Feb 28

SC Outtakes #02

I want to apologize to everyone for Will being sick tonight. I do not want to let our audience down. So here is part #2 of the stuff that never makes it on the air. Ray continues the conversation about his universal knowledge of bigfoot and the universe in general. These are the type of calls we get a lot and they never make to the air. I hope everyone enjoys outtake#2


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    • Jason C

      fuck this guy has read too much “FLUTE PLAHER” Alien Conspiracy & eating Mushrooms on My. St. Helens…….LOL FLUTE PLAYERS like this seriously BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE SAYING! Great job WES on setting this dude up by suggesting FLUTE PLAYING…..gues we cant have encounters now unless we got “CHEPS/MARKINGS’ implanted in are head like this fag suggests…..I SO NEEDED TO HERE THIS FOR A HUGE LONG LAUGH….Yes there are CRAZY ASS LOONIE People like this who go so far OFF any LOGICAL explanation and create their own ideas/agenda’s and keep adding to them over the years due to all the “Kawanees & Flute Player goons like Dr. Johnson and more! TOTALLY FUNNY STUFF WES!

    • Scott M

      Now come on Wes… you were being a condescending meanie to this gentleman. Your on and on, “That makes sense”…comments were unnecessary, as we all were well aware of his mentality. Keep it real, because it was truly sad

  1. Kyle S

    Crazy guy- “and he used to play a flute and guitar”….. Wes- “makes sense”… I lost it when Wes said that lmfao. Wes-“Yea I’ve heard they really like flute playing”….I almost started crying when he said that

    • Maren S

      Good for you Wes you were so good with him, the “makes sense” comments nearly had me on the floor, and when you brought up flute playing, oh my hell. Thanks for the laugh, after having a migraine which has lasted now for a week, and no amount of meds touches it, it was fantastic to have a good laugh, but i”m wondering if an implant will help my head? Have you had a headache since you were on Coast to Coast and had your implant? Also how do you feel about being not being able to go to heaven.
      Did he seriously say the Bigfoot around China lake had mixed with Koreans? or was that my own meds talking, cause nearly fell out of my chair.

      • PJ

        No comment on content here Maren S. Just a fellow long term chronic migraine sufferer, so my heart goes out to you. Glad you found some relief and a smile! Cheers!

      • Robert D

        No, he actually said that about the Koreans Maren S, lol. No amount of meds can erase that from your memory, lol.

        I hope you get to feeling better soon :8}

  2. Tracy G

    It’s idiots like that,who make many people afraid to tell about any experience that they have had! Because all of the jokes that you guys are making,are the things that real people who have had real experiences are afraid will be said about them! I know,because I experienced that ridicule too,from friends that I have known for over 30 years! This matter is not a joke! I found nothing funny about that guy!I found myself wanting to get my hands on him for about 5 minutes! I apologize if I have offended anyone! That is not my intention! But when you people make jokes like you have been doing,I start to wonder if anyone believes me! Or am I just another fucking joke for some of the smartass non believers who pay $7 a month to be total dicks,and demand proof from this place! Or,did it really fucking happen to me at all! I’ve thought that I was losing my damned mind because what I went through,can not possibly be fucking real! But it was real! I went through it! Or has my fucking cheese just done slipped off my cracker? Ya’ll tell me which is right!

    • Diane L

      Tracy, are you the one with the van that called in a few weeks ago? It seemed everyone thought you had one of the most convincing stories they had ever heard. Don’t get upset, this is why Wes didn’t have this guy on a regular show, just the outtakes. You have to feel sorry for the caller, he obviously is delusional–most probably schizophrenic. You, on the other hand, were very believable.

    • Steve W

      Tracy, my parents always told me, “Don’t worry about what other people think.” You know in your heart what you saw and experienced. Take comfort in that truth, and what others want to believe or ridicule is on them, not yourself.

    • Wes

      Tracy…relax…take a breath. You had a real encounter…did you listen to this call? These are the type of calls we sit through to get to people who have real encounters like yours…relax man

    • Maren S

      Betting my next paycheck everybody listening feels sorry for this guy, he is obviously very ill. Tracy, anybody who listens to a real encounter and a mentally ill contrived story can tell the difference between the two. What a shame you have felt so dismissed by your “friends” that you need to be so prickly, dropping the f-bomb and assuming everyone thinks the worst of you. You weren’t even a thought in anybody’s head about being truthful or not until just now, the fans of the SC guys know they vet the callers and take it seriously.
      Like Wes said, relax man, but if you start talking about Admiral Elohim, we are all going to start to wonder a bit.

    • TheGiant573

      Tracy, I am afraid it did happen to you. This guy was from another planet and that has nothing to do with your encounter. Unless you had special mushrooms on your pizza you saw something very few have and what lots think they want to see and what those that have, wish they had not.

    • jeff m

      Tracy, I believe you. Your encounter was one of the most compelling I have ever heard on Sasquatch Chronicles. Too much fear in your voice and too many details for me to dismiss anything about your encounter. I hope to hear more from you soon in an upcoming episode. Take care and stay positive.

    • Theodore G

      I am sorry that this content and the comments people left caused you to feel what you did. I would suggest that you talk to someone about it. It might help you to understand why you feel the way you do. Obviously these encounters effect people very deeply on an emotional level. They can be very traumatic and people need help to recover from that trauma. If you had such a strong reaction then you obviously see yourself, at some level, the same as this guy which you are not. You need to come too terms with these feelings you are having and get help to reposition your emotional reaction, change it to something that is more on the positive side of things. I say this only too try and help, without actually knowing you, it is hard to give advice that would ring true for you so take this for what it is just some helpful advice from a stranger but one who has had my own experiences and had too come to terms with them. Good luck and take care.

    • mark k

      Tracy, we believe you. I know I do. That being said, don’t expect your average person to believe you. The topic itself will always attract major detractors. We aren’t talking about bass fishing. I guess if I were you, I would pick my audience very carefully. If had your encounter, I wouldn’t tell anyone I know outside of this group.

    • margaret h

      No Tracy, WE believe you. Hope this does not deter you or anyone from sharing. It’s just the boys letting off some steam and needing comic relief now and again. Don’t take it too seriously, CHILL. Personally, I thought yours was one of the most believable encounters out there!!!! We support you Tracy. Mx

    • Mikel F

      Wouldn’t it be hilarious if every word this guy says actually turns out to be 100% true?? haha
      I mean, that would “make sense”.

      I’m happy to report that I have blonde hair and blue eyes… so I will be going to heaven. Yes sir, no REPTOID blood in my veins.

      I absolutely loved how Wes kept trying to bait Will into the conversation. He wasn’t biting though!

  3. Mike H

    Love it wes you went right along with him. Glad to know i need an implant and blue blood to see a primate all 10 kinds of them. Oh yeah and a flute loved the suptle flute player hints. I wish i would of known that when i was younger prob would of done alot more fishing if i left my implant at home so i would of been safe.

  4. Steve W

    I’ve listened to both parts and I must admit, I’m really confused now. If there are no aliens, does that mean the reptoids are indigenous to planet earth? (Crap, something else to worry about now.) And I thought Ray himself was from a different planet, but obviously he has become a naturalized citizen and is no longer considered an alien (that’s my best guess anyway.) And these flute players must be something else. Where can I get their album?

  5. Donna K

    That guy has so much mixture going on. Sounds like he took a little bit of Christianity and taok a little bit of Judaism and took a little bit of New Age and took a little bit of spooky stuff and mixed it altogether. He certainly sounds like he is convinced….definitely somewhat wacky.

  6. Donald B.


  7. auroralora

    Oh my.

    Part of me wants to be annoyed because, well, the caller sounds sincere and maybe has issues and we need to be sympathetic. And maybe he has insights into things we don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean it makes any sense or anything. It just means we can’t understand or relate to his perceptions. Poor guy, ya know?

    But when Wes asked if the aliens broke in, I lost it. I cracked up laughing. How did you not? I get it, Wes, I’m with you. You want to be sympathetic and understanding but it’s all a bit much. Because implants? Yeah, I don’t know what to do with that, either.

    Sometimes I think you’re a little hard on flute players, Wes. You did a pretty good job holding it together. As much as I wanna believe…

    The more years you stick around paranormal fields, the easier it is to see connections, though. I wouldn’t have opened my mind to the notion Sasquatch is real but for having understood some time ago that UFOs/aliens are a reality, even if we don’t know which stories are true. Space aliens and bigfoots are both just other hominids. Or humanoids, whatever.

  8. Tyler D

    Ray is PERMA-FRIED haha, good stuff. Wes says “Well ofcourse, if you don’t have a transmitter”. I didn’t know people from other planets we’re Christians. You learn something new everyday. BLUE BLOODS FOR LIFE!!

  9. PJ

    Green eyed, Redheaded Scot here…heading to hell!
    Sounds good to me if that nutbar is headed for heaven.
    Wow…that was tragic on so many levels!
    Wes, Will, and Shannon… Hats off to you guys, I would loose it trying to talk to folk like that fellow.

    Cheers Team for taking it on the chin for us…in pursuit of truth and learning…but what a price you pay for us. I think we should pay far more than $7 a month. There should be some hazard pay for you in this job!

  10. Aaron A

    @Tracy, we love you man. Keep sharing your encounter. We’re behind you here. I’ve been talking with Bear who’s affiliated with Coonbo. He’s a really cool dude. Have you touched base with him yet?

    @Wes you were cool with this interview. You never got on that guy’s case and let him say what he wanted.
    And on THAT note, sorry Wes, you don’t have an implant, flute playing won’t work for you.

  11. Jim D

    Why would he want to get on Coast To Coast and then afterwards never being able to get to Heaven? While I was listening the craziest thought occurred to me; what if everything he says is true and real? Somebody hand me my flute I haven’t practiced all day. “They all play on the pennywhistles you can hear them blow if you lean your head out far enough from Desolation Row”

  12. Mark B

    Some of you people must just start hitting buttons till you hear someone start talking. What’s wrong with you guys? Wes stated at the beginning of the broadcast that this was an example of some of the calls they have to field everyday. The rational stories, you know the ones that at the very least originate from planet earth or the ones submitted for ” the show”. Tracy we believe your story, Ray, you need professional help.

  13. Scott

    Yo Tracy, step back…inhale……..now exhale. Repeat 3 times. Now, there are a lot of people in here that have had REAL, scary, and life changing experiences. My experience was just as traumatic to me as yours was to you, so I understand what you are going through. But if I could give you a small bit of advice, you have to make sure you don’t become consumed with anger and bitterness. I could go into a long drawn out story about how after my encounter I went from a well adjusted, hard working, family man, who loved the outdoors, to someone I didn’t like. I lived and breathed the woods before my sighting. In fact, my whole life revolved around being in the woods at least from October till January. But after my sighting I was scared to death to be alone in the woods. Because of that, I started drinking more, I started to use drugs, I sold all of my guns, I withdrew from the people I have hunted with for the past 25 years. But in the end, I had to face the thing that was making me so afraid to do the things that made me…me! You have to let this anger go bro. In spite of everything you went through, you have to hold on to the person you were before your encounter. Everyone here is your family. I feel like everyone here that has had an encounter is my brother or sister, because we understand each other. Are we going to agree with everything all of the time? No, but when I hear Wes tell his story, or when I listen to Will share his account, or people like yourself tell what happen to them, It gives me peace to know that I am not alone. So I guess what I’m saying is that everyone has there own journey to take after something so life changing. I can only speak for me, but there are days when I just can’t seem to get my own head out of my rear, but I jump on SC and more times than not, I get what I need at that moment, and sometimes it as simple as a harmless laugh. Peace to you brother, I hope you can find your way back from something so traumatic and it make you a better person.

    • Tracy G

      I want to apologize,to everyone here.I wish to apologize for my offensive language first of all! I should know better than that,and to everyone that I offended you have my sincerest apologies and my promise to try my best not to ever make such a royal jackass out of myself again.
      I did listen but it was the comments that just kinda got to me.I lived for months wondering if I was losing my mind because people I trusted,and told,basically accused me of using drugs. And all of the comments sounded like what people told me!
      Again,I apologize for being so very offensive with my language.

      • jeff m

        Tracy, I know you were just venting. I think you have more supporters on this site than detractors.
        Maybe no detractors at all! Encounters like yours is the reward for us listeners here on Sasquatch Chronicles. Imagine the encounters that the crew has to sift through before airing the ones that make it.

      • Christopher c

        Don’t even trip baby boy I got you on this, your voice in your interview is as sincere as it get’s ,I had an encounter but it was not as close and personal as yours and I go to counseling over it ,it took three different shrinks to actually take my problem seriously and now I feel I am finally getting somewhere ,before they just wanted to give me anxiety pills and I got addicted to lorazapham for 2 years, I finally kicked the pills because as I realized I just need someone to listen as far as dealing with my problem ,Sasquatch Chronicles helped me with that a little as well, and that was before i was a paid member ,as for you my brother I know you still suffer from this mess the PTSD, I don’t know if it will ever go away I wished I could take the pain and trauma from both of our experiences and throw them in the burnpile and walk away from it but I can’t ,all I can do is bare with you as your witness that you and I and many others on here are not crazy flute players! we are the survivors of a very rare situation that of which always and forever puzzle will us to our graves,because of that I am here to support you and anyone else who needs it just as if this was an AA meeting, I believe in your story and stories like yours actually help me heal my own wounds ,they may never fully heal but that is why we are both here, honestly I turned off the episode as soon as I heard that crackpot and went to IHOP for a good load of pancakes, I couldn’t take it any longer but as soon as I got back home I listened more carefully and realized that the fellas at sas.cron. were just giving us a taste of what they have to sift through in order to get to the genuine article such as mine and yours,I have felt as odd as a square peg in a round hole for a long time with my experience and I know you for sure do too, and that”s why I and others here support you , it’s the same reason I’m here, brother from another mother- brother Chris.

      • Maren S

        You will be okay Tracy, it will take time though, see no body doubted you on here, Will and Wes understood and had great compassion for you. The rest of us do too. Hope you feel better tonight and can keep moving forward. Hugs.

      • Patricia R

        Don’t give it another thought, Tracey.
        I have listened to your account several times and you were clearly nothing but real and honest and I believe every word.
        It has to be horrible to have your world turned upside down that way.
        I don’t know how I would cope with it and I hope I never have to.
        Everyone who has had an encounter truly does understand the shock of it and many also say you never forget it, so all you can do is find some way to live on, with this new knowledge.
        Please don’t take offense or think anyone would think of you in the same class as this poor mixed up older man.

      • Rod C

        Tracy G,

        Your encounter I listened to was so real it gave me chills for a couple of weeks. I can’t imagine the gut puking fear you encountered first hand. You will be OK bro hang in there. Your family here supports you.

  14. LUCAS P

    Hey anyone remember that scene from the Will Farrell movie “Anchorman” where he whips out his collapsible flute and Christina Applegate is just sitting at the table and Will goes on stage and tears into a terrifying jazz flute solo?
    All I could think of was that scene. Wes, the force really was with you but I think it was a different kind of force, it was that kind of force you feel when you’ve had too much Mexican food and you need to get to a bathroom ASAP.

    Keep these out takes coming. You deserve an Oscar. Tell Will if he is the Anti Christ that there’s no better man for the job. 🙂

  15. Dave T

    Wes, I think you might be onto something with these outtakes. We all need to have a good laugh once in awhile especially in the world we live in today. I think it’s good to lighten things up once in awhile when kept in the right context. This sight is about information but also entertainment. I think most of the people on here get it, but there will always be ones that don’t. I really enjoy my time spent here. Thanks for all the SC teams hard work.

  16. Robert D

    Dave T brought up something of inerest when he said we all need an occasional laugh in these troubled times. That got me to thinking…….It might not be so bad to have a few loose screws in today’s crazy world. Ignorance would actually be pretty blissful.

    Ray I’m afraid has put too much on his plate and is all over the road like a drunk driver. Conspiracies, reptoids, no heaven, coast to coast, implants and many more things must keep this poor soul awake at night.

    I truly hate to be disrespectful of my elders, but over the course of two ‘outtakes’ with Ray, I fear I’ve lost 30 IQ points I may never be able to retrieve.

    Poor guy…….

  17. Pedro M

    Will: “I’m curious how did you come by this information”
    Crazy guy: “I was seated here to open the door on the Secrecy from Planet Matropia”
    DEAD SILENCE………..The Silence says it all hahaa.
    Priceless!!! lol.

  18. Bruce M

    Tracy, we who have seen the beast, know what you are going through. You would finally get relief if our government would only admit that sasquatch is real. My experience, though not as close drives me crazy because other than here, people think that I am nuts. Hang in there and reach out to one of your new friends here if you need to talk.
    Now, I think I kept up till I found out green eyed scots are not going to heaven. I am a born again Christian and I have seen Bigfoot which means I have an implant. I have not been on coast to coast so I don’t have the mark of the beast, but I have those dam green eyes so I must be a blue blooded reptilian?….I have to listen again and see what I missed.

  19. donna d

    Wes surely you must have better archived interviews to play I didn’t even listen to part two part one waisted enough of my time.You give nut a podium let him babble on and before you know the sheep are calling it religion.His voice dose not need to be heard.

  20. Mark b

    Tracy you might of had an encounter but the show is not all about you, if you don’t like it Jog On. Also wash that dirty gob out of yours it’s filthy know need for it. Another thing why is everyone playing mummsy towards this dirt mouth, way to much back slapping in my view. These so called outtakes am i really paying $7 to listen to crap the mans a fool end!

  21. Steven W

    I feel kinda sorry for him. He is obviously is in some sort of private hell from years of overexposure to supermarket tabloids, and poor television choices.

  22. Cindy W

    I think his implant is mushroom’s!! OMG Wes don’t you ever keep this good stuff from us again!! Honey please ~ I love Ray! I want more Ray ~ the heck with “I want more cowbells” ~ I want more Ray!! LOL! Seriously Wes, you did a good job – don’t know how but honey you sure can keep a straight face when needed! I’m sooooooooooo proud of you ~ my heart melts with proudness! Love everything y’all do including the crazies ~ Y’all Rock!!

  23. Cindy W

    Hey Ray ~ can I get one of them there implants on Amazon? You know, cuz Amazon is cheaper than other places on the net. I want one! I want to go into the woods, play a flute with my implants inserted so I can see a BF. See Shannon, we’ve been doing it all wrong ~ we got’s to us some implants girl~~ Love Y’all!!

  24. Patrick G

    Chronic attention seeking for all to see. Some redneck calls up and cries and puts on some emotional and psychological break stunt and the enitre SC world ooowws and ahhhs over his frankness and sincerity. Major recalibration of BS meters is required around here, friends and neighbors. Not reading true north.
    Being a hick doesn’t = honesty. Having an emotional outburst on a podcast doesn’t = honesty.
    The guy had a story. Great. Maybe true, may not be. All I hear is….a story. Rednecks are NOTHING if not the most AMAZING STORYTELLERS ON THE PLANET. The fish…was THIS big. The buck that got away had 40 points and musta weight 2.5 tons. My ass.
    JHC, folks. Use your heads. Stop talking. Listen…and watch behavior.
    Now couple that with this guy fishing for more attention across every single comment page and in the forums and tell me…do you smart and decerning folks of SC see a pattern developing?

  25. Jan W

    Scott, I think your message to Tracey says it all. Tracey, your experience was the most terrifying I have heard so far. To be face to face with one of these creatures is beyond comprehension and would make anyone go into shock and suffer PTS; definitely life changing. I live outside Tampa, just a few miles from some recent sightings in Lettuce Lake Park, and live in the country in a very swampy area. When I walk my dogs now, I am always on the lookout. I have never had a sighting, but have been a believer for years and thoroughly enjoy this site. Hope you get to feeling better soon, Tracey. My thoughts are with you.

  26. Stone

    I feel so sad for this guy and angry because of the racism coming out of this mans mouth I wish wes will would of called him out on the raciest shit but every thing else was funny as fuck.

  27. Rick F

    What’s really sad about this whole interview is this fella Ray truly believes everything he is saying. This is a good example of those that followed the likes of Timothy Leary back in the 60’s

  28. Michael G

    This is like going down the “Crazy Rabbit Hole” that’s full of trap doors that take you from one subject to another. He said he put a book out. That’s gotta be quite the read. I had to stop listening when he said “blacks and orientals” are part of Satan’s Family. I will agree with most who were amused by Wes talking about flute playing. If anyone is upset by Wes doing this, they don’t understand that when you call into a radio show, then you need to be fully aware that hundreds and possibly thousands of people are going to judge everything you say, like it or not. What do I know- maybe it’s my evil reptilian blood talking. I gotta hand it to SC though- they gave this guy more air time than he’s probably had in his life. Wes was pretty nice to the guy too. Most radio talk show hosts will humor someone for about 20 seconds and then say “thanks for calling, we need to move to the next caller.”

  29. Eddie M

    Wes… You missed your calling …that was priceless. Well Handled. Hey Trace I don’t think a soul doubts you…I’m sure if you could undo that experience you would. I agree stuff like this keeps legitimate people from speaking. I know 1980 was a long time ago and I just did…in last year. Is that guy “that” far gone or is he being paid to discredit??

  30. Asheim

    Tracy I can’t imagine going through what you did. Hearing you tell it was the scariest encounter I’ve heard on here besides Wes & Will’s. Hope you know you’ve got supporters on SC and hang in there, you can heal in time. Mike Wooley is a good friend of my husband and I. Don’t know if you’ve heard his encounter but it affected him quite bad. It was back in the 80’s before things were more open and there were radio shows and people being more open about things. Being able to talk about it is the start to healing. Give it time and be patient with yourself. Just hearing these encounter stories has changed me. We live surrounded by forests. I don’t like to walk the dogs after dark anymore and always shut the drapes on all the windows. We live in the country and few neighbors around us but still have to shut the drapes. Hope you get feeling better.

  31. Mark P

    I did not enjoy that at all. I feel sorrry for this 80 year old man. I don’t know what he suffers from but I don’t like seeing disabled people being ridiculed. I enjoy SC because it is informative most of all and it is entertaining. This was neither. I can see some people with a story to tell might be reluctant to come on here and tell theirs for fear of being on an outtake show. Look at how it made Tracy feel. I would sure hate to see SC credibility drop because of this. Just my opinion.

  32. michael g

    Wow…that was deep! I am absolutely amazed that one person’s head can be utterly filled with so much misinformation and he was able to explain himself and his point of view no matter how incorrect . We are all entitled to our own opinions,but that was, potentially , a mind altering interview….enough to make a man’s eyes glaze over.
    You handled it Wes,you never blinked.

  33. Sharon B

    Wow, those Tea Party folks…….. weird, huh? By the way “That makes sense” was just slightly overdone, doncha think? More like “Open the pod bay doors, Hal”

  34. Patrick W

    Them damn flute player on coast to coast have implanted bigfoots & are haveing sex w deer.. Whear the hell do you think we get Indians from ???? I mean that makes sence right ? And don’t get me started on Idaho, what ? You da hoe !!! Maby Obama’s the hoe? And don get me started on Kennedy’s mistresses…….that damn ornamental Asians only gets in heaven at midnight. And then damn alien blueblood longhaired Mexicans that workout !!!!!! WTF.?

  35. Derek G

    Hey Tracy,
    I have never seen a Sasquatch before but because of people like Wes, Will, Woody and you who have shared your real encounters or experiences and are obviously down to earth and sane of mind people I believe they exist. I just want to thank you for sharing your encounter. It was the one which I listened to while visiting my brother up in Sudbury, Ontario. My brother was blown away by your encounter and then Wes’ and then Will’s and said, “they have to be telling the truth and these things have to be real”. The next day we spent 4 hours driving to and within an Native American reservation looking for signs of Sasquatch.
    It is sort of an important thing for us to know, not just because of normal curiosity but because we hunt for a few weeks every year in Northern Ontario near a town called Temagami down an old logging road on which there have been a few reports of Sasquatch. It is important to know because one can be prepared to some degree for what may be out there other than Moose, Bear, Timber Wolf, cougar, coyote and Deer.
    Don’t feel bad about people not believing you. There will always be those who will not believe unless a bigfoot kicks them in the ass. I was told this year during the moose hunt that I was full of crap when I came back from an afternoon partridge hunt and told everyone that I saw a white Timber Wolf. It crossed my path while I was on the 4wheeler. A White Timber Wolf as plain as day and it was the first big wolf I’ve ever seen while hunting and it stopped right in front of me and to the right and that raised the hair up on my arms and neck not knowing what it was going to do or where the rest of the pack was. But can you imagine some of the guys at the camp telling me I was BSing? Why? because Wolves are elusive and because they have been hunting longer than I have and have never seen one while hunting and because I said it was white and not dark grey. The point? Some people need a Sasquatch or a wolf to kick them in the seat of the pants or take a bite out of them to believe. That is just the way it goes…. In the end all things will be brought out in the light.

    • Rod C

      Hey Derek what a cool wolf sighting. I have 13 deep woods wolf sightings mapped on google earth since 1965 in SW Colorado. They ain’t supposed to be here. There is a lot of room out there for all kinds of critters including BF.

      • Derek G

        Hey Rod,
        Wow, 13 that is a privilege,way to go! It was pretty awesome! In fact we only had calf tags for moose last year and weren’t able to see a calf, although we did see moose, but I was content in being able to see such a big timber wolf(grey wolf) so close in it’s own element. A few years ago my brother was traveling down the same logging road and came across a pack of them feeding on a deer. From a distance he thought he saw a german sheperd then as he drove closer he knew it was a lot bigger than any dog then he saw the pack on the side of the road. When he was about 30 feet away they actually left the deer and 2 of them stepped out onto the road and stared him down. He couldn’t believe how fearless they were. He decide to rev the engine but they wouldn’t move. 2 others came up behind the jeep so he decide to just force his way through. They paced his jeep for about 30 secs and then stopped. Now that would have been nice to see as well.

  36. Karen D

    I felt sorry foe this man. He is obviously not well. There ia a lot we do not understand in this world but wow. I am a Christian however and a believer in Bigfoot. So I know how it feels on 2 levels to be mocked, made fun of not believed deemed mentally ill. Lol

  37. Patrick W

    This was great Wes.You really know how to clean up the situation and in my opinion you turned CHICKEN SHIT into CHICKEN SALAD . It seems that the 2% FLUTE PLAYER audience you spoke of has grown. By your comments alot of them either cant read or just dont seem to get the concept of out takes/blooper. You handled it like a pro.I got frustrated myself a while back when Shannon was takeing a mentally ill story teller /author seriously. I wish she could take lessons from you. But the fluteys seemed to enjoy her so I guess I’ll be more patient &try hard to sort the good w the bad..:)

  38. Rod C

    Wes and Will,
    Thanks for sharing part of your world that we never see. People don’t realize that one must dig through a lot of muck to find a gold nugget every now and then. BTW…I am Wes’s voice double. You sound just like me bro.

  39. Jeff v

    As funny as this is, it’s incredibly sad. This, folks, is what full blown dementia can do. I saw this progressively happen to a close relative and it was hard to watch. She didn’t go off on Bigfoot, but the paranoia and conspiracy ran strong.

  40. Terry M

    Interesting… alot has happened since 2015, reptilians, nebulae, other things have interesting connotations. As he may not have it exactly- and added a few things to try to prove his worthiness-oddly enough quite a few things may ring true after some thought and research of well hidden/ridiculed history texts and hieroglyph

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