Nov 11

SC EP:489 Two Strange encounters

Does Sasquatch always attack? My first witness writes “I began hearing brush crack along with a foul smell that was similar to a skunk that was wet and sprayed with BO beside me, the cracking gradually moved ahead of me and then stop, I quickened my pace slightly and tried to block it out, but after I entered a small clearing I stopped dead as a large brown figure stood in front of me, I was around 5’9 at the time as I had hit a massive growth spurt and even then this thing dwarfed me in height, it had to be around 7-8ft tall and easily 500lbs without question, it looked me straight in the eye and made a short grunt and started to move towards me. I was frozen with fear…”

My second witness had a very strange encounter he writes “I was out in the woods for four days camping by myself with my dog. I had a Sasquatch walk up on my tent, it made a sound like an ape or a monkey would make. I was terrified, the forest went silent like a switch had been flipped, there was no noise not even the insects. I don’t even know how to describe what happen next. After it walked off I had a soft light appear inside my tent and start spiraling like a yin yang, I thought I was losing my mind.”






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56 Responses to “SC EP:489 Two Strange encounters”

  1. Denise F

    Interesting about the light appearing after it walked off-
    When describing the lights I always say, ” it doesn’t give off light, it just is the light”….. probably doesn’t make sense how I’m describing it but that’s the only way I can explain.

    Very excited, another great show on our countdown to….

    • Jay Carlsen

      ISN’T THAT FASCINATING !?! I have seen the floating lights in the Forest at night myself ! A Amber ball of light Floating in the Air. But I told myself it was Aliens. And I left in a Hurry ! I don’t even like Shots at the Doctors Office ! I can not even imagine being “Probed”………… NO THANK YOU.
      Then again I told a Man I know about that Gorilla I had seen , When He told me that He grew up in a House that is now abandoned on that same Road that I was Escorted down that night. And He told me that He remebers seeing a Amber Ball of light in the yard of another House that was across the Road from Their Place ! And it happened when the Elderly Lady who lived in that House had just passed away. ( I do not know what that means ? if it has meaning at all ? ) I thought it was strange.

  2. Asheim

    These encounters sound pretty unnerving. Can’t wait for the show. Hope it is early. And thanks to all our Veterans out there for your service and sacrifice. ??

    • F S

      Thank you to all veterans, current military, police, peace officers, and all those who serve our great country near and far.
      God Bless the United States of America.

  3. Steve W

    Really enjoy all the shows Wes. I’m a new member but I’m powering through the episodes and I’m excited about episode 500. Keep up the great work and a big THANKS to all your guests who make it all possible !!!

  4. Denise F

    Welcome Steve ☺

    Good show Wes. OMG I’m not prepared for them to be aliens but…’s mighty strange all the coinkie dinks.
    Until next time everyone, lol

    • Denise F

      The ‘interaction’ between the first guest and the creature was fascinating. I have been wondering what the creature meant by the tapping on his chest…. Interesting.

      • Jon B

        It was absolutely fascinating encounter; one of the most fascinating in all 500 shows; i don’t remember any quite like it. It maybe was some sort of acknowledgement that the sasquatch knew the guy and knew he lived there and that he was ok being there 🤔

  5. Bob V


    Wes I’m glad you do the show. I started listening at about 30 to 40. Made my way through those. Became a member when you started this website. I’ve been under many different names because I’d have to let a subscription run out, but always got caught back up, and was never out for more than a couple months. These stories have helped me understand things at my grandmothers house. Helped me walk the mile from the bus stop to work. LOL. This was on a rural road. Spent many nights working on game projects and my own writing projects listening to the show. I’m glad you made it through the “dark” time and continued on with the show. It’s better now than ever. It’s cool to see how you’ve helped others with their shows. It’s been cool to hear how you’ve defended people and called out others; in a proper way.

    Three things I want to say: never follow those orbs, I hate the way Sasquatch watches us, and the supernatural does exist.


  6. Glen M

    I like the bigfoot stuff but for some reason the lights and the UFO stuff dont intrest me anymore. I resontly encountered some wierd lights on some pics and the deer in it is acting like they cant even tell its there. its so wierd

  7. Paul M

    Hi all. Very good show. Seems to me that the UFO the last guy interviewed seen , could well been a TRB type military spacecraft….. From what l have read on these , they have been around for 30 yrs or so…. Under black project classification…. They have been seen many times throughout the PLANET…. LOOK UP TRB On U Tube…. THANKS. AND THANK YOU VETERANS. !!!

  8. Jeremy B

    I’ve had many BF encounters with 2 sightings. The interesting thing is that with every BF encounter I’ve also witnessed the lights. I don’t know what it means, but it’s very interesting.. Thanks Wes, and congrats on 500!! ?

  9. Rodney P

    Great encounters from both guests,i wasn’t sure at first about sasquatch’s having anything to do with these lights but now more and more encounters are coming in with people seeing both together its really hard to believe at first but im starting to push towards that the two are related.spooky just thinking about it. Also believe that it’s the lights that are seen with sasquatch’s is most definitely the reason our government is covering sasquatch’s up.

  10. RICHIE E

    The only time I saw TWO BALLS OF LIGHT was in WASHINGTON STATE BTW …. In Sasquatch spiritual weekend in August 28-Sept 05 in 2017 and I thought I was going to the 50th ANNIVERSARY SASQUATCH CONFERENCE 2017 … On the last night of a three days weekend was on SATURDAY NIGHT about 9-11 pm and they ASKED what I saw and heard IN DEC OF 2016 last hunting season after my story I was remembering that OMG day and one MAN named GREY WOLF was calming Me down by talking to Me and I looked left into the sky and I SAW A BLUE ORB which I was rubbing my head and than went right into the WOODS and than A white ONE SOON AFTER THAT WENT THE SAME SPOT I WAS MORE SCARED AND I WAS WITH OTHERS BUT ABOUT 20-30 PERSONS and I felt like I was by my self on that day HUNTING 4 HOGS in the SWAMP IN HERNANDO STATE PARK FLORIDA all over again and I was FEARFUL AGAIN and I’m NOO SMALL GUY in Any MEANS WES MEET ME IN PERSON THIS PASS SASQUATCH CONFERENCE 2018 and I’m 6’1″ about 380 lbs and I used to be A UNION STEEL KING LOCAL #20 IN NYC Soo I don’t get all much scared That much But that night plus that day YES I WAS AND AM TILL THIS DAY and this week I’m going Hunting for hogs but in a different STATE PARK ON WEDS MORNING OFF ROUTE 19 & I HOPE I NEVER EVER WANT TO HEAR OR SEE anything like this again in my LIFE ….

    • Andrew O

      Hi Dave. I’m also from the UK, and I really like your track. I’ll be sure to check your band out.

      Another great show, Wes, by the way!

  11. Lee

    Wow that thing coming so close finger in the chest holy crap that’s intense. Loved the show very cool Wes how you have started playing a song at the end . I really enjoy the longer eps ! Btw loved the song Dave B !
    And them Ron Moorehead recordings! They really do freak me out its disturbing as hell listening to that

  12. Eva B

    Thanks Wes and My bookie!!! Woohoo, I’m caught up! ? Two great shows tonight! Intriguing second guest. Wow, intense encounter by both. The lights is so interesting because nobody wants to discuss that phenomenon. I’ve seen enough lights and craft-type UFOs residing 30 years on the Space Coast of Florida.

    Thanks again!!! ?

  13. Daniel S

    Hey Wes don’t wish to be an ass, but for the last month-ish every time i play a show it will stop playing at least 5-times and i have to go back and start a bit back from where the show cut out. hoping you or your i-t folks could fix it i don’t know if this is afecting other listners but its heaps anoying please help, also looking forward massively to episode 800

  14. m99

    …So love New York! Besides Washington State, North Carolina, it’d be New York, as my very favorite states . ~ I agree – please, please, please! _ bring back the brothers or at least speak about how, what they’re doing. ~

    _ yes, it is written – we wrestle against principalities & powers, and rulers of the darkness in this realm. It’s also written, spiritual things are spiritually discerned. Believe not every spirit but “try” them, whether they are ‘good or bad’. Basically, that’s what we’re told to do. And basically that’s what you stated. Good word. Thanks for saying it. ‘Leary of’ is not ‘fear of’. It’s wisdom. And, don’t forget the Norway Spiral that happened in front of everyone and was filmed. I don’t think there was an explanation for it at the time, but lots of “speculation”, and there it was!

    Great episode Wes. We appreciate you. God Bless you brother Wes.

    Alright…alright, alright! ~Love ya Wesipoo.

  15. John P

    for those who aren’t familiar with Kingston n.y its the catskills basicly the beginning of the catskill mountains alotta bigfoot sightings out in Kingston an phonecia n.y

  16. Dovie D

    Thank you Wes! Each time I hear an encounter I learn more. I recall my husband and myself periodically hearing what we thought were people talking along side our home. Our home sat next to a pasture and just beyond that a tree line. We shared or I already shared with you part of my experience in that home but we had a new manufactured home placed on the lot. New neighborhood on the edge of town county line. From the time we moved there I always felt like we were being watched. Then twice while home alone I had something come along side the home awakened with the sewage sulfite smell. Knowing what I know now which I didn’t then is from your podcast. As a child watches one walk up to my window from the back of our home. I had other encounters. Who do you talk to about these things? I actually had shared with a therapist about a few things/encounters that happened to me as a child several years ago and thank goodness I wasn’t Diagnosed with schizophrenia. Thanks to the guests

  17. William W

    My grandpa seen These balls of light while driving down an old road with my grandma and all my aunts and uncles in the back ,lights came right in front of the car think a model A , he’s slow down and stopped then right then the front wheel fell off of the car ! Think these balls of light been around for a long time !

    • m99

      Hi William, Doesn’t it sound like the ball (s) of light might have saved their lives, or prevented a bad accident since the cars tire fell off? Is that all to the incident, because sounds like there may be more about it. Perhaps you could post it in more detail in the forums if you want. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Carolyn R

    Hey Wes, very good show! The explanation of the light you saw Ryan is pretty close to right. The orbs we see are keeping track of the sasquatch (ect). Without seeming completly off my rocker, the aliens have been here since the begining of time. They are resposible for the cimaras. (sp ?) Wes you have read my theory, have you noticed how many of these experences are starting to fit in? I will be emailing you soon about the things that have been going on around here and I can’t wait to tell you about the triangles, scared the bejeebers out of me….
    Carolyn R
    SO Ohio

  19. Robynn P

    This is really a fascinating program!! I’m glad I got to listen to this one. Thanks, Wes for the entertainment on a cold rainy Utah afternoon!!

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