Mar 2

Tonight’s Show Notes with Shannon


This evening at 5pm PST, 8pm EST:

Show Notes with Shannon welcomes, Lon Strickler and Sean Forker of Arcane Radio. Lon is a cryptid researcher who writes and mentors on a variety of Fortean subjects. In 1981, Lon had an encounter near Skykesville, MD, and since 2005 has produced the very popular and informative, Phantoms and Monsters blog. He has been on many radio broadcasts and Destination America’s Monster’s and Mysteries in America show. Sean is also a Fortean Investigator, with a specialized focus in Bigfoot/ Sasquatch Research. He is the Founder and Director of the Keystone Bigfoot Project, a research group that collects data across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania regarding Bigfoot Sightings and Encounters (Historical and New). Sean sits on the Board of Directors for the national organization, the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers, and is the Associate Director for the PA Bigfoot Society.

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9 Responses to “Tonight’s Show Notes with Shannon”

  1. Tyler D

    I think that getting the body of one of these animals to prove their existence is a little more complicated now or days than years previous. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard enough before. But especially after listening to a good portion of your guy’s episodes, mostly the Bob Garrett episodes. That if someone did come across hard evidence that proves their existence they might be a little more hesitant to bringing it forward. Because the non stop harassment that would come from that would be unbearable

  2. Eddie M

    Curious why no one discusses DNA. They allude to the lab contaminating or gatherer contaminating specimen. Perhaps results are what is tested especially if results are consistent. Also, habituation seems to be initiated by the boogers … In case of home place it seems either try and make nice, abandon, endure skeptic ridicule or go to war. Just observation.

  3. LC B

    These guests are an interesting pair to say the least, I do not know how they can work together given the different fashion of thinkers they seem to be. I felt Lon’s brains might fall out while discussing his opinions on the flesh and blood nature of the creature, and the other guy was kind to entertain him, as was Shannon. Just did not feel he was critical enough of a thinker to present anything substantive from my perspective. The more he rambled the more annoyed I got…maybe it’s just me…Shaun had a more credible approach in my opinion and did not come off as trying to sound like an expert, whereas I felt Lon was trying to impress us with his wealth of information.

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