, very very long, extremely long arms.!! The only comparable arms I remember are those of a Russian Yeti bounding through the forest. Of course, in both cases it would depend on the validity of these videos. I would think someone attempting to fake these videos would have a lot of money, be pretty bored, and actually not to smart. A hunter could mistakenly cause a tragedy. Come to think of it, a fraudster would be much smarter to just take a walk in the woods, and perhaps have his own encounter. Anyway, I think it could be the real deal, and I wish the video could have been longer.

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