Apr 19

SC EP:647 Into The 400

Luke writes “Hey Wes, I am from Connecticut. I wanted to reach out to you specifically because of some odd experiences that keep me wondering what really happened that night.

It was about July and I was feeling ambitious so I decided to camp up in Northwestern hills solo in a hammock. The Wyatenoic state forest seemed remote enough. As darkness set in, I was circled in my hammock and heard a grunt just out of sight. I left soon after with the fear of being too deep in the woods without any real protection from cougars, bears.. I want to add the other event that took place in Dudleytown on December 26 2018.. I wanted to check out the place and explore the ruins.

We were not too far into the woods when my buddy started to go back towards the car due to increasing paranoia about something in the woods. Ill admit I wasn’t concerned as him, but there was something large that seemed to parallel us. As he walked back I stood in the woods looking around and taking in the beauty. I closed my eyes for maybe 30 seconds just happy to be there.. After that I walked back to my friend who was moving quickly up the trail with stone walls.. I turned around and a small black figure moved from the trail to behind the tree.. It was the same size as my friend who is 6 foot but was much smaller in build than him.. I was perplexed because it seemed rather lanky and kept me guessing if I saw a shadow figure.”



We also be talking to the guys from Into the 400. It is available now on Amazon. Check it out here

Follow along as four researchers investigate a private property in the Ozarks known as “The 400” where they uncover compelling evidence that a group of Sasquatch may inhabit the area.




We will wrap up with Jarrett.  Jarrett writes “I was camping at my property, 22 acres in western PA. I go there every once in a blue moon. Since this quarantine, I figure it it’s a great place to isolate on the weekends.

Briefly my tent was around 50 ft away from my car. In the middle of the night my car alarm goes off.. I’ve had the car for 2 years through hail and snow storms the car alarm has never gone off. It starts going off in the middle of the night.

I had a gun in the tent with me, I run out without knowing what’s going on and shot a round into the air. All I can see is a figure running away from the blinking lights of my car alarm. This is 8ish feet tall at 4am in the middle of nowhere.”




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    • m99

      The background music (in tv shows, reality tv, documentaries, etc) is the norm today, but man, I sure do hate it! It’s so loud you can hardly hear what’s being said.

      Thought about the Ozark’s before moving from SETX. In retorspect, glad we didn’t. We love Washington State. Almost 6 years since since then. I do miss my family (extended) and friends from that region of the USA.

      I like Randy’s description of his demeanor as stand offish, then focused. And I was thinking about what Wes said one time – If you’re inside the tent run the thermal & you’ll get an image through the tent. Then the guy mentioned getting huffed at from outside the tent, right by his head. How about running the thermal too, as well as the recorder?

      Wes said, no one really knows… The guberment knows.

      Now he’s doing it! THat background music is so load couldn’t even hear his closing! Oy Vey. Period.

        • m99

          Okay Wes, sorry to complain seemingly at you. It’s so curious now days. It’s in every documentary I watch. I just watched your post of the Dr. Meldrum documentary, and there it was too. Oh well.

          • Todd W

            If u guys dont like that music though it’s loud but that’s just a promo, u guys r officially ur parents😀

      • m99

        @Todd ~ I love music, I just don’t like it when you can’t hear what the announcer, or what host is Saying. It is a trend nowadays, and very annoying.

        As far as becoming my parents? My parents always watched TV with the sound turned UP. I was so turned off by that I didn’t watch TV growing up, except when they weren’t in the house.

        Wes has impeccable taste in music. He also has a knack for interviewing all kinds of people. Can you imagine him adding sound effects while interviewing his guests? How distracting would that be? Just saying.

  1. Joe R

    Also Dudley town is an old Village that was settled in the valley of two mountains. One of the townspeople oh, I think the mayor , poisoned
    the drinking well and it killed all of the villagers. It is said to be very haunted and many people try to go out there too witness thw hauntings themselves. Ed and Lorraine Warren went out there to investigate too.

  2. Denise F

    You are early, hey I’m not complaining, it’s great!
    In other good news (I think) our stay at home and curfew has been lifted. Looks like we are moving towards some normalcy. Could it be a light at the end of the tunnel? 😉

  3. jeff m

    I’m more curious to hear about what Steve’s recently released about Bobbi Short’s letter concerning the events around P&G film. Perhaps it’s time to address that. Sounds like someone’s got some explaining to do about the events.

  4. Denise F

    Hey Wes, hope you’re hanging in there. We all look forward to the shows and you never missed a beat through all of this. 😊 I really wish the guy from the 400 much success! I am wondering if the property owners are a family that’s lived there a long time? We never heard vocals either in all those years…. I always thought it was because it lived back there and knew it didn’t want the area comprised. Thanks everyone

  5. Richard W

    What is the primary use of the 400 property? If it’s for research of Sasquatch, then things are going well. If it’s for a hunting property, get rid of them. They are usually a nuisance, and dangerous at that.

  6. Melissa K

    Love the old ending music!!! Also, I always get a kick out of Wes saying, ‘that’s just crazy talk,’ and tonight he used a new one, ‘from bizarro land.’ 😂

    • Randy H

      Where are you located in the states, David. If its anywhere close to Oklahoma, Lets do it, you can grab a few friends and we can make a trip anytime our schedules work.Hopefully in a few weeks I am heading out to Northeast California for some research.

      • m99

        @Randy H ~ I’d like to see you take Wes and few others who are Sasquatch Researchers. With so much activity and proof, it would seem a no brainer to research there.

  7. Doug K

    Awesome show tonight Wes!!! Great guests…….I can relate to the last guy from Pennsylvania. I am a little familiar with Venango county down there. Didn’t realize that sasquatch was in those areas……WOW!!! YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  8. Melissa P

    Hey Chief, another great show. It’s good to hear about encounters in New England. Hope you’re staying sane during this virus situation, and staying safe. Much thanks to you.

  9. Ryan L

    Jarrett, if you read this you should check out Stan Gordon’s book called “silent invasion”. In the 1970’s Western PA experienced the largest documented UFO/Sasquatch flap ever and Stan chronicled all of it in his book. There’s a ton of encounters involving both mysteries at the same time taking place in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Venango, Washington and Westmoreland Counties all during a 3 year time period. He has police records, 911 calls etc. all in the book. It’s really cool to read about these things so close to home (I grew up in Beaver County).

      • Kathy B

        Thanks for a great evening Wes.
        Luke, I have heard other reports about Dudleytown. I believe everyone was poisoned. I have heard it is haunted. When I was listening to your experience I thought maybe a ghost or whatever was giving your friend that ” funny ” feeling but then you looked back and saw the shadow shape. You two will have to check out the ruins another time.
        I am anxious to see the 400. What a fun adventure for you guys to put this together.

        Jarrett, I believe the safest place would be in the vehicle but then I would be afraid he would come back and look in the window. And the Bigfoot just walks away after you shot into the air. What a scary experience for you. Well I hope everything is still there for you.
        Thanks everyone for sharing tonight.
        Stay safe from the virus.

  10. Melinda J

    Thank you again Wes for a great show. And Ryan thanks for suggesting Stan Gordon’s book. Is it still in print? I guess I could look it up. Duh!! Silly me. G’nite everyone. 💤👣🙋Peacefully

  11. William L

    Good show Wes. I’ve noticed lately, in the last year I guess, a lot of varied people using your name when calling out good, respected people in the BF/Sasquatch world. So congrats on the wide spread and well deserved recognition!
    I know what you mean about background sound levels being poorly managed as a general rule no matter the media or the genre. We are lucky here because Wes is somewhat of a perfectionist with his productions. The only downside for someone like Wes is that, if the audio is well managed, it means that the audio is not consciously noticed: its effects are more subliminal. Beyond Sasquatch Chronicles, the metal detecting channel Stealth Diggers has one of best audio balanced channels out there. Charlie, kind of the main guy, and Keebs, the old guy who gets lost for hours on his “orbits” (not sure what he’s doing, besides detecting, on them) are in a band and also do audio for all kinds of events (often outdoor) around New Hampshire. So Charlie is the OCD guy who shoots, edits and publishes the videos for metal detecting club and himself on the Not Thursdays videos (Club videos are posted every Thursday.) I’ve complemented Charlie in the comments on more than one occasion. Check them out some time; I think you’ll like it.

    • m99

      @William L ~ “… about background sound levels being poorly managed as a general rule no matter the media or the genre…”

      Well said. And I think to myself, thank goodness I’m not the only one noticing the annoying (and poorly managed) sound effects. I felt bad saying that to Wes, but I couldn’t believe it was happening here. I should have known better because yes, he seems to be a perfectionist, which is a great thing. I guess I was worried it’d start here at the site too.

      I flat out mute the TV or find something else to watch when it gets too dramatic and loud that I can’t hear what’s being said. Hey, I’ve got media and could turn up the volume and play noise anytime I want. I think, what are they teaching people in film school these days?

  12. Richard F

    Have been working from home here in New York State(Long Island). I have gone back to listen to episodes before I became a member(all the way back to 2013). It really helps to get through these days just wanted to say thanks. On another note has there ever been any encounters that anyone has heard of on Long Island? If not why do you think that is?

  13. Gale R

    Regarding the 400. It is just a matter of time before the jerks that are hired to do the governments dirty work go in and kill every one of the Bigfoot you guys are dealing with. You are giving them a death sentence by publicizing this. Please stop and protect them by not talking about this.

  14. NHSquatcher

    If you get the Travel channel be sure to watch the Alaska Triangle episode called the Hairyman of Port Chatham — it’s a very compelling story about how Bigfoot drove people away from a thriving fishery in 1949 it is still believed to be living in the wilderness there.

    • m99

      I still watch the shows on TV that feature the Alaskans (and others) living remotely, and always think, do they have encounters with the BF? Seems like they would.

  15. Alan R

    I’m sorry but having watched Into the 400, i cannot take this documentary seriously. It is a 1hr documentary of a bunch of guys walking through some forest and the best evidence they collect is some half bitten apples a piece of cotton broken and an empty blueberry packet. Seriously? This is what constitutes real research?

    These documentaries do nothing to bring this subject to light, instead if people not really into the subject watched this they would be so turned off the whole Sasquatch idea they would laugh and never return. One of the worst documentaries I have ever seen and at the end they actually seem pleased with themselves. I would too charging on Amazon to watch this nonsense.

    • Michael E

      @Alan R, I’m going to have to respectfully disagree. How they theorize, and seemingly confirmed, how the subjects night vision must be excellent and the subject seemed to believe the researchers had a similar ability to see clearly at night by the way it responded to the direction they were facing. That seems ground breaking to me.

  16. Michael E

    Watched Into the 400, and really enjoyed it! I really appreciate the genuine approach Shane, Chris and Randy take to their research. I can really appreciate the lack of Hollywood fluff stuff. The story was great by itself without all the nonsense you see in other shows. Shane portrays a very genuine and humble person in the documentary. Reminds me of Les Stroud but with more tattoos!

  17. Randy H

    We are going to put together a reference video of all the known animals we catch on thermal video, Deer, Possums, raccoons,armadillo ,owls, wild hogs, I even thermalled a mountain lion while researching in Washington, My point being, we want to show these known animals, and their behavior at night and how easy it is to identify them, because they go about their business in their normal ways, meandering around and doing what they do….THE BIGFOOT behave in a completely different manner, but it is consistent for them, and when you see they bahaviors of the known animals compared to the stealthy, hiding behavior of the target species, it will be easier to understand as a researcher, as well as an arm chair enthusiast.

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