Jul 28

Strange figure filmed on American Hoggers

This was sent to me by a listener and was also posted on Facebook by Angelo P. I am not sure what the thing is in the background. It appears on the bottom left hand side of the screen. If the ad pops up, close it. What are your thoughts?


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      • Brandon F

        Also note the American hoggers got canceled soon after, and they don’t show any reruns, the show was popular and all of a sudden vanished off the airways. I looked it up because I wondered why there were no Comercial advertising a new season, also note they talked about Texas Bigfoot on a couple episodes

  1. BCSquatch

    Yeah, that looks like a bigfoot to me. The film crew would be completly focused on what they were doing. Entirely possible they didn’t see it at the time.

  2. Kent C

    Well……, If it was CGI, it was a world-class job!

    The image passes behind the fore-ground brush in a completely natural way!

    I say “Real Critter”! (….of some kind!)

  3. Dave T

    That’s no Squatch. It’s a cross country skier dressed in a monkey suit halling ass in the middle of the night. See, there’s an explanation for everything. It was very obvious to me and Gary Callahan what that was. Come on people.

  4. Ryan o

    That’s too fast for a human.
    It’s also too fast for a bear.
    I’ve seen cougar move that speed, but never on two legs.
    That thing was upright. Strangest thing about the vid is that no animal would be that close to a camera crew and all the busy-ness associate with filming. And no human runs that fast in that kind of place.
    Great capture!

  5. Christopher c

    What a trip!,you know one time I was watching a PBS show on touring Alaska and saw what could have only been a Squatch zoom by in the background as a lady talked into a microphone in front of an old mining area,it sucked because I couldn’t rewind the show.

  6. SmellyHusband

    If that was a big foot . And that booger was the reason the show got canceled … I would like to thank him , and try to convice him to photo bomb the other reality TV shows too . Get all that crap off the air . Lol but it looks legit to this armchair qb

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