Mar 10

SC EP:522 “Bigfoot Research”

A few weeks ago I put a challenge out there to the bigfoot researchers to come on and give a presentation on this Bigfoot Research I keep hearing about. I think 2 individuals responded.

Paul Graves is a researcher here in Washington State and he has agreed to come on and give a presentation on what Bigfoot Research evolves. Paul is great guy and I know John Bindernagel thought very high of him. What will you learn? You will have to wait and see.

See Pauls work below:

The Game Camera Photo

Trackway NearSunnyslope, Washington State







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146 Responses to “SC EP:522 “Bigfoot Research””

  1. Sarah J T

    Boring. All of this trying to be vague about locations, etc. The eye witness accounts are far more interesting. This was just obvious $hit – not appropriate for this educated audience.

    • Paul G

      Hi Sarah , you sound very educated , I have a reason for not telling location s thank you , you need to learn to do your own research and things will turn out much better for you , good luck .

    • Wes Germer

      “not appropriate for this educated audience” yeah I agree the audience is well educated on the topic but it is good to hear from everybody. I have seen some of Pauls documentation and I would have to say it is the best the bigfoot world has to offer.

      • m99

        Well, we know you don’t think you’re a researcher Wes, but honestly when I think of BF research I think ‘Wes’. Why? Because you had a close encounter with several of these creatures, shared that experience with your brother and started looking into the deal, and you’ve spoken to hundreds, if not thousands of people who have seen and experienced this phenomena. You’ve been attacked by so called friends, and had to part with many, and start over. Phew! Sounds like what researchers go through, and then some. I just have one thing to say about it, and that is, I hope you keep up the good work you’re doing. Thank you Wes.

    • Jamie C

      The trouble is there’s not a single person in this audience or anywhere for that matter, who’s actually educated in the subject of sasquatch. All we do is speculate & theorise about them from either peoples encounters, or so called experts research, or read endless books about them. And basically thats about it really, there are no experts on this subject whatsoever, it’s just down to pure guess work. I won’t name names but one researcher actually calls himself an expert which i find delusional. I find the topic of sasquatch fascinating but I’m 50/50 on their existence, until they’re proven 100% beyond doubt I’ll happily sit on the fence..

  2. Scott D

    Ok so, an hour later we figure out that he is not really doing “research” by any scientific use of the term. Seems like a nice guy, but he’s playing in the woods, that’s all.

    • Paul G

      Hello , Scott , I live in the woods and I have contributed much to this investigation with papers and reports ect.s I have written over the years , there are 2 above but maybe you missed them , and I have been involved in this sense 1988 in the # 1 state in the nation for this subject , I do use scientific methods when analyzing some of the things I find and I say that in my interview , and I also did not talk about everything that go’s on not by a long shot , but I am always available to talk about this on the phone or e-mail , good luck .

      • Jon W

        I want to personally thank you for sharing your insights and using Wes’ show to do so. Wes asked what it would take to change the way people react toward others in this field and just in the few comments since the show aired we see exactly what he described. Some never learn the old saying that if you can’t say something good, don’t say anything at all. I think it’s rude and not only disrespectful to you but, to your host as well.
        I would imagine that you have a wealth of information that would take much more than an hour to discuss. I just can’t imagine why you would
        want to possibly return in the future to do that if
        you feel that people are going to call B.S.
        I, for one, appreciate your presentation and would like to hear more in the future.

      • Jamie C

        Paul, you say “You don’t talk about everything that goes on, not by a long shot.” I’m just wondering why not? I’d of thought this was the perfect opportunity for you to lay all your cards out on the table. When researchers names are spoken about you’d be up there with the best of them, or does that not interested you? Enjoyed the show though.

      • Geoffrey P

        I thought Paul was sharp, thanks for having him on! This show was funnier than a few of the others…

        Hey since we’re all so “well educated” here, do you think we could come up for a name for the BF cynics? …Like pagans are to Christians as ____blank(s)__ are to BF “knowers” & believers??

        • Jamie C

          Geoffrey P
          Why do you feel the need to put down non believers of bigfoot. Just because you believe in them doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow suit! Stop trying to incite other members of turning against people who are 50/50. Remember a forum is for debate and opinions, it’s certainly not for children! Personally until i see concrete evidence of their existence well I’m not a believer in them I could think of a few names for the likes of you, who scorn people because of their views, but I’m to much of a gentleman to bite!!! Ps just because I’m not sure they exist doesn’t stop me from loving the show i find fascinating, i really hope someone someday will find the definitive evidence thats needed to prove they’re real. I’d be over the moon!!

  3. Dina C

    Thank you Wes!! ??? Paul is my favorite for you to have on the show——well—- he is right after the late, great, Dr. Bindernagle-God bless his soul…
    Paul always brings very interesting, and new information!!!! Yeah Paul!!!!!

    • Paul G

      Hi Maria , I don’t go squatching , not sure what that means ,and I do more in my life than just investigate this subject , I have owned my night vision for over 15 years and I have seen way cooler things in the sky than in the forest with it , now my thermal unit I have that’s a different story , all the best in your endeavors .

  4. Teresa V

    I hope Wes never had Dee Doss on the show. He seemed like a fraud the first time I watched one of his videos, and I rarely make a comment about anyone, but that guy just rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Maynard w

    Thank you Paul. You are out there trying to get answers. I really liked your trackways analysis, We need to define research. I go camping in areas with bigfoot sightings. I listen to encounters in order to gain insight into locations and generalized behavior. One form of research. I only have a BS in biology, and maybe I am missing something but rationalizing logic is not the scientific method. That is not directed to you Paul. But “researchers” in general.

  6. Scott B

    Good show! Wish there were more people willing to talk about their “research!” I’d like to have heard more from him! Maybe have him back to talk about his encounters!

  7. Julie Leigh D

    Wes, Perhaps if you stop calling them researchers you can start a ‘come back down to earth’ movement. Start calling the sasquatch affectionados ‘believers’. Or whatever you think they deserve to be called. And then, the true behavioral scientists can stand apart. I hope you’re feeling better!

  8. Doug K

    Hey Wes….I definitely respect you and all the hard work you do for us every week. Big shout out to Paul for coming on here tonight and talking about his experiences in the field. Thanks Paul…….YEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!!!!

      • Wes Germer

        I have had more people “Run Out Of” bumping lake by “Apes” in the last 12 months….its crazy. The last guy told me where his campsite was and there was thousands of dollars of gear left behind. he said it was mine if I want it and he is never going back. He said a large “ape” came into his campsite and it was aggressive. He got in his truck and left at 2 AM.

        • m99

          I wish you would have called us then, lol. I’d have gone & picked it all up in the daytime! But so glad you mentioned this place. I’ve never heard of it before. We love the Wenatchee area too. I want to do a day trip and check it out! Any of your guests come on the talk about Bumping Lake, I may have missed?

  9. Michael S

    We have a ton of chiefs in here, including Wes, who feel they have some qualification to critique what research is or isn’t. How do you know what “real research” is? How many of you have actually done any formal research to have any expertise on this subject? Unlike 90% of ppl here, including Wes, I’ve actually done formal research. In essence all research is simply doing background investigation and collection of data, both quantified and qualitative. Wes seems to be stuck on what he believes real research is, apparently from watching too many soap operas and movies. These non researchers as Wes and his cronies put it are in fact collecting data-information. Just because you haven’t seen it written and published in a journal doesn’t discount that it is in fact collecting information and data. If anyone is off base on what entails research it’s Wes.

    • Wes Germer

      Michael, I meant no disrespect to anyone. I really wanted to hear research and Paul has done some great work as well as others. Maybe I need to clarify, I do not like smug arrogant people who throw around “Im a bigfoot researcher…researching…boots on the ground…research.” What does that mean? I would love to see some of your work. I am open to it. If you look at what Paul has done he has done some great work. Ii consider him a friend and someone who cares about the subject. I wanted to hear about this “Hardcore Research” not from Paul but others. Define that for me? All the respect in the world my friend.

      • Jamie C

        Wes, when you say “smug arrogant researchers.” I take it you’re talking about the one & only Mr i know it all WJ? If so I totally agree with you 100% on that one! He actually has the nerve to call himself an expert I couldn’t believe it, and some idiots fall for it hook line & sinker. If I’m wrong buddy or you can’t comment on it I apologise, but holy shit he winds me up bigtime lol. Keep up the great work Wes i love this show it fascinates me.

      • m99

        Wow Wes, that’s a very passive answer. I was thinking more along the lines of well if you don’t like it, leave… or the southern derogatory ‘Bite My Butt’! Lol.

    • Wes Germer

      “Wes and his cronies” lol Mike..come on. I dont have any cronies just me bud. I am not a bigfoot researcher but I love to learn. You should come on the show. Share what you know. I would love to hear it brother. I agree with the fact collecting information. Paul has done that several times over like no one else I have seen. If I needed a bigfoot researcher Paul would be my go to guy. He made me stop and think about when I said “You come across a dead one…what do you do” He made me stop and think when he said get out alive. My answer was much different but I think Paul is 100% right. I would love for everyone to drop the egos and lets all talk. You can’t disagree with everything I said do you?

    • Denise F

      I think many of us have a hard time separating the ‘researchers’ with the ‘piss-poor , know it all attitude’ from the people who are truly trying to find answers and data…..and not fame (if there is fame in this???)

      My apologies also for lumping everyone into the same category, Paul has shown us to look at things with fresh eyes and a new found viewpoint.

      We live and learn, I guess

  10. Forrest W

    Wes, you proved your point. This guy fits into the researcher mentality. He brings up a Thinker Thunker podcast where TT doesn’t draw a conclusion. Is the researcher grasping for straws? I was thinking the researcher guy actually thought logically, for a fleeting moment. LOL

    • Wes Germer

      Nah Paul is a good dude. He is down to earth. I thought he did great. I have had questions in the past and Paul was kind enough to try to answer them for me. Great guy!

      Is ThinkThunker right 100% of the time…no and that’s a firm no. I understand what Paul was saying but I think TT isn’t the problem in the Bigfoot World.

  11. Oliver R

    Just read the Sunnyslope paper. It was too the point with background local conditions and recent history.
    Pictures w/measurements gave a good sight picture of how they were laid down and indicated what size the animal would have to be to leave them.

    Reminded me of the old Mutual Of Omaha show where they spent the whole show “proving” that large biped tracks in snow where actually a fox or large snowshoe hare loping through deep snow and melt out making four legs morph into one.
    The absence of foot or tail drags in Paul’s paper illiterates that being unlikely.
    Also appreciated his observation on the older deeper crust under the new snowfall, because it gives an incite into the animals weight. Might have missed it but would have liked to see some indication as to the amount of weight needed to break through the older snow crust.
    Would like to have heard more individual incidents, that’s kinda what Wes does hear at SC. Tonight’s show had different purpose looking at research work that people are doing so no supprise it was a little different. The paper Paul presented was decent work without woo-woo, bluster, or wild speculation “just the facts mama”. That’s the foundation of research.

  12. Danny G

    I take a sidearm. A FLIR and usually a nightvision scope. Also, GoPro, knife, and other essentials.
    I don’t take the weapons for Squatch.
    For cougars and bear.
    I figure if I encounter a Squatch (again) I wouldn’t draw on it unless ABSOLUTELY necessary.
    But in reality- I would rather avoid that scenario.

  13. Denise F

    Something we all should consider, we have a nice man here doing everything he can to find out and DOCUMENT info on the subject we are interested in. He deserves our respect if you can’t give anything else.
    * Clears throat*

    Thanks again, Paul ?

  14. Anna V

    Enjoyed the conversation….I could teach a college course in Squatch in what I’ve learned from your show. Ha.
    My opinion is that it’s an animal, with human DNA. That’s why a lot of samples come back saying contaminated….

  15. Gina O

    Paul, I love your answer about what to do if you find a dead Bigfoot. It is right on. I would stay long enough to get a video and pictures but is that too long? I look forward to reading the trackway paper. I’m real curious where the tracks ended. Keep up the good work!

  16. Anna V

    Question….why doesn’t everyone put out their best photos, videos, etc. out in a huge presentation? So frustrating to hear over and over how evidence is locked away because no one would believe it. Why bother even doing that? Because of a sense of power or what? Drives me crazy!

  17. Debbie S

    Great show….thank you to both of you. Ugh. Oral surgery…..heal quickly Wes. I read both reports and I really appreciate the time and effort that went into them. They are the type report I will read all day long. I love to hear the encounters because they are invaluable in my opinion, even if I wonder if the encounter was a Sasquatch. I still learn something. But I really enjoy these reports that almost let me “see” the incident for myself. The trackway report was so interesting. Sad, but wondering….did the Sasquatch have a “kitty” snack on its wandering that night? Sounds like it. This is my first comment on a podcast. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!

  18. Ulrike H

    I appreciate anything that Paul can share with us. I can’t imagine going into an area that is remote, and never knowing when, or what will happen if you do encounter a Sasquatch.
    Thank you!

  19. Ron S

    As far as the trail camera pics, I wish people would do more experimentation when they get an unexplained photo. Use the same set up and see how close, moving or large an object needs to be to get a similar effect, all you need is your own face. Not following through just seems to take away from seriousness or credibility.

    • Paul G

      Hi Ron , We did follow through and we took a bunch of photo’s of me and the homeowner at the same exact spot with the rock cam but I did not include them it was very obvious the difference ,but I think I will add them to a follow up report , thank you .

  20. Eric B

    Thanks Wes. and Paul. Great show.
    I met Paul Graves when he investigated my sighting in about 2006. He is a solid dude. He has zero ego and works at Sasquatch research harder than any researcher I’ve encountered. He is NOT after the spotlight, he wants knowledge about these creatures and he just keeps going like the Energizer bunny. The reason he has so much collaboration with others is because he is highly respected in this field. He doesn’t jump to conclusions. He always does the legwork to get the information. I bet he has debunked as many or more “sightings” as he has confirmed. He could very well have been a star of “Finding Bigfoot”. Those were his contemporaries at that time. His calls put Bobo to shame. He plays a mean guitar and sings too…..Look up his song “Jim Henry”. If you’re in Washington state and see Bigfoot….and think “Who ya gonna call?” Its Paul Graves.

  21. DeAnn A

    Paul, I think it was great of you to come on here and share your knowledge about your research. I’m sure there are a lot of listeners who are interested in doing their own Sasquatch research and welcome your ideas and thoughts on the topic. I live in the woods and have had my own activity as well as tracks in my driveway and a daytime sighting. I wish I could get out in my woods and look more but I have fibromyalgia and a couple of other chronic conditions that prevent me from doing much. Thanks Paul and thank you Was for all of your hard work that keeps us all entertained on a weekly basis!

  22. Curtis R

    I found it interesting, and appreciate you having the testicular fortitude to step up to Wes’s challenge.
    I do think maybe there is a bit too much bashing of Bobo and Matt Moneymaker and the gang; their producers have a lot to do with the pace and the silliness (gotta make it entertaining!)
    I am not sure what else anyone would suggest doing, you have to get out there and make observations and take measurements.

  23. Darren H

    Wes, obviously not all the so called “Researchers” are full of hot air, so maybe you should come up with some word distinction, so we know who you respect and those you don’t really care for.
    You don’t seem to like those that identify as Bigfoot “Researchers”…..
    So for those that you do respect and think are doing something of quality and substance, maybe refer to them as “Investagators”. Just a thought!
    Seems like a lot of these folks are getting a bad wrap that have actually done something to move the ball forward…if only an inch or two.
    Thanks Paul Graves for coming on and sharing… and thank you Wes for bringing him on. Keep up the Great Work!!!

  24. Paul G

    I want to thank all the listeners and people that commented , even though I did not respond to each of you I meant it to each and every one of you .

    • m99

      I really liked this conversation Paul. I like your honesty (a BF Researcher that’s Not expert in new Technology!? – What!). I listened to it twice. I do that when something is so compelling. There’s so much information and I can’t process it all, at once. Anyway, God Bless you Paul. Take care.

  25. m99

    Question: You come across a dead one, what would YOU do? Answer (my reaction) ~ Take a picture, write or record the coordinance , and Run Like The Dickens!

  26. Frank A

    Very surprised by all of the emotional responses. It’s totally ok. Just didn’t expect it. I’m sure upsetting people’s feelings is not the intent of the show. Listening for me is a learning experience and very entertaining simultaneously.
    It’s obvious cryptid research of any kind is taboo in main stream science. I think the message here is that Cryptid research needs more science, in its science. Plain and simple. That’s what I heard. I agree with the message and the info put forth by our host and his guest. Very solid. The science to prove, Beyond a doubt to the world that BF exists must stand on its own merits.
    Mr. Graves is on the right track in my view. Super logical approach. If you want to find a certain animal you must think like that animal. It’s so simple. Just that aspect alone would upset any one who may have over looked it. “ Be the ball,Danny” Caddyshack reference. Mr Graves my be the” Ty Webb” of BF research. Lol.
    This is by far the most fascinating subject of our time. Relic Homonids living side by side with us. I can’t get enough of this. Most sheeple are clueless regarding this subject. some by choice.
    So I say, support each other, learn from each other, work together and be kind along the way because I only have 30 to 40 good years left and I want this mystery solved! And it’s the probably the best way to do anything that matters to you. Team work makes the dream work!
    Soooooo, be the ball Danny!
    Great show gentlemen, keep up the good work.
    But then again, what the hell do I know? Ha.

  27. Trey

    Really like this guys take on what true researching is. I try to do the same myself but lots of good extra infonon how to make it better. Great episode Wes and keep it up

  28. Brian V

    Wes— I’m glad you’re tackling this issue; I’m sure Dr. Bindernagel is proud that you are using your curiosity and reach to challenge the current establishment to step up their game if they ever want to discover and prove something that will standup to scrutiny.

    If you want to be a “researcher” and prove something, there are rules. And there are rules for a reason. The most important one is that “The reproducibility of published experiments is the foundation of science. No reproducibility – no science.”

    How does the Sasquatch world accomplish this?
    I have no idea. But collaboration seems to be pretty critical if there’s any progress to be made.

    If we’re all talking about “scientific research”, this is how that world works — including the research of animal behavior, etc.

    The “accepted rules/steps” of the scientific method (SOURCE: ) are:
    – Make an observation or observations.
    – Ask questions about the observations and gather information.
    – Form a hypothesis — a tentative description of what’s been observed, and make predictions based on that hypothesis.
    – Test the hypothesis and predictions in an experiment that can be reproduced.
    – Analyze the data and draw conclusions; accept or reject the hypothesis or modify the hypothesis if necessary.
    – (CRITICAL POINT HERE!) Reproduce the experiment until there are no discrepancies between observations and theory.
    “Replication of methods and results is my favorite step in the scientific method,” Moshe Pritsker, a former post-doctoral researcher at Harvard Medical School and CEO of JoVE, told Live Science. “The reproducibility of published experiments is the foundation of science. No reproducibility – no science.”

    Also, here are the standard rules and structural elements required for writing and submitting a scientific research paper for peer review:

    One last thing: I believe the guest said he would like to design a conference with only researchers to present their papers and that would not include any vendors. In my experience, the fees the vendors pay to exhibit at a conference subsidize the costs of event. No vendors = High registration fees.

    Maybe it would be helpful to have a general scientist on the show — one who specializes in teaching what research is and how it could be applied to “Bigfoot Research”? What are the common components that people measure in Bigfoot evidence gathering?

    I’m just trying to help!

    Like everyone, I love the stories too.
    Science and research have rules. And it’s not academic condescension that is keeping the Bigfoot research from emerging. It seems to be the absence of content the adheres to the rigor and discipline required to “prove” a hypothesis.

    Another catch: western empirical science is constantly disproving itself and it comes from evolution of technology that allows one to measure and quantify new variables or zoom in or out with more specificity.

    Finally, the much anticipated Dr. Ketchum study launched with a PR NIGHTMARE by her purchasing a journal in which to publish her own paper. Talk about undermining your credibility before you even get out of the gate.

    Keep up the good work, everyone.
    I think collaboration is the key.
    Thanks, Wes and Paul. Great way to kick it off.

  29. Amy H

    Bumping lake!? Never going. I try to avoid places that have aggressive BF. Wait…maybe I’ll go with 10 friends. Curiosity kills the cat!

    For millennia there have been citizen “researchers”. Many have helped point scientists in the right direction. However, most of their research is observation. Learning scientific techniques takes an education in…. science, and at least a masters degree. It’s not arrogant to say that, it’s just a fact. If you want to conduct bonifide research, it takes a formal education. Adam Davis is a pretty good credentialed researcher.

    Most citizen researchers are doing the research for joy and pleasure. That’s cool. People proclaim themselves all kind of things clearly they are NOT. Didn’t that one lady claim she was African-American and she was not, or ole Ms. Warren who said she was Native American. We’re living in a time where everyone wants to be special and more then they are. It’s delusional. I think these BF researchers are in that mix. Honesty is a lost virtue. Stupidity has taken its place.

    As long as my dog doesn’t want to become a cat, I can laugh at their delusions. Those people couldn’t science their way out of a wet paper bag! Laugh at them, pity them, just keep disregarding their BS…cuz that’s what it is.

  30. Trey

    A “Researcher” needs to do a lot more than just hike through a certain spot. They need a notebook for taking tons and tons of notes anything from the time of year, weather outside, sketches of what you saw data charts weather the week before and after. Not to mention video and pictures. An audio recorder for talking to witnesses and hopefully catching vocalizations and also a way to document anything weird that happens even if it’s not booger related. Also need to talk to the locals and get a history of what’s went on in whatever part of the woods your in: what did the natives say?. Have there been sightings here before. Don’t forget your plaster casts and gloves and bags for taking samples. Also need an exit strategy not just for emergencies but what happens if you run across a dead one? Cut its hand or something off sure but then what. These are all questions that you need to know the answer to before you set out to “research”and area. Not yet not that you need to visit the same place at different times of the year cause there never always in the same place. Use your notepad and notes to try and figure a pattern. Don’t do calls or knocks do all this stuff but try to act like your just doing human stuff and not looking for these creatures. This is just my own personal methodology so anyone that has anymore ideas fell free to relay them to me. Wes again thanks for a great show!

  31. Hawk

    I wish he’d gone a bit more into some of the field techniques he practices or had success with, even things he outright thinks are useless.
    Good conversation non-the-less. It’s always nice to hear from those promoting the gathering of knowledge for the good of this “community” we’ve all entered.

  32. Dovie D

    That’s true in Oregon. We use to drive up logging roads and camp out in the woods. I recall on several occasions while camping hearing something walking around but my husband would say “oh it’s a deer.” No it was not deer. I will not camp in a tent ever again and for sure it must be in camp ground. The last time my husband went camping with our oldest daughter and her boyfriend he said when the all went to bed. His tent was 20 feet away from their tent. He said he heard something walking around, our little dog crawled under the sleeping bag whimpering, then a breath. He was so scared, I told him ..see that’s why I won’t go!!
    I appreciate the guests sharing. I’m constently learning.

  33. jim s

    I enjoyed the show and I totally understand why some people shouldn’t consider themselves official Bigfoot researchers. I know Paul mentioned how Bigfoot has become a marketing campaign with all the gear, Bigfoot coffee, etc… I wanted to mention though that it is important to not miss the fun and interest in it as well. Listening to Bigfoot programs, stories and reading books are a great way to enjoy spending time with my , husband and 11 and 13 yr old. It honestly builds a bond and puts me up there as the coolest and craziest mom on the planet. We are going to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and hope to go on an exhibition. Do I expect to see one, no, but I will enjoy the memories and family time. My son has a Bigfoot figure and another has a foot cast. Learning about Bigfoot is fun for the entire family.

  34. jim s

    I enjoyed the show and I totally understand why some people shouldn’t consider themselves official Bigfoot researchers. I know Paul mentioned how Bigfoot has become a marketing campaign with all the gear, Bigfoot coffee, etc… I wanted to mention though that it is important to not miss the fun and interest in it as well. Listening to Bigfoot programs, stories and reading books are a great way to enjoy spending time with my , husband and 11 and 13 yr old. It honestly builds a bond and puts me up there as the coolest and craziest mom on the planet. We are going to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and hope to go on an exhibition. Do I expect to see one, no, but I will enjoy the memories and family time. My son has a Bigfoot figure and another has a foot cast.

  35. mike b

    Great show Wes. Paul Graves is a good man. You are too. Should have him as a guest contributor. Maybe you guys can help define the process for Investigation and documentation to get the Toe heads(scientists) to accept evidence and honor Bendernagel’s legacy. Sorry, i probably misspelled the Dr’s last name.

  36. Noreen Z

    I really enjoyed the show and am really upset with some of the comments. Wes, you did a very good interview and anyone who knew John B is worth listening to. And Paul, thanks for coming on the show. I just don’t understand why you don’t just turn it off if you are not enjoying the show. Ps Wes, I HATE, and have press from going to the dentist. God speed

  37. Ann B

    Also, I have a science background and think similarly about how Bigfoot is in the hominid family which is diverse and includes us. I love animal classification and it is no strange idea to put them in near us. We always seem so stumped or amazed at this forest creature’s behavior and characteristics, and they are fascinating, but as someone who has spent some time in that other world (I mean the sea), I realize that this elusive mammal is just as fascinating as other species that we’ve not been able to study because of distance and elusiveness. Certain sea creatures generate different glowing lights. Some of them have eyes that migrate to one side of their head. Some can jolt you with electricity. Some use infrasound. Some have the most fascinating and /or bizarre behavior, when we compare them to us. That’s what we usually do, compare them to ourselves or to apes because we can’t imagine a real tribe of forest people but they are far more than apes. I really liked the encouragement to do what people do in the forest.

  38. Melanie W

    This was a great episode! Thank you. I want to mention this has been a running problem in the UFO/UAP field. What has been happening there, however, is amazing. Take, for instance, the work of Professor Gary Nolan. In this interview with Phenomenon Radio, Nolan lays out the best ways to do true scientific research that other scientists will respond to. Fascinating! I highly recommend listening to at least this one. If ya want more, btw, I can provide some more links on the most effective ways to research the paranormal so that science will take it seriously. 🙂

  39. Linsy M

    Learn to pronounce
    the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
    “we are fighting meningitis by raising money for medical research”
    synonyms: investigation, experimentation, testing, exploration, analysis, fact-finding, examination, scrutiny, scrutinization, probing;
    investigation, experimentation, testing, exploration, analysis, fact-finding, examination, scrutiny, scrutinization, probing; groundwork; rareindagation
    “a group set up to oppose the use of animals in medical research”
    experiments, experimentation, tests, inquiries, studies, analyses, work
    “he could no longer afford to continue his researches”
    investigate systematically.
    “she has spent the last five years researching her people’s history”
    synonyms: investigate, conduct investigations into, study, inquire into, make inquiries into, look into, probe, explore, analyze, examine, scrutinize, inspect, review, assess;

    That is research.

  40. Linsy M

    So quit being a dick Wes. You sit on your computer or in your studio being a “skeptic” while others are putting their “boots on the ground” actually “researching”.

  41. pam

    Very well done, both of you! Gentlemen having a discussion without rancor and vitriol! So much more can be accomplished by this kind of discussion than the ‘wars’ going on , like the YouTube war Thinker Thunker vs Bigfoot Tony,lol. Tony is trying to handle it correctly but….it’s bigfoot world folks. Can you EVEN imagine Jane Goodall on YouTube defending her research???

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