Sep 14

The Confessionals: The Pentagram Under the Stairs

Tony writes “In Episode 373: The Pentagram Under the Stairs, we are joined by Brooke to discuss some of her wild experiences. Her earliest memory involving the paranormal happened when she was 5 years old and she had an imaginary friend, who in turn had a friend of its own! Brooke has also seen an angel and demons, and once moved into a house where she discovered a pentagram under the stairs. Later in the episode, she shares her experiences with sasquatch which occurred during some extreme hiking, and also describes how her husband’s friend Casper passed away, but would sometimes continue to come and visit.”

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  1. LaVonne J

    If Tony sees this, my daughter’s imaginary friend freaked me out. She is a single (only) child so I thought it was her way of socializing. However she described him perfectly….as she could see him. Instead of it being a little girl (most kids have same sex imaginary friends)….he was a boy named Jimmy. She described him with dark hair and eyes and light skin. She would interact with him, as if a child were truly there playing hide n seek, eating dinner, sitting in a certain chair or chasing her around the room. Even her preschool teachers said she would play with Jimmy than the kids in her school! I finally had to tell her Jimmy was staying with me so she’d play with the other children. She finally outgrew it! But I’ve always wondered…..because the property we were on still has weird things going on.

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