Nov 11

ThinkerThunker: Bigfoot Photo from 1981 Surfaces

ThinkerThunker writes “If this IS for a fact an AI fake … how would we ever know?”


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  1. Mark T

    I don’t know if I totally agree. I witnessed a 12-foot tall alpha male from 10 feet away near Mt. Rainier 38 years ago and it had the same body proportions as a gigantic human being.

    I literally thought it was a human crossing a two lane mountain highway when I first saw it.

    There is no way what I saw a dude in a monkey suit. And I know how tall it was because I measured the Hemlock branch it reached up to push out of its face as it entered rhe trees with a 12-foot long fishing rod and the needles that were at the bottom jaw line was 10 feet off the ground and the head was 2 feet taller.

    I’d like to see Thinker Thunker’s Patty measurements side by side.

    The photo above looks like what I saw .

    • Charles R

      He generally uses Patty’s measurements as his guide into what proportions other Bigfoot pictures area.
      Man, that is one hell of huge Bigfoot Mark T. About the tallest of which people claim. Although I think most folks, unless really close do not know 10 foot from 12 foot, me included. However you having a 12 foot rod at the right time would know. What an amazing sighting.

  2. Brian D

    I agree with ThinkerThunker. I also have a problem with the subjects shadow cast. It seems clearly off compared to the stature of the subject.
    My opinion, this is a fake.

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