Nov 8

The Missing Evidence: Bigfoot

Smithsonian Channel posts “For over 50 years, countless eyewitnesses claim to have seen the creature we’ve dubbed Bigfoot. So who, or what, is this mythic creature? Scientists examine the facts, use rigorous analysis, and pull together missing evidence to find the truth.”

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7 Responses to “The Missing Evidence: Bigfoot”

  1. Steven B

    They went from the premise “it doesn’t exist” and proceeded accordingly – I’d expect nothing less from them.

    Showing Ray Wallace and his fake tracks and his wife claiming to use a suit. The footages that were hoaxes.. Then Rick Dyer’s fake frozen bigfoot and Bob Heronomus claiming he was the PG bigfoot. Woman looking at Everest photos: “I would see this and I would say ‘bear tracks'”. One thing – those were in snow, not dirt. Where are the claw impressions?

    If you wish to be frustrated at obvious bias in this video – this is the one for you.

  2. Rod C

    How come none of these hoaxers can produce a suit they used for these brainwashing videos? Why has no hunter or rancher ever shot a hoaxer in a suit? All of these people that say there is no BF don’t know that there is dirt under the sidewalks.

  3. jennifer g

    These s.o.b’s have all the giant skeletons……not saying everyone who works for the smithsonian is a nefarious character, i have a friend who does, BUT don’t trust their century+ old bologne…….haha deep state of history, right out of London……disgusting.

  4. jennifer g

    Loling, SERIOUSLY, do a little research on the founding of the smithsonian, and the characters involved….check out Jan Irvings, LOGOS MEDIA….his brian model on the topic.

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