Sep 13

Strange audio captured while fishing

Interesting audio captured. Here is the information I was given: “Audio original below on a google drive. Can you open it.

This was recorded 2:30 am by fisherman on his cell phone, on July 15, 2018. The recorder, Joe, would discuss it with you if you wish. This was on the Potomac River in West Virginia. He said the yells were coming from about 200 yards away and yelled about 3 times before he started recording.”


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  1. Bob M

    I believe there since of smell and hearing is far greater than any of us can possibly imagine.
    Once you’re detected these screams could be to vacate the area.
    Like all predators they hunt along all water ways .
    If they don’t want confirmations with humans what better way than to make these god awful screams to make you leave .
    Just a thought

  2. ohkyhiker

    I would like to hear this, but it says it is a private video and requires a Vimeo login. Any help?
    I grew up near the Potomac river in Maryland. Thanks

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