Aug 21

The Freeman Footage

In 1994 Paul Freeman took compelling video footage of a possible Sasquatch while researching in the Blue Mountains of NE Oregon.

4 Responses to “The Freeman Footage”

  1. Ron S

    It’s an entertaining video and draws in our imagination. “Reality” itself is still debated and often perceived differently.

    No video may ever prove 100% truth to everyone else without something more tangible to go along with it.

    If it was real to Paul, it was part of his reality and not for me to judge. Rest in peace Mr. Freeman🙏🏼

    • Ron S

      The more I look at this footage it does have some attributes like I have seen myself🧐… I just want someone to capture them with the unusual abilities like I have witnessed personally.

      Sasquatch is the master of making monkeys out of humans while portraying themselves as undiscovered apes… I’ll give them that.

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