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  1. Jim D

    I hope there is going to be a report button for when certain disruptors get mad and start talking about oh off the top of my head let’s say a certain persona tells me how they are going to sexually abuse my wife and then calls me names that would be censored anywhere,but then later on deletes all of the “proof” (they always say “where’s the proof”). I hope that some of these guys and their fake personas are sent packing back over to the Bigfoot Evidence site, where they have set up camps to attack well pretty much everybody who isn’t them. We don’t need them here Wes and we have names…a report button is a great idea.

    • Anthony M

      More Great News!
      We Have A New Show Support Fan Group For This Show On Facebook!
      It Is: Sasquatch Chronicles Fans!
      It Is A Closed Group
      Can Be Located Via Facebook Search
      Come Join Us!

  2. Travis J

    Wes, as I stated when I was a guess. Your our voice and I will stand with you when the time comes. I’m sorry for allowing nonsense to cloud my judgement but I believe in being true to our word. And my word was, I will stand with you, so can’t wait for Sunday. And Thank you.

  3. William L

    Great to hear Wes. If you know anyone who has a fairly successful channel on YouTube, it might be helpful to talk with them about the trolls and how the deal with them, because trust me, they have issues with them and have to regularly block trolls who do nothing but show their asses and cause trouble. If you need some guidance on who to contact, let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

    I hope my comments about “kick their sniveling asses of the website” didn’t precipitate any of this. (Even thinking that it might be true is thinking more of myself that I ought to.) But I am sorry for you and the other good people here that this had to happen, but there are a lot of nut-jobs out there with severely damaged brains and psyches. Thank you for hanging in there.

  4. randolph m

    Well since you are revamping the forum do it correct this time. Allowing members to pm each other and uploading a avatar. You guys have a long way to go to show you do have integrity and this is as good as place of any to begin.

    • Reed D

      As for me and the majority here I’m sure, Wes and Woody’s integrity is beyond reproach and they have nothing to prove. Perhaps they may not be the most experienced in the technical engineering of a forum, but that comes with time, as do all things. I’m sure they’ll do their best. I applaud all their hard work and efforts. Not an easy job, that’s for sure.

    • cynthia j

      Thanks Wes. The show will be fantastic. Just keep those sneeky trolls out of here. We will be on the look out for any off putting remarks that they have a way of starting up again.

  5. Brennon H

    William will be missed he was awesome I can’t believe these douchebag 10 year olds were saying absolutely the dumbest shit about good people who’s podcast is by far the best podcast about sasquatch out there period. These people harassing them need to actually get off there asses and do something with there lives instead of sit on the computer all day with a large stick up there butthole ! I’m so stoked the show is going to keep going and if the douchbags want to call someone at 3 in the morning call me please I’ll let you know how the F I feel ! Thanks Wes’s you the man brother !

  6. Matt f

    Great move guys,it needs to go on. This is the best way to behead the witch hunt.Someone more worried about their “creditbility”vs friendships show how selfish one is.I listened to bloopers episode and i was in stitches over no shoes curly and the laughter but when the man with implant came on to share what he believed, a so called someone showed how pompous and holy then thou said person was by hanging up,couldnt listen.This show doesnt need those kinda people.This show is about regular people helping the average person,helping the average person with out judgement.To be above that is why society is F’ed up,everyone is scared to say anything out of fear of ridicule and judgement.I thought Rene Dihinden was a doosh 10yrs ago when i read about him,chase squatch instead of being a father and husband.Glad your moving on and forward,people that pull that kinda crap makes me stronger and more determined and i hope it does with germer boys and crew.Squatch On.I would be more than happy to help you guys in any way as a volunteer.Im up on snohomish skagit county line.

  7. Katie F

    Yeah!! Smart move. Love this show, Wes and love you and Woody’
    Most of us know who the real trouble makers are and
    anytime we see them post– IGNORE THEM!! Don’t respond— don’t
    even read it. All they contribute is garbage to feed the flies.
    Wes- you are doing great!!

  8. jeff m

    Great news! Keep the encounters coming. Been missing them. And Wes, Woody, Shannon: thank you for the work you do. It is well worth the small amount I pay each month.

  9. Cindie M

    Fantastic! I bet if we ignore all the F&/KTARDS they will go away. We don’t need their grade school games and small minded, mean attitudes and posts! I’m very happy and excited, I can’t wait for the next show. Let’s get this party started.!!!!

  10. Robert V

    The best part is when you said you’ll see us on Sunday. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Shannon…hope your on too. It’s cool to get a woman’s perspective on things. I want to say your braver than I am for going out into the woods to purposefully seek after Sasquatch. I camp but to purposely go out there takes courage.


  11. Eddie K

    I have lost all respect for William Jevening…. No phone call…You guys deserved better then that… at least an Email and a reason for his departure would be the right thing to do …..Trust Me when I say this.. You had Mr Jevenings back but He didn’t have Yours…. I guess if You have Renne Dehendrian as a hero …. Then Will turning His back on people who are close to Him would make practical sense… All He is doing is just following in Renne Dehendrian footsteps…

  12. Jennifer L

    I’m proud of you all for taking the high road. (Wes, Woody and Shannon) Certainly speaks to your character. 🙂
    Thank you muchly for your efforts and definitely your time. So appreciated and worth the little bit that you charge. This podcast is amazing; I look forward to it – every week feels like Christmas when I see a new update/episode. It’s a great place for those that need an outlet for what they’ve gone through. You have made something really super. Thanks guys!

  13. Robert P

    Let’s not start beating on Will. We may never know but I think he was threatened. Just let it go. Some scary guy shows up at your casita and tells you to shut up? What world you do?

    • Teppo K

      Yeah, was about to comment just that! “Remember when you look in to the abyss folks, it looks back” Never heard Will that nervous, i mean the whole show was kinda weird, if you know what i mean..

  14. Donna K

    Great News…Maybe groundrules for the forums would be in order. Does that also include a SC FB page coming back? I also noticed a new SC FAN page. Is that connected to you or is that someone else. I was added to it but didnt know if that was your new page or another group.

  15. Zach S

    I am glad to hear that the show is going to stay on. I work my butt off at work and I am a family man. I look forward to hearing the show every week. And have listed to every episode. Sorry about Will leaving the show. When one door closes another one opens. I am sure you can find another great host. It was great to listen to woody again. You guys have a real funny sense of humor.

  16. Frank S

    Great to hear!!! I’m looking forward to this Sunday’s show!!!! Hope I hear from u as well Shannon!! Take care U guys n to those deadbeats out there creating havoc: Please just go away with ur negativity/ feel sorry for u!!!

  17. michael s

    after all the bullshit comments i have read… when i hear you talk i can tell you are a good dude. ive said it before and will say it again, wes and woodys encounter was such a small part of the show what does it even matter really. cant wait for the next one.

  18. Paul M

    Hey Wes. Nice job handling the mess… cool calm casual… no one should bich about your calmness and steady hands on the helm… you will make good decisions about however to carry on with this show… If you have the conference in Yourself =like the listeners have in you… so my friend =we stand strong… thanks

  19. Rich A

    Wes you are the man! Woody great to hear you again! You guys are never boring.the two of you could read the dictionary on the air and I would pay for a subscription to that! Awesome. Shannon you are a great part of the show! Many relate to you who also have not seen the creature , but you are out there tracking the beast while we sit wrapped in blankets in the comfort of our home. You are a champ!!! We are on your side!!

  20. Bruce F

    I agree with changing the forum. Having an encounter rattled me right down to my soul and made me question if everything I believe in. After at least 35 years of not talking about it I have for the first time publicly said something. The reason I didn’t say anything before was I didn’t want to deal with the ridicule that was sure to come. I have not been attacked but I know you have been Wes. I would have a hard time with that. However, I am older than you are and my experience has taught me the “attackers” don’t care about the truth of what you saw and experienced. There are people who need to tear down others in order for them to make themselves feel better. It’s better to remove them from the forums altogether as it’s the only way to deal with them. It’s ok to be skeptical or question as that is part of the entire discussion but the ones who come around to attack, slander and insult are waste material that we don’t need. There is no discussion that can be positive with these types. It’s better to accept their existance and not dedicate anymore time to them. If we keep talking about them they have won.

  21. anthony t

    First and formost to wes,woody and shannon,thank you. Ive been a member from the beginning and i will continue to be a member as long you keep allowing people to tell their stories about what they have seen and heard without ridicule. I love and believe in you guys….let the show go on or “they” will win …thanks.

  22. Asheim

    I totally agree with Wes about this. It is not that we can’t speak our minds anymore but I have missed being able to talk about things to do with Sasquatch. I’m not here for drama and bashing and “days of our lives,” I noticed the forums have been used for a lot of negative banter and people attacking one another. Just want to see the shows go on and have an atmosphere conducive to learning. Tired of the whining people aren’t getting their nickels worth and all of it. If some are truly dissatisfied here they are free to walk and go find something else they like better.

  23. Nicholas R

    Thanks Wes for the update. You’re doing the right thing concerning a new forum policy to stop trolling, flaming, and derogatory comments against you, Will, and Shannon. It’s just too bad that people can’t have the simple decency to respect your testimonies as truthful. But I know that you totally respect people who have doubts as to whether Bigfoot exists and debate to ascertain the “truth”. I know I’ll keep visiting your website because of the intellectual/entertainment value that you provide; I’m sure most people feel this way.

    Wes remember one thing. It’s “human nature” to resist the “truth” in whatever form that may take. Mankind has a tendency to attack, discredit, make fun of, slander, anything they can’t understand. It’s been happening for thousands of years and unfortunately these people will live blissfully in the darkness of their ignorance. But for people who have seen to believe no one can discredit their witness. “Truth” can to apply to Bigfoot, demons, angels, and whether life exists on other planets. It can even apply to the existence of GOD, if you have enough faith to believe HE exists even though you’ve never seen HIM.

  24. BrokenMind27

    I’ve got mixed feelings about all this….first – glad the show is going on, when I found SC in January 2014, I was in a bad place in my life. I had just lost my job and was going through some heavy depression and SC helped me keep my sanity. I went through the old shows with a quickness and absolutely loved the web site when it came out. I bought my years subscription without hesitation. All in all, I’m very pleased with the show, web site, etc.
    second – I know I don’t know everything but I find it hard to dislike Jevning. I would still by his books but I will admit that I don’t understand what happened. Third – Shannon, lovely lady but dud she bring snything else to the table ?? Maybe she does, she seems like a great gal do I will give her the benefit of the doubt. Last – those of us who look at the site daily – what would we do without it ?? There would be a void that some other show would have had to fill and I don’t know of one currently airing. So hell yeah, let’s do this and learn from it. Anything valuable to you can disappear in an instant. I wish all of you the best and you all still have my support. Goodnight from “the best booger country in the US” per Coonbo. Oh yeah, and Tracy ….

  25. WALT D

    Looking forward to anything you guys believe is better. Nothing ever stays the same but Wes Shannon Will thanks for all you have done so far. I would so love to come face to face with the idiots here ! Keyboard cowards are a dime a dozen !

  26. Renee B

    Great idea Wes. The forum has been a problem for me from the beginning. On my second post a flute player called me a name and I have been shocked at the level of viciousness on there. I hope that the new forum will delete the worst if the trolls. They keep saying they are champions of the truth when what they really are are agent provocateurs. I look forward to Sunday’s show. Best of luck

  27. Reid D

    I’m so glad your keeping on keeping on Wes! Never doubted you brother! The shock and awe of that night! Heck I would not have remebered the yr much less the month and day! Got your back from where the grumpys live! Texas, so I’d like to hear about what shares my state with me! Thanks and Godbless! SC SC SC SC!

  28. jimmy v

    Never doubted you bro, good always trumps evil, the truth wins over lies, and the help you provide to those in need is not unnoticed. We got your back and long term support!

  29. Denise

    Keep your chins up guys (and of course Shannon)! You do NOT have to take the kind of abuse that has been thrown your way. Thanks for all the fantastic shows.

  30. Nancy A

    Just to add my 2 cents about what I would like to see and hear in the future:
    1. More people like Bob Garrett … he would make a great co-host.
    2. Interviews with folks from Canada.
    3. Reach out to others who have a less hunter based approach to the sasquatch people. I am of the opinion that too many have a similar aattitude towards the sasquatch that white settlers had toward the native Americans. It just seems like every violent encounter that I listen too involves folks with lethal weapons. any thoughts on this?
    4. Thank you for posting the GPS coordinates of ypur sighting. I was pretty close after listening to your video a few times. I remember the show from earlier this year with the guy who lives in Washougal. Perhaps these sasquatch are related. I am going to take a drive up there myself and test my “no weapons” theory. I will report back if anyone is interested.
    5. Looking forward to the new format and don’t let the small minded trolls get to you. Their mouths are obviously the largest parts of their bodies.

  31. Pat T

    Wes, thx for moving on. Can’t wait for Sunday’s show and all that will follow. It’s awesome to see all the support you have here on the blog. Thx also to our listeners from other countries. I hope future guests will continue to feel welcome here with out being ridiculed. With out them we have no show. Be strong !

  32. Letty

    Thank you so much for continuing with the show. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I didn’t have a place to go to hear the encounters. Let’s start fresh and remove the Attack from the Community episodes and the forum. Out of sight of mind especially for the new listeners. It will be like nothing ever happened. Can’t wait for today. Got my squatchy shirt on and by the way can’t wait until you guys come out with one.:D

  33. Theodore G

    Looking forward to the changes! A comment on censorship, we are not talking about shutting out those who disagree with or point out inconsistencies within a topic, but instead having people follow guidelines on how to act in a forum, this not censorship. They can disagree as long as they do so in an appropriate manner. I would suggest that guidelines include edicate protocols such as, no name calling, no slanderous comments, watch the language (I can swear with the best of them but there is a time and place for it so let’s get above that and just discuss the topics at hand),etc. Also a 3 strikes and you are out policy. If the moderator warns you 2 times about not following the guidelines then on your third time you are banned from the forums/comments. I don’t mind anyone pointing out inconsistencies in anything I post or comment on. It helps me to learn and better myself along with helping me to see flaws in my logic. Just cut out the name calling and personal attacks. It is ok to point out inconsistencies in someone’s story, if they can defend them successfully, then it makes their story all the more believable. It also may uncover some part of the story that they did not recall until the question was put to them. Just my thoughts.

  34. Charles R

    I fully agree with revamping the forums. You are looking for a civil site and although this forum started that way it quickly developed into something else. I have seen this before. Have no idea which direction you will take. For quite a few years the BFRO has a Blue Forum of which I have been a member for over 3 years. Well done and moderated and virtually none of the BS. No trolls and if someone steps out of line it is immediately dealt with. It is a site you could have your children go to with no worries.

    Take your time and get it the way you want, and I wish you continued success.

  35. Jay Carlsen

    Bravo ! Let’s Make room for the Voice of Reason ! ( If he has time …. I know how ” Little Foot ” goes through the Diapers.)
    As the Plaster Cast Turns ……. These are the Sasquatch of our Lives ! ( I just love that !)
    Hey ! I will even take the Pledge with Ya ! I will not Tease anyone , When they call Pop – Soda.
    Or make fun of their Northern Accent .
    Or what they choose to Eat for Breakfast .
    Or what side of that Imaginary Line their Family was on , during that TERRIBLE War . ( Civil War – [to be clear]) ( My Family wasn’t even here then. Early 30’s they came over from Denmark )
    Or what they choose to believe
    Or What instrument they choose to play – Skipping through the Forest .
    Or what we do / do not Know . How we choose to Process the information given
    So I do here bye Swear like a Sailor !
    ( WOW – I feel MUCH Better already !)

  36. Ernest M

    “The show never was about Will,” you’re being too kind Wesley, to listen to him you’d think he’s the reason we tuned in. Why does he try to make us believe he’s really something? And with all the name dropping he did, did he have an intern employed for the sole purpose of picking them up?

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