Jan 26

Show Notes with Shannon-Jon and Sara Brown


Tonight on Show Notes- I have on with me, my friends Jon and Sara Brown. They have ongoing activity on their property in WA State. We will discuss their thermal footage, me and Wes’ visit to their property, and their current plans to drive the subject forward. Call in 646-716-8791.

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44 Responses to “Show Notes with Shannon-Jon and Sara Brown”

  1. Patrick W

    Sara’s so awsom. I like it better when she dosen’t use notes. At least she know’s the danger involved at her property. Be carefull sara. At least you have the best friends around you to keep the flute players away.

  2. larry h

    a few minutes into Shannon’s interview the girl is making it all up, it is so obvious her notes she had didn’t help. Next time she needs to practice her stories a little longer.

    • paul p

      Oh give us a break! She has notes to be thorough! Not to tell tall tales. Wes and shannon have both been to the Browns’ property where they have both had undeniable experienceses. Are you calling them lyers as well? Spare us from your ignorance. ..please.

      Paul P./ Knower- new york state

  3. mick b

    Yeah I’m a little on the fence about the Browns but choose to give them the benefit of the doubt. There were a few times during the interview that it felt like Sara and Jon were making things up but it could also be that they were just a bit unprepared or nervous about the interview. Also in their defence, some of the audio is interesting and the ridgewalker footage is really compelling. I can imagine that if you’re recording audio every single night it might be hard to differentiate especially as it seemed that the browns and shannon hadn’t discussed what would be played before hand. I trust Sasquatch Chronicles and if they trust the Browns, that’s good enough for me. For now at least.

  4. Robert V

    I relate to them due to having my own visitors that are much less obvious, and the actions of their guests never ceases to amaze. I think the location dictates the behavior, they are comfortable around Sara and Johns property, enough so to allow themselves to vocalize. The adolescent that was near my property did not know not to vocalize, or was too scared or excited to stop itself, but the parent seemed to have taught it to control itself, now I only am catching power knocks in my recording.

  5. Robert V

    Now that I have heard of lights and orbs from some pretty credible individuals I might have to reconsider some of the stuff I had written off as sensationalism, or pure quackery

  6. laura t

    Does anyone have the picture of the bigfoot , Tracy was talking about, in his encounter while he was broke down on the side of the road, I think he said , something about it looked just like the pic of them and us..

  7. Alex D

    I know no one has ever tried this but what if the Brown’s were to disguise an RC car with a camera attached to it. A disguise to make the car appear to be a ground squirrel or ground hog. I know such a thing could draw the attention of a squatch and even draw them out into a field if you drive it across a wood line?

    Just a thought but something that could trick them and draw them out. Someone should try it! hehe

  8. Alex D

    Also, after listening to Jon come on I had to LOL at the part when Shannon asked him about the drone. Sore subject?? He probably crashed it learning to fly it making it a “Sore Subject” hahaha

  9. Eric H

    Through this past year, Sasquatch Chronicles have referenced lights with a bit of hesitation…… makes me curious…because it sounds like your familiar with the concept, but SC doesn’t support the connection of lights and Sasquatch……
    Im not a flute player………

    ( but I do play Tuba )

  10. bill l

    I like hearing the Browns. Oh how I wish I could visit a place like that.Here in The Benelux and northern area of Europe where I live has very little forest or wildlife, nothing on the scale of North America.There’s no sasquatch here, unless they’re midgets.You are getting more open minded it seems Shannon. Good for you.The bottem line is we just don’t know what they are. Apes? I don’t know. They seem to damn smart to be monkeys. I’m leaning to the archaic hominid more and more, based on the stoeies I hear on your show. Keep up the great work! Greetings from Amsterdam

  11. Bobby R

    Good God Joseph B why did you even bother listening to the show. Next time just shut it down and wait for something you want. Some of are interested in the Brown’s and their bigfoot. They live there you don’t. and who do you consider a credible researcher? Standing and his puppets and friends? They did an awesome Job, Bono Was GREAT. filled in the show. But I do admit the guy snoring was hysterical…

  12. Maacus

    Tracy, your encounter would send most of us to the mental ward. Trust in the people here to help you. When they said they’d help, they were serious. I can’t imagine how terrified you were. My thoughts and prayers are with you Tracy.

  13. Derek G

    This program is awesome! Just keep it up Shannon, Wes, and Will. I really feel for Tracy. It would be an understatement to say that was a traumatic experience. I listened to it with my brother who I just introduced to the show. His jaw was open the whole time! Where we go hunting there has been a sighting, down an old logging road called Rabbit lake Rd. near Temagami, Ontario. Another just north of Temagami near an old mining town called Cobalt, Ontario. There are also missing person reports in the area. Look up Daniel Trask- http://www.unsolvedcanada.ca
    My brother told me about a road that cuts across the wilderness from Temagami area to Sudbury Ontario where he lives, which I have traveled at night as well, that spooks him out while driving on it because there have been missing person reports almost every year that come out from that area. I had no idea about these things and I drove that road because it is supposed to be a shorter route than any other alternative and I was getting really creepy vibes while driving it. Then I found out what my brother told me…. yikes!

  14. larry h

    no Paul P. I am not saying Shannon is telling a lie but I am saying in my opinion what the lady said was a little hard to swallow just by the way she told her story. I don’t doubt that she saw something or has seen a big foot I think its great that she has but I DO BELIEVE in America I have the right too speak my mind without people like you Mr. P.P. accusing me of something I did not say. You have your opinion and I have mine. Shannon done a great job on that interview, she helps put the facts about a story out there and lets the listeners make up there own minds. So grow up.

  15. DonRay

    Great show again, awesome recordings…. i think the Squatch related those chairs to tree stands…. They know what stands are……. Great stories Shannon….also you cant hear the drones above couple hundred feet…. Ciao

  16. Jeff L

    People get a grip. The Browns are out of touch mentally, Shannon is tilting at windmills, and Wes and Will are selling books and internet subscription’s for $$$. It’s no longer a BLOB SQUATCH but a MONEYSQUACTCH. Good luck suckers I am gone.

  17. Jay R

    I like Jon Brown’s comparison of his encounter observation regarding Sasquatch movement compared to a crackhead. I deal with crackheads everyday at my job and you really have to give yourself buffer space when dealing with drug addicts exhibiting signs of schizophrenia because one never knows when a deliberate freak out might occur, creating a very dangerous situation. Be safe out there people!

  18. Stacy F

    I’m LOVING the vocals at the beginning of the show (listening now)…seriously, they could be ours, they’re that similar. I have NO doubt this is the real deal here….waiting to hear if these are from the Browns or somewhere else!

    • Helena A

      Hi guys. Correct me if I am wrong. But didn’t this guy from florida say that he followed the creature till it walked to deep water and disappeared into it? I am talking about the last video posted on youtube. The skunk ape. I can’t remember the name of it.

  19. Scott A

    HI, I can’t get this is to play. I can play other episodes but not this one. It shows the player, I click play and nothing. I wonder if you can help me please.

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