Feb 27

SC Outtakes #01

This is outtakes that never make it on the air. Sometimes we get the strangest calls. This is stuff that happens behind the scenes that you never get to hear. We were finishing up an interview and Will sent me a picture of No Shoes Curley. Then we decided to bring Ray on. Weed seeds are the tiny, hard little things that you put in dirt to grow a weed. You can buy them at a store or online. You might also find them as a gift from someone who’s trying to get you hooked on marijuana. Weed seeds come in different shapes and sizes. They also have different colors and flavors. The most popular weed seeds are green and brown, but there are other types like red, purple, and blue. Source: weedseeds.garden Take a listen…..



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    • Andrew B

      Well, if you GO on Coast to Coast, you get the 666 mark, but if you only LISTEN to Coast to Coast, you only get 1/2 the mark, or 333, so you’re still o.k.

  1. Tyler D

    This is hilarious, what the hell is Ray talkin about? How do people come up with this? Keep it comin guys. I’m still dyin. Wes said well it makes sense. You guys lasted longer than I would’ve before busting up. “I’m from another planet” but “There’s no such things as aliens”. Good lord

  2. Reggie C

    Man of man. Y’all have got to have key mikes so you can key out when you fall out of your chair laughing. This Ray man has got to be possessed. How else could someone come up with such a phylosophy or belief system. Wonder if he is any kin to L Ron Hubbard. WHEY!

  3. Reggie C

    !4 min 40 sec I think Wil had some questions for ya. Go ahead Wil. Silence. Maybe I lost him.
    Haw,haw haw. Abandoned , Left holdin the bag, I think I heard a door slam. Elvis has left the building!!!

  4. Steven B

    Dear Wes, Will & Shannon

    THANK YOU! for vetting your guests and editing the show!

    That outtake was funny though. It would probably be interesting from time to time to hear what DIDN’T make it.
    Would this man be considered an “undocumented alien?” 😉

  5. Andrew T

    Just had to listen to this again, wes done so well staying calm and not laughing. When wes was talking to ray I kept on picturing wills face, mmmmmm..

    Ray says we have 5 types in North America, wonder what the type 5 looks like? Ha ha

  6. Timothy R L

    God bless you guys, kudos for being polite to this caller. I guess this is what you have to weed through to get the truth out. I’m looking forward to more inside information / revealing the cover-ups associated with this subject. Can we expect any new “hot” anytime soon?

  7. Dave T

    Ray you idiot! You weren’t suppose to say anything yet. Now the cat’s out of the bag and our cover is blown. I just got my implant too damn it! Probably won’t make it to heaven now so I might as well go on Coast to Coast.

  8. tyler j

    I noticed after I let my wife listen to it he said he came and helped build the pyramids but yet he said later his 80 years old and BTW having a chip in your brain means your on the devils side I’m pretty sure this guy’s is funny!

  9. Asheim

    James L, don’t take yourself so seriously. To have the durability to last in this business, you have to cultivate a sense of humor. Whatever about the subject does attract a lot of fruitcakes. Being able to laugh a little just adds to SC in my opinion. Thanks for sharing that Wes & Will! The guy pretty much sounded like he believed what he was saying too. We probably have no idea the amount of craziness you guys have to sift through to prepare the quality shows we get. Some people are going to find something to grumble about no matter what. What I especially like about SC is that we’re all learning and you never know what you’re going to get from the callers and their encounters. Bonnie

    • james b

      Im pretty sure James L was wasn’t being serious…At least I got that impression when he said he wanted to get a refund in order to get the funds to buy an implant so the spaceship will be able to take him to heaven. Cmon man, thats funny stuff!!! He was just playin. Idk how much those implants are but unless they have a intergalactic lay-away plan hes not getn one for the price of this subscription!!!! Dont worry James L. I got your back. LOL

  10. Kim

    The sad part is, is this guy really believes what he is saying.
    I dont know what the broadcast rules are but be careful guys about what you say over the air! We dont need you disappearing to Mars via the Moon!

  11. Donald B.


  12. Maureen O

    Ray is off his rocker. His moonshine had to be spiked with crazy. I had a great laugh tonight but I hope these fruit loops don’t ruin this show.This dude is looney tunes.

  13. Kimberly K

    Perfect Paring….Ray at the Star Wars Cantina: a couple gin and space tonics and a game of POOL with this guy would make a super interesting evening! Thank you for an awesome show……still laughing so hard at the Star Wars Cantina!

  14. Kim L

    I agree, that was too cool. Don’t let these outtakes get away, they are worth their weight in gold. That guy could be a great political figure, but, he would have to learn to lie. WAIT!! In his world, political leaders only tell the truth!

  15. donna d

    Maybe the bfro could organize a trip to Mars to find big foot there’s no vegitation no cover it should be easy too find and they can take ray with them I’d love to see the town hall meeting .

  16. Kyle S

    It’s crazy because u can tell this guy honestly believes in what he is saying….. either he is telling the truth or he is a certified mentally ill person. I’m guessing it’s the latter lol

  17. David G

    This all makes perfect sense to me. My planet’s name is pretty much unpronounceable. The closest I can get in English is ajf4poij54iua[9ic. And let me add that Ray is wrong about the pyramids being half underground. That is a total fabrication. They’re actually floating 1/16″ above ground. That stupid statement makes me question his rationality. I think he might be crazy.

  18. pam

    He’s from Portlandia…..it figures. Blame us Oregonians; sorry.
    Red BF on Mars- of course-the red planet…and can I be reconditioned on Mars I could use a new brain.
    “Will? Will? Maybe I lost him….”

  19. Susan B

    I hope you feel better in a couple of days. Tomorrow (Sunday) the USPS will deliver your book, “Field Notes….” to my apartment. Yes, our postal service has been working on Sundays since last years holidays.

  20. Christopher c

    Give this guy a DNA test if there is no hybridization evidence lock this fool from Europa up and throw away the key! he is conspiring with the lemurians and the Rainbow Family to take over the earth, God save the Queen!

  21. Patrick G

    More strange message transmissions from the super spectrum, still going strong after all these years.
    Not sure what podcast you guys heard.
    Fella made sense to me. Perfectly normal. Perfectly natural.
    What’s the frequency, Ray? Wake up, number 37! They will see you…in time.

  22. Letty

    My goodness gracious…He seems homeless..he must a lonely man….poor guy… BTW love your closing song… first time hearing it! Made my morning…

  23. Sid V

    Wow, this guy has been smoking some really kick ass stuff for so long his brain only has a couple brain cells left. When you ask him what color the sky is in his world he will definitely have a different answer.

  24. carla r

    I’m behind so I just heard this episode. It is mind blowing how truthful he sounds. Poor guy is crazy as hell but at least his story was well put together and consistent. LOL Bless his heart.

  25. Elise B

    I am pretty amazed by your smooth commentary and lack of giggling. I’d have been laughing out loud, I am afraid.something, I’d be plenty upset with his being put on public display to be laughed at. I hope you will remember to be kind.

  26. Elise B

    OMG we need to be able to edit these comments. Oy. My comment above got part deleted…..I said if he was my dad or brother or something, I’d be pissed at you for putting him on public display to be made fun of and laughed at. Eh?

  27. Travis P

    I dont think it’s right to straight up call people loons when theres no physical way to prove what someone says is true or false. I’m sure theres lots of people who dont believe that bigfoot exists or aliens or giant squids. Personally. I dont believe anything unless I experience it for myself in some way. I’ve never seen a pumpkin spice flavored beer so anyone who says it exists is a nut. Poor example but I think I’ve made my point.

  28. Tammi C

    Wow ironically I was just on my way to The Star Wars Cantina when this show came on! ????
    ???God bless that poor oke guy, lol. Thanks, Wes, for all you do have had to go through to get us to the witness accounts, all without missing a beat..

  29. Richard S

    Why?, I never get no reply? Its been months were I can’t listen to post, because they’re just not uploaded. I’m paying everything not this ???????? . At least tell me whats the problem is, & where I can find the “missing” shows. That’s all I keep asking. Either you don’t bother to read my comments or I’m simply being ignored.

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