Apr 15

Shadow of Unknown Subject Caught on Camera

This is a strange capture. I am not sure what it is. Take a look and tell me what you think. The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade titled this uploaded video “Shadow of Unknown Subject Caught on Camera.” Johnny writes “Camera captured the shadow of a large subject early in the morning.”

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  1. Knobby

    Something is casting a shadow. It could be a bat at just the right distance from the light source. The way it quickly goes up, and bats are attracted to flying insects, which lights can attract, that would be my guess. He asks “why is it going up is what I want to know.” Does he really not consider a bat?

  2. Brian M

    I see in the center of the picture a side view of a Werewolf/Dogman’s head
    Zoom into the center of the picture you can see what looks to be a canine head.. 🐺

  3. James N

    possibly a bug crawling up the camera lens? It would be too close for the camera to focus. Just before the main “body” of the shadow appears, theres a linear shadow first. Could be antennae.
    It moves through the frame in an arc like a bug may follow the camera lens. Just a guess.

  4. Greg N

    Kathy without a doubt 863 episodes, the most articulate educated thought out fact by science, well-rounded interview I’ve heard she is absolutely spot on brilliance on, and he doubts of what we have going on with this phenomenon. This Apex bipedal hominoid phenomenon to me. It’s a phenomenon to her, its primate, I could not have asked for a better description on almost every question. I can think of absolute brilliance backed up by science, testimonies, personal encounters in her field of expertise Wes,hands down Kathy Bravo , in my opinion, which means nothing., if you can only listen to one person that Wess has had on his show listen to Kathy’s description I’m still speechless

  5. avila

    When he tries to replicate the
    strange shadow, his shadow doesn’t
    appear as black in color or as tall
    as the strange shadow does.
    The strange shadow might be paranormal?
    Sasquatch spirit?
    Bug on camera’s lens?

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