Sep 11

The Confessionals: CIA 9/11 Whistleblower

Tony writes “In Episode 88, we bring to you a very special show that focuses on the devastating terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

Today’s episode features an interview with CIA asset Susan Lindauer, who describes how she worked for the CIA leading up to that fateful day, and what role the U.S. government played in the terrible events that transpired. She also shares with us how her disclosure of the truth resulted in her being jailed, without a trial, for 5 long years.”

16 Responses to “The Confessionals: CIA 9/11 Whistleblower”

  1. Jeffrey H

    Wes, hardest working man in podcasting! Two channels! Congrats on having a second channel, “The Confessionals”! That’s a good pic of you too. I’ll start listening to your “The Confessionals” too. Damn bro, don’t burn that candle at both ends. All the best Wes with your podcast “The Confessionals”. You need to advertise it more Wes! Right Tony!

    • Jeffrey H

      Just Kiddin Tony! You have a great podcast. I already listen to it. I really like your energy and how you play your college major into it. Great show as always. From a “The Confessionals” listener, former Keystone guy, JH. Thanks for your hard work on the show Tony. All the best to you, your family with your little special one and the show! Eagles ??.

    • Dan M

      I agree, what an insane guest!! And yes to laugh about any of this content is unprofessional & inappropriate. Observations from this interview — its “The Smashing Pumpkins”, not Smashed Pumpkins. If there were so many warning signs prior to the 9/11 attacks why not admit she was part of a HUGE failure by the intel. community. The attack on the U.S.S. Cole killed 17 sailors, not 10. And to say only a small number were killed is disrespectful. One death of any armed forces person is to many! What does she mean a 3 front war?? Who is fighting who in Europe? How can any one person make these predictions with so little specifics along with a hideous laugh is downright weird. More observations — Israel has, since it existence, always had the threat of a unified Arab world plotting against them so nothing new there. The constant bragging of her resume tells me she’s insecure about her own abilities. How can one Politician, John McCain, be blamed for the laundry list of conflicts she rattled off? Again weird, inaccurate and inappropriate. It’s no wonder there’s massive mistrust of this country’s ability to protect its citizens if agencies have “unstable” people like her making life and death decisions. I like her anti-war stance but that’s about it. Love ur show Tony but please stick to Cryptids.

      • Christian H

        Agree, she’s full of shit.
        I spent 16 yrs in the USN, any real intelligence operative would know 17 sailors were killed, not 10, to drag John McCain through the mud is disrespectful.

    • Barbara W

      Susan m
      I’m right there with you. I don’t doubt that some of what she said is true, but knowing how the CIA loves mind control, I’m not sure they didn’t monkey around with hers. I didn’t finish listening because that laugh was so inappropriate.
      Nothing on YOU, Tony. I love your show.

  2. Dan M

    One item I forgot to include in my first post. Just my humble opinion but I wish there would of been tougher follow up questions to her comments that hinted at the attacks being an inside job. Clearly a topic that requires specific explanation.

  3. Rick C

    I would love to ask her some questions. She definitely knows stuff but apparently hasn’t read the “Looming Tower” I don’t doubt we did some dirty underhanded things but she does way too much down playing of Islamic Terrorism. And the problem started in 1979 when Jimmy Carter put the Ayatollah in power, thus beginning the Islamic Revolution. But she is right about Hillary, Bush, and McCain . However I think based on her demeanor there is reason to believe drug connection. Interesting with some big holes in her claims. Viva La Trump!

  4. Katie F

    She is going to have a sore arm from patting herself on the back. How can anyone take her
    seriously? That inappropriate laugh sounds maniacal. I could not listen to the show for more than 15 minutes. Big thumbs down on
    this one.

  5. Denise F

    I think in every ‘story’ there is an ounce of truth….. The guest was hard to ‘read’. In saying that, it was hard to feel she was genuine.

    I enjoyed the podcast and entertainment wise it was ?. Thanks Tony and Wes.

  6. Matthew J

    She wasn’t even mentally fit enough to stand trial for her crimes. I guess her psychic abilities weren’t working since she got caught… she should have seen that coming. She is obviously mentally ill and suffers from delusions, but there are enough people out there that are willing to listen to a nutjob if she says something they want to hear.

  7. Christian L

    IMHO it was bad taste to aire this podcast on a day of national loss and reflection. A lot of mistakes were made throughout the US GOV but 9/11 was not the day to talk about our intelligence failures or aluminium foil hat conspiracy theories. It should have been a day to remember the dead, the innocents murdered and the heroes that took it to the enemy and still do 24/7 worldwide against radical Islam. Not impressed Saschron….poor taste. Thumbs down.

  8. Jay Carlsen

    Well it is 9 / 14 / 2018. So all of you who believe the Official Account – Please explain Building 7 ? Which Plane flew into That One ?
    AND Where is the Plane that crashed in the fields of Shanksville ? ( or did you think an Entire 747 flew into that Crater remaining totally Intact until the Entire Plane was Submerged Underground ? ) There is No Debris of anything responsible for making that Crater ?
    You really think that the Entire Plane was distributed across a 6 Mile Debris Field ? ( Then what was left to make that Supposed Crater ? That has been there since Years Prior. ) There’s NO WONDER at how these Sasquatch have remain so elusive from the Public Eye ! With
    ” The Older Sibling ” Repeating that the Sasquatch is only Native American Mumbo Jumbo. A Character of Myth employed to make children Mind.
    Just serves to prove , keep repeating a Lie ? Sooner or Later it will be held as Truth.

    I was working on an Airport in Eire Pa on that day. Me & a Fellow Employee watched a Private Jet take off – only to fly in a Circle and Land where it had just Taken Off from.
    When we turned the Radio on in the Drill Truck – The Second Plane hit that Tower. ….. Such an Emotionally Charged Day. I was swept up into the Official Story right along with Everyone Else. I even remember telling my Drill Pusher ‘ C’mon Man ! Flip THIS ! Let’s GO ! This is History in the Making ! Manhattan is only a 4 hour Drive ! ‘ And I Thankfully remember my Friend telling me ” EASY THERE CHEETAH ! ……… not so fast. What are you Thinking about ? Stealing a Company Vehicle ? And taking it to Manhattan ? ….. Then What ? ”
    …… I think about what a Horrible Idea that was. And I am grateful I was with Someone that kept His Head together. Now Today I can credit Him for Saving my Life ! ( How many of the First Reasponder’s and the Clean Up Crew are Alive Today ? )

    There are Glaring problems with the Official Narrative. And they are SO GLARING that it effects the Entire Events of that Day. Building # 7 was never addressed – Nor was the lack of any Substantial Debris from Wreckage ever found in Shanksville. And you do not need a High School Diploma to understand that these 2 factors challenge the events of that whole day. ( and for the record I do have my Diploma )

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