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    I got bored with it early too, but you cannot deny the impact it made on the field of “Bigfootology”, and the impact it had on the general public.
    IF the people who blow this thing wide open some day are asked, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear they watched this show.
    Just like I watched In Search Of, etc.
    I had a lot of problems with their methods, but they were hamstrung by the production requirements to some degree. I don’t know any of them but would shake the hand of each, especially since the show is riding off into the sunset..



    I think the last one I watched was when Mr. Bobo wanted to have a rave out in the bush to attract their curiosity. I thought, dang, these people are Idiots! Adios (never) Finding Bigoot!


    stephen P

    If it’s the end, then they should be praised for what they’ve done overall surely?. I’m here writing this. Why?. Erm…because of Finding Bigfoot. I’ts easy to criticise , but overall they have done a great job in creating interest world wide, maybe making people feel it is actually ok to retell their experiences and give publicity to the entire field. The more,the merrier and numbers create pressure on secret organisations who may have created this whole culture of ridicule around this subject.
    I never agreed with them saying this creature was sort of gentle and harmless, but in more recent episodes they don’t say that as much, but overall it let people like me see some real Americans,made me aware that the creatures lived much more widespread than you might think and led me to places like this with Wes and learning more and more about a compelling and fascinating subject.
    So I say ‘three cheers’ for Matt, Cliff, Bobo and Rannae and to Animal Planet for having the courage to even contemplate a major t.v show about Bigfoot. Could you have imagined that 10 or 15 years ago I wonder?.


    Rob C

    Cliff and Ranae should do their own spinoff show, sort of like a Scully and Mulder X-Files where they go out searching for cryptids every episode. Matt and Bobo can just go home and eat.



    Rob, that’s a great idea for Cliff and Renae!


    Sue H

    Rob, love that idea!



    I agree Randall. Them not finding bigfoot got old after the first season.


    Darrell O

    Well it’s official! I am heading down to Willow Creek to check this event out. I couldn’t find a better excuse to see Bluff Creek, Willow Creek and Bob Gimlin. Hopefully it is worth the trip!


    David R

    I would like a new show with only two people, and less camera crew. The new show would be where they go to recent sightings, or where people have them on their property. The show could be like Les Stroud does where they go out for a week. They could have REO take them to a hotspot, or point them in the right direction!


    Steve E

    Here are some random thoughts on the show:

    First, it was SCRIPTED! It was written by screen/tv writers that were driven by RATINGS (& Money) not necessarily finding an actual BF.

    So all the people who think Bobo is some dumb oaf are wrong, he is a dedicated researcher and has had multiple sightings, he has went out into the woods for something like three-weeks straight. He will be ok, he also works on some ocean fishing boats. I’m sure we will hear from him again in the BF world.

    Matt heads up the BFRO, so I’m pretty sure he will be ok and keep up the search. Also with all his clout, he should be able to hold out for a VERY credible Bigfoot show, heck if they simply recreated some of the thousands of BF reports on the BFRO site, I would be happy!

    Supposedly Ranae’s father was a big BF believer and anyone who watched could see her “skepticism” is VERY scripted! I doubt we see much of her after this.

    Cliff: has a very informative website and is a REAL nice guy, you can see that in the show, I feel bad for him, that he has never actually seen one, but he is a credible researcher and I am sure we will here of him again…

    Like others have said here, this show, opened the door to many, many people to the fact that there is a real creature lurking out there, just out of sight of most of us…

    I watched the show (nearly every episode). I knew they were never gonna find one, but it was fun seeing the different areas & environments and the town hall meetings (and recreations of the reports) were the BEST.

    I really wish I could go, but I have a camping trip to the Eastern Sierras planned for two weeks after the event and can’t be making two trips up there so close together..


    Stephen D

    I SERIOUSLY hope it means that the 20-30-something producer(whatever his name is) learns to STOP adding “Dram” sound effects in his next endeavor….or else his next endeavor will only involve dressing up in gillie suits at birthday parties!
    To watch them conduct their night search, when up here in Maine, in the most populated areas of the state, at the time of year that hardly ANYTHING has come north….was such an insult.
    The overused tree knocking and constant calling…they should use in their new professions in the circus!
    …However I really do like the cast…seem like a likeable group, but the whole scripted aura just makes someone, like myself, who has had a mix of classroom study and real-life nature offer more than a few close encounters prior to the Patterson film….in over decades of accompanying my paper company scaler/granddad all over Piscataquis and Somerset counties in the summer…by 4wd & on foot….want to regurgitate(sp?)..;-)



    Good post Steve, the demise of Finding Bigfoot was predictable. When a show of that magnitude is diminished to exaggerated drama and comedy as though frozen in self-destruction it portends “the caboose” was not too far behind.

    I seen the Finding Bigfoot morphing into little more than a slap stick comedy hour in the last few seasons as annoying and it only intensified with each airing, and that was a sad way to wind down such an incredible run especially for the topic.

    I do believe the show no matter how scripted or exaggerated it appeared, it will morph and resurface into something greater, more bold and audacious than its predecessor. When, I don’t know but when the BFRO lead flagship show ceases to air for the final time there will be a massive void of people hungering for information, change and more, and it will come.

    BFRO did the heavy lifting and were the first break the headwaters, they cleared the path and now it’s time for something new and that is what we shall wait and see. I wouldn’t be surprised if BFRO takes some time to reinvigorate and re-energize itself, and I see it or something more seriously coming back soon in the future.

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