May 21

Squatch Watchers: A Ghost Communicates and Insults Our Mothers

The Squatch Watchers writes “During a recent investigation, we find ourselves communicating with a Bigfoot in the dark wilderness! Implementing more paranormal tech and methods into our research to find the correlation between ghosts and Sasquatch, we find ourselves being cussed at and our mothers being insulted by a supernatural being on our spirit box!”

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  1. Ron S

    Can’t wait to check this out. I have mentioned to at least one Sasquatch explorer in the past on using more technology to uncover answers, but I also believe if you use devices that can be spiritually manipulated you have to be a very grounded spiritual person on the side of God with that intention and his protection.

    I have a lot of thoughts this morning on the one true Creator. It makes sense to me at the moment that the universe must have a balance. When things are beginning to unbalance spiritually (through the gift of free will) given to all sentient beings, God thusly uses his power as an equalizer to continually restore balance.

    It also makes sense to me that sentient beings likely exist far beyond this reality alone and are also equalized by God when necessary.

    I’m beginning to develop my own belief this morning that it makes perfect sense that sentient beings of negative energy also have free will and likely their own history of a (comparable) flood theory of sorts in “their” own realm with similar torments by all that is good or from the natural world… They likely have their own version of ghosts (us?) or Sasquatch or Demons which could include anti-Nephilim or Angels.

    If I’m even remotely close to a truth, I bet it really strikes a nerve on the dark side when they tune into us with their own version of a spirit box and we are projecting all things good and wholesome in the name of God or even acting kind with moral words of wisdom and encouragement to do better 😂

    If anyone wants to join me today, let’s try to live in the light a little more and let’s go out of our way to think good thoughts, do something good today for someone else or say something genuinely nice to each other… Let’s give the darkness a little PTSD🌞🦉

    • Ron S

      BTW, living with too much unnecessary technology surrounding us, especially A-I… well, that just makes us living in more of an A-hole IMO. Put that one on
      a t-shirt lol

      • Ron S

        With this increasing encroachment with AI, it might be a good time to fortify your spiritual armor and stand together against (The End Of The Innocence)… Truly great song🌞

        • Ron S

          This song evidently hits me very deeply and very much applies to how I see what’s currently happening. Maybe a majority of people will hear that song differently than I do. Let me explain a couple things about how I hear this song… “daddy” is Our Father (Jesus), the “end of the innocence” is an overwhelming amount of temptation into sin via technology, the rest you can get a grasp on with that in mind.

          So after listening to it (which I haven’t done in years) I looked up the lyrics to this song on a search, and wouldn’t you know it that when scrolling through the lyrics, between verses there were adds for sex toy things… now tell me I’m not onto something! This was on fricken’
          G👀gle! I don’t wanna see that crap shoved in my face! Unregulated darkness just mocking us, for real. 🙏🏼🦉

  2. Allan L

    These guys are playing with dark supernatural, demonic forces that they don’t know about or understand; God would be absolutely in opposition too. The Bible is clear on warning us against this type of spiritual behavior in Deuteronomy. Repent and have nothing do do with this, having night vision, infrared and trying to get an image of a Bigfoot is one thing but this is just morally and biblically wrong.

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