Sep 7

Strange Familiars: Swapcast – Conspirinormal

Tim writes “First, Nate stops by and shares a creepy story which starts with a policeman following his family home, behaving strangely. He also shares a story about a mysteriously behaving iPod and a weird night hike in Michaux Forest. Next we have our swapcast – Conspirinormal co-hosts Adam and Serfiel join Timothy for a long conversation ranging from bigfoot, women-in-white, flannel man, bunnyman, alien abductions, Austin Spare, and more.”

2 Responses to “Strange Familiars: Swapcast – Conspirinormal”

  1. Cathy S

    Really?? Psychic Bible??? Must of been written by demons. And there is only one truth. Jesus Christ. He says ” I am the way, the truth, the life.” There is no other way. Not even through Mary.

    • Janetta V

      Amen to that. People will try every way in the world to think there going to heaven, other than through Jesus. He said “No one comes to the Father but through me”. There you go.

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