Jul 28

Strange Encounters Growing Up

A listener writes “I am from Texarkana, Texas/Arkansas just north of Shreveport, La. First encounter was in 1980’s while deer hunter and many after. Never told anyone still a few years ago. As a child, our grandparents told us of a creature that lived in the area. My mother was a Crabtree and the family experienced many encounters. Some were somewhat included in local movie “Legend of Boggy Creek”.

I hunted the bottoms around Fouke Arkansas all of my life and it never cross mind the creatures were still around until a few years ago. By no mean I consider myself a researcher but more of a person interested in what do not understand.
I still spend a lot of time in the woods but not hunting. More interested enjoying nature instead of killing.

I had a couple of encounters a few days ago, one during a hike in the woods and one while fishing on Mercer. If you are familiar with the movie. Herb Jones, a relative of the family lived on the Mounds. While bass fishing, I saw something out of the corner of my sight. Woods to dense to see clearly. My 12 year nephew was with me and I did want to scare him. It did not take but a few second when it let us know that it or they were there. It was almost like it wanted to interact with us. The noise was like it was clearing its throat at first. As I responded, the sound began to change. I know this sounds stupid, but It was like it wanted to communicate with us.”

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  1. Denise F

    I’m fascinated at their attempt to possibly ‘communicate’ with us.

    Pretty neat there’s a link to the OG Legend of Boggy Creek, I guess that area is as popular as always.

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