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Strange image captured

Trey writes “Been talking to a witness close to me about some strange noises and stuff he’s been finding and he sent me this. He seems legit so I may be going to meet up with him sometimes soon just wondering what you thought of this photo.

Any input from you is definitely worth it. Looks like it could be real but not enough detail so at the same time it could be fake. I don’t know if anything sticks out to you. It’s not too terribly tall but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a juvenile or something. That’s his tent and he sat a game cam out behind it because he had been hearing vocals and captured this at 6:06. Said he had his alarm set for 6:45 so he just missed whatever it was. He’s supposed to be emailing me back with more details as in if their were footprints or anything that morning. Thanks Wes and again I just like to bounce stuff off of you since you been doing this a lot longer than me.”




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      • Trey

        He’s referring to the silhouette of something that’s right between the 2 trees in the camera frame. I have a dome tent like this and when I stand at the entrance it’s up to about my chest. I’m 6’3 so I’m guess I got this between 6’5-7ft. Not out of the range of a person but a big person. Again I’m not saying it is one or isn’t I’m just looking for further input on it.

    • Trey

      He said he was trying to place it somewhere that would look over his camp and be close but not stick out. I assume he put it behind these trees so that the camera was kind of blocked by them instead of putting it right on top of the tent where it would be very visible. Again I’m not saying one way or the other just reaching out for other opinions

  1. Trey

    Only thing that makes me think this could be legit is he asked me to come out and stay there and show me the place and guaranteed we’d hear some vocals at the least. When I’ve had people try to hoax me in the past their not quick to invite me out and walk me through everything and show me the sight. Doesn’t mean it’s real just makes me lean toward the possibility of it being real

  2. Jason T

    Yes the white silhouette looks to me between the trees and the tent. If you enlarge the photo you can clearly see something. Sorry I was fishin just saw that someone wanted to know what I thought was scary. I am big ol chicken though. Lol


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