Jan 23

Strange creatures scale volcano in Mexico


What are your opinions on this?

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  1. Ted R

    If reports of ability & being bipedal are accurate and truthful, what else could it be? The claw part or needle on foot I think is fantasy or supposition. Interesting for sure.

  2. Norman Racca

    God Stuff???
    IMHO everything we see was created by God!
    Scientific beliefs on evolution are nothing more than a theory! Why keep the site scientific?
    People can believe Sasquatch evolved; I choose to believe Sasquatch was created!
    I don’t ask to, “Please keep the site about creation” ….. Grow up guy, stop being so sensitive! 😉
    But we not here about beliefs on our life as humans; we are here about Sasquatch!
    To me; Sasquatch are just another part of creation, just like everything else in this world, we just haven’t officially discovered it yet!
    I have also thought these things could be the creatures spoke of in ancient documents/scripture! But I dismissed that theory because the Nephilim were large MEN that wielded weapons/swords/shields and went to war with other MEN……Sasquatch are way more animal/mammal type creatures to be Nephilim. But who knows for sure? Maybe they figured out they can’t fight against us, so they just try to avoid us as much as possible!?

    • Mark B

      And if my may inject, wouldn’t the Nephilim of died out after the Flood, you know the Big one. The one that drowned the whole earth except for the folks secure in the Ark.
      And as far as keeping it scientific, there was a time when you couldn’t separate the two. Because everyone knew that God created all things and if you wanted to learn anything about this world and its mysteries you had to factor God into the equation.
      I think today’s attitudes toward God are right on schedule with Revelations. But I digrese. Sasquatch!

  3. Rick F

    This site is a forum for our personal opinions about BF. You never hear any of us who are creationists saying we wish the evolutionists would keep it to themselves. We don’t feel threatened by the evolution theory. Live and let live !!!

  4. Linda H

    Ben H – With the pretentious, narrow-minded, “we know everything”, attitude of science ( do you need reminding of the current mainstream view of the existence of Sasq?) I don’t think science has any surer footing on what is reality than religion’s stance. Science is a religion unto itself.

    Nothing is impossible, only improbable. Step out of your mind box.

  5. Derek G

    If one’s world view includes a creator, God, Aristotle’s unmoved mover, then one cannot help but include this in one’s perception of all parts of God’s creation. It has never been nor will it ever be SCIENCE vs. FAITH as if the two are diametrically opposed.
    —Science and faith are both part of human experience. Everyone must have faith it just depends where one decides to place that faith. All of society is based on faith as it involves trust. Otherwise we would never go through an intersection when the light turns green.
    —Science and faith are the same sides of one coin. The first, what we can know and learn about creation and the universe through the natural light of reason and the other what we know about the creator or God and all things relating to Him through what he has revealed to us. No opposition there.
    —I can know how many rocks are at the bottom of a river bed by counting them all myself that is science, experimental knowledge or I can trust someone else who has done the work for me, that is human faith and trust. So no contradiction, just a different means of coming to know the same thing. Point being… I don’t recommend leaving faith or “God Stuff” out of the question, that would be most unscientific. Actually quite closed minded…….

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