Jul 25

SCEP:238 Strange lights and strange creatures

I just returned from Beachfoot and I am putting together the show. I had the opportunity to interview Adam Davies. Adam Davies is one of the world’s foremost Cryptozoologists. He’s traveled the world in search of mystery animals. Adam spent a lot of time looking for the Chinese Yeren, Russian Almasty, America’s Sasquatch and many other cryptids. He will be sharing with us evidence that he has come across and what witnesses have reported seeing.


The International Bigfoot Conference is on September 2,3,4 in Kennewick, Washington. Here is a list of speakers. I will be attending the conference, I hope to see you guys and gals there. Check out the website: www.internationalbigfootconference.com







50 Responses to “SCEP:238 Strange lights and strange creatures”

  1. RubenD S

    Thanks for getting this to us Wes! The previous episode was amazing and one of the top five! Looking forward to what is coming in this new episode.

  2. Frankie P

    Great interview with Adam Davies, and sounds like there was a really great group there to talk to. Hope you and Woody do a show just about what went on and some of the lectures and stories you heard. Duke should have gone too! Between the 3 of you more ground could have been covered.. lol. No, enjoying yourself is the best, and picking up “tidbits” for us. Great show Wes.

  3. Gabriel H

    Wes I just wanted to say that despite being out of studio, your audio quality remains top shelf. It makes a difference and I appreciate that.



    Wow.A guest who doesnt believe in govt.conspiracies and expects credible evidence from supposed sightings.Best guest ever.Thx.

    • Mike G

      Noticed that too but to me it is a negative!

      No offense!

      Comes off as overly protective of the sientific comunity (Typical of most scientists) or at a minimum naive.

      How many stories have we heard where the Alphabet agency shows up and takes the body or threatens the whitness if they don’t remain quiet about their encounter.

  5. Jerry M

    Dude, excellent interview !!!! Love listening to Adam Davies. He is a top tier researcher. Loved the story about Dr J. I wonder what those things were? I want to hear more about it. Thanks for the great show brother!

  6. James B

    THE WORST SC I HAVE EVER HEARD!! I am a big fan of Wes and am a loyal member, but didn’t learn anything new, a lot of name dropping going on, but as Mr. Davies said himself, no definitive proof of anything. I enjoy the eyewitnesses stories rather than any ” expert” I have ever heard. Some ” experts ” seem to enjoy the sound of their own voices more than anything. Keep up the good work Wes, look forward to your shows very much and appreciate the hard work you do!

    • Christian L

      I very much agree with your comment. Last show was AMAZING, maybe the best ever, (despite the fact that the witnesses claimed to have a plethora of high quality photos we never get to see).

      This episode blew. Wes, your great but that guy was boring and he gave clear signals he was lying about his story about the little dark figures with glowing eyes popping out of the sparkly lights…..

  7. Dave A

    My take on this episode is that, although I understand and respect that this guy is a scientific out in the jungle sort of researcher, I can’t help but get the impression that he doesn’t buy into the idea that people do have multiple encounters with these creatures. I guess at this point u would invite him go out with Bob Garret or Coonbo to one of their research areas and see what’s really going on..

  8. michael n

    I agree with dave. Send this guy down to bob or let him go with bear and coonbo to some of their scariest places. He seems to think that the usa is like china or other places where these things are few and far in between. Even better let him go stay with the brothers that need help. You all know as well as I do that these things are everywhere. With that being said I do like how open and honest the guy is. I’ve seen him on tv before and he does roll up his sleeves and do the work as opposed to those who get all their info from the internet. Let me clarify that I am not slamming adam at all but I think he could do a lot of good by going and actually seeing these things in action.
    Thanks wes.

  9. Debbie C

    I could listen to Adam Davies
    tell his true accounts all day:)
    I’m only guessing about this topic,
    I think there are un forseen guardians
    from different levels of awareness and
    diminution of the beyond.
    Other words, good and bad guardians.
    Something was guarding that trail or woodsy area.
    I love this episode the most! It touches on
    strangeness of the unknown as well as Bigfoot.
    Amazing interview Wess!

  10. Michael B

    Sorry, Not a fan of Adam Davies at all, he sounds fake to me and likes the sound of his own voice. Previous episode 237 the polar opposite ! Amazing

    • stephen P

      He likely sounds ‘fake’ to you because of the British accent and you have a built in suspicion of the British deep in your American Psyche. Look at why it’s always a British actor who plays the ‘bad guy’ in your blockbuster movies.
      This reply comes to you in a British accent. I admit one not as ‘posh’ as Adam’s, but British non the less.

    • Lauri C

      If he watched these little red-eyed creatures for “hours upon hours upon hours” – where’s the video proof? That whole section seemed SO strange…

  11. Hesiquio C

    Wes, I’m curious as to why you did not question Mr Davies about how he escaped an aggressive encounter while he was acting like an alpha male?

  12. David R

    The weird thing about Adams story is that I met a guy that never heard this story, but almost the same thing happened to him and some friends here in WA ST. The only difference is that there were 4 of them in the light, and they had their backs to them. They turned around, and looked pissed off at them like they interrupted what they were doing.

  13. Michael K

    Bugger Bigfoot. Portals would be the biggest discovery of the Epoch supplanting the wheel. But I’m glad Adam distanced himself from the Guardians..lol

  14. Janice P

    I think this is one of the best interviews I have, thus far, heard you do, Wes. The back-and-forth all flowed naturally. The vibe you set was spot on. I really enjoyed it!

    The story about the little yucks on the path was pretty scary and I hope they find out it was a hologram of some kind. In other words, I’ll pay you real money if you tell me that was a joke. Seriously.


  15. stephen P

    It was a very interesting interview Wes. Another great job. You have the gift of this interview lark spot on. I was pleasantly surprised to discover Adam is obviously British and is a world renowned cryptologist. Another feather in the cap for our green and pleasant land.
    He is right on no one being an expert and that all viewpoints have to be considered. Don’t think that would sit well with a certain former presenter here though!!…
    He was hardly likely to be drawn on any conspiracy ideas as he would likely suddenly not be allowed back into your country anymore for some ‘mysterious’ reasons. All in all interesting. I liked it when Shane Corson came over and butted in….priceless.lol.

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