Mar 19

Strange image captured

Ken posted in the Bigfoot Outlaws Facebook group this image with the caption “I’ve seen several crawling in the woods like this at night.”

Coonbo writes “They do this all the time. To watch it on thermal is freaky. Like something out of a sci-fi horror movie. They move on fingertips and toes, like a big lizard, but their head is up looking at you. Sometimes only moving fingers and toes.”

Credit: Tori Alexa

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  1. Jeffrey H

    #2 position!! Coonbo is the man!!! Knows his stuff on Bigfoot’s. Would love to sit down and talk Bigfoot with him, for hours! (Wes too) How strong their fingers and toes must be to move their huge bodies, it’s like a Bruce Lee move.

  2. Robert V


    I think that is a missing person photo. Before seeing that, I was just going to say, it’d be an easy way for a Sasquatch to grab someone by the legs and drag them away.


  3. wendy s

    No wonder people go missing when they ate RIGHT behind their group. See………they are so intelligent. This happened in your encounter, didn’t it Wes?? Why do you think they do this. I’m sure you have addressed it but could you refresh my memory??

  4. Charles R

    A former guest on this program Mike Brookreson from outside of San Antonio has a couple of pics of one in the crawling position that is reaching for a melon. It is a better pic than this, but still not quality because he kept using I phones, but in the bush you can not get a conclusive shot with any camera. Who else uses this technique of crawling to get into position quitely. Snipers and that is there training. The Forest Giant is the best hunter in the woods and there are many reasons for this. Clearly they can be very stealthy, or as loud as bulldozer depending on their end game. The most noteworthy item on the above pic is how far the eyes seem to be apart as compared to a human. But then again we are limited by the total head perspective. Maybe it can be cleaned up a little.

    • June P

      Oh great…thanks Charles R..!!!!!….?????.my next move may be to San Antonio…??? I knew Sasquatch were out in Texas but these images combined with creepy finger/ toe crawling just outside of San Antonio ?? Holy shite sandwich! Think my house there will include a mined and booby trapped yard!!!

  5. pam purple rose

    That is why I do not go to find these abominations. They may find you.
    I would love to have a poster of this showing the missing person poster,
    Just to place in some of our state park restrooms.

    • June P

      Enough to keep your happy butt out of the forests!!! Holy moly, I remember being out in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia and smelling weird stuff. The Dolly Sods Wilderness can be very dangerous for UXOs ( unexploded ordnances from WWII training exercises in prep for going overseas) , but this makes those UXOs look like a better way to go!!!!
      My Australian Cattle Dog was very wary of the woods and when my sister and I were hiking in a lot of wild Rhododendron brush in the Black Water Canyon, I got the spooky feeling of being watched. My Cattle Dog stopped and growled a few times…our butts got out of there. OMG I just don’t want to think of this!!!!

  6. Thomas W

    Nice low crawl……the strength to be able to do that on toes and finger tips over an appreciable distance is mind boggling. Let’s also not forget them using the trees……..Dumb Apes……no way.

  7. m99

    Well, that’s beyond creepy. In the original, bigger shot is the photo, on the right. I’m assuming of a missing hiker?
    Wow, something is happening here, seems like things are cranking up. As L.A. Marzuli used to say, ‘it’s real, burgeoning, and not going away’.

    I’d so appreciate Coonbo sharing a thermal image of one crawling on it’s fingers and toes (like a big lizard). That thing, if this is real, doesn’t so much look like a Sasquatch as it does a demon, or what people have attributed what a demon looks like.

    Frankly, if this is similar to what Wes and Woody witnessed, they’re lucky (or blessed) to still be with us. I think about that encounter a lot. I rationalize that the big boy was showing off his skills for his captive audience. I think this ground crawling is creepier than the tree climbing aspect. Ew.

  8. glenn b

    I can buy it. Good shot, now let the skeptic in and I could also say it looks like a hog facing the camera and a couple of others nestled in next to it. I like it though.

    • jacqueline l

      after you said hog and closer review i agree it is a hog facing the camera with a few little ones around it but that would be a scary scenario for sure

  9. June P

    This is like those Japanese horror movies where the creepy chicks crawl all spooky on the ground!!! This is terrifying, creepier than clowns and just plain disturbing!!!!
    Hope the Wildmen don’t do this crap in the German Alps, I am heading there in May…..holy shite!

  10. Dan S

    That is one humungous bowl of NOPE right there. I have heard of other encounters where the creatire was crawling on its fingertips, and I believe it was also recounted in Wes and Woody’s story as well, or am I mashing together encounters? So this yields a question…how are their finger tips strong enough to support their weight? I guess it could just be a matter of perfect weight disperment, but still.

  11. Trent M

    The 1st time I heard of this behavior was around 2000, we used to have bigfoot talks in an app called PalTalk. A man named Dan Beldon, a police officer told the story of his encounter when he was camping and 4 wheeling in Eastern OK. with a fellow officer. When they set up camp and started relaxing and listening to music they heard a lot of noise in the woods and it would stop when they turned down the music and resume when they turned it back on. The noise stopped behind a little dirt mound. Dan had just got a new .40 cal. handgun and he fired it into the dirt mound and when he did a bigfoot stood up and ran off. It had belly crawled up to them the last 10-15 feet from the trees as there was no other cover but the 18″ tall grass. It really scared Dan and his partner, and when he went back to the area with a reporter it was filmed in a documentary called “Bigfootville”. Unfortunately when they edited him re enacting that scene they made it look like he was shooting wildly into the woods. Dan passed away a few years later.

  12. Julie D

    How could they crawl on fingers and toes with their excessive weight! Also funny, looks like a tail behind it on the left side. Anyone else see that?

  13. JAMES B

    No wond r the gov’t is interested in these things…..
    Could u imagine dropping 3 of these things into an enemy encampment at night???
    God that is just too creepy for words, gives my goosebumps goosebumps! !!

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