Nov 17

Tonight’s Show: This thing was WHITE yes WHITE!!

A listener writes “Summer of 1989 a few friends and I “6 to be exact” decided to go to a very rural gravel backroad to party, drink etc. In my home state of Virginia. We all piled in my buddies Toyota 4wd pickup and headed out, it was a terribly hot and humid night, but very clear with a full moon.

One of my friends was a female, who would sneak out to be with her boyfriend “One of my other friends with me”. We arrived somewhere close to 11PM and began to drink, laugh, and kid around. We had the radio going, but not very loud at all. Out of nowhere we heard a HUGE CRASH, sounded just like something fell out of a tree “Looking back I’m convinced that’s what it was” immediately after that we could hear VERY heavy footsteps. I’ve been in the woods all my life, and have heard about everything walking. This thing was different, it was MOST DEFINITELY walking on 2 legs. It circled us for what seemed like FOREVER roughly 50 to 75 yards deep in the treeline. The area is so thick I had a 1 million candlelight spotlight and it wouldn’t penetrate the cover. It was making VERY unusual deep grunting/growling sounds. One thing I noticed looking back was there were NO usual forest sounds. No cicadas “Which flood Virginia” in the Summer. No frogs, no crickets, no whiperwills NOTHING. We tracked the sounds to about 150 to 200 yards behind us, all of a sudden this thing let loose a ROAR that I could NEVER even attempt to explain. We FELT IT from that distance, it scared us to DEATH.

Immediately after the roar it stepped out of the treeline to give us our first glimpse. This thing was MASSIVE at least 8ft tall and 4ft wide. This thing was WHITE yes WHITE!! It climbed what looked to be a 30ft bank up to the road in about 3 steps. Immediately we scrambled to get in the truck, I was driving and floored the gas spinning gravel. It was on top of us in a matter of seconds, one of my buddies hit it with a 30 ton bottle Jack that was in the back of the truck and it just bounced off. It scared us so bad that 3 of us lost control of our bladders. The girl I mentioned earlier that snuck out, she had a nervous breakdown she was FRANTIC!! We had to take her home to her parents “Who had no idea she’d even left the house” and try to explain to them what had happened.”

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  1. m99

    OMG. Glad they made it out of there alive. I mean, we did this kind of stuff all the time growing up in East Texas. We never encountered anything like this. This should be really interesting. Thanks for posting.

    • Charles R

      I also took the time to read through this. Some interesting stuff for sure. The FB Finding Bigfoot was not one of them, but those dudes got a lot of things wrong back during those days, although some may have been right. The tool making article by David Claerr was based in part by artifacts he was finding on a Texas Ranch outside of San Antonio by a lawyer that I was in contact with for several years. In fact he was on with Wes about 3 years ago. If a bigfoot in the snow country could change to lighter colors in the winter, well no doubt this would be beneficial.

  2. David R

    I wonder if they ever went back? We used to go party at a small gravel pit in an area that Sasquatch had been sighted by, but never bothered us! Can’t wait to hear it!

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