May 12

Strange Vocals Captured

A listener writes “My girlfriend recorded this on Halloween night in southern Ohio. What does it sound like to you?”

9 Responses to “Strange Vocals Captured”

  1. Charles R

    I have heard a scream very similar, July 4th period of 201, appx 2am, in Iosco County, MI. It was only one but followed up in quick succession by a very loud owl imitation, then a very loud loon imitation ( all 3 separated by 50 to 100 yards ) and then a mile or so to the north of these came the Ohio Howl. It is such a shame that the recorder does such a terrible job of capturing what the ears hear. Otherwise I would think the internet would be inundated with fantastic recordings.

    • Denise F

      I think some of these recordings happen when you least expect them and you then are trying hard to grab your phone or whatever to record what you hear.

      I have been critiqued many times about the quality of my recordings, and I’m like ‘dude, I was out taking a walk when this happened….I’m lucky that I got any.’ lol

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