Jan 25

Show Tonight: Call in number 646-716-8791 6pm PST

Chatroom is now open! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/7294429 The show starts at 6pm PST. The call in number is 646-716-8791

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  1. Tony M

    Hello from South Dakota,home of SDSU Unv.
    I started listening to you back in Nov of 2014,enjoy the show alot.Research scientist up at the North Pole have develop these
    special membrane material for collecting skin cells that flake off the feet of the animals.They scope up the whole foot print and
    and collect up to 6 to 12 foot prints,just to make sure that they enough skin cells for DNA test.Was listening to NPR radio program.
    At noon on Fridays or Sat’s it like science hour,all kinds of new stuff that others have come up with.This was like late Dec 2014 or
    the 1st weeks of Jan 2015 when I heard about this new tech.They say you get a better DNA sample,now if could get are hands on
    that new tech and scope up half dozen foot prints in the winter time and send them off to someone you trust.Just wanted to share
    this with you.
    Great show,keep it up. Tony M

    • Rick S

      Same here, besides Will’s encounter, the show finally got to taking calls and FINALLY got to a good one….and the damn audio just stopped! I love the longer show, but most of the time tonight was spent repeating over and over on how much the staff knows but can’t talk about. Finally, and I MEAN FINALLY, they got a good story being told and they cut the show! WTF

  2. Dave A

    Hey guys I was listening to episode 75 and I paused it so my wife could hear the encounter with the guy in the van and I lost the podcast. Can’t pull it back up. Look I want to be fair and reasonable. I know technical things happen but its very frustrating. especially when one pays for a product. I love your show and I respect you guys enormously but please don’t disappoint me any more.

    • MilitantDanny

      Hey Dave, if the show was live when you tried pausing it, it just basically mutes it and it continues on whether you’re there or not, that being said it ended shortly after that guest was brought on due to time constraints (while you had it “paused”). However, they went back through and uploaded it now to iTunes and such like normal episodes. Besides, it ran over by about 45min so you wouldn’t have been able to hear his whole story anyways even if you didn’t “pause it” until they uploaded the whole thing as they got cut off at the 2:00:00 mark.
      I had to listen to it this morning for that reason. If there’s any complaints to be had, then I’d say try to get a bigger window than 2 hours for limitations. Other than that though, I’m happy with how they’re going about things.

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