Dec 2

SC EP:495 Don’t Look Behind You

I will be having a couple of eyewitnesses on the show tonight to share their encounters along with Timothy Renner. See everyone tonight!

Timothy Renner returns to the show to discuss encounters from his new book Don’t Look Behind You: Following Ghost Roads Into the Unknown.

Timothy Renner’s book, “Beyond the Seventh Gate”, explored the history and mysteries of the infamous Toad Road – an area in York County, Pennsylvania which is home to a variety of paranormal activity. “Don’t Look Behind You” expands on that volume, presenting more cases of strangeness from the area.

Renner’s continuing research has brought forth more stories and new witnesses describing bigfoot attacks, UFOs, venomous snakes, Mothman, orbs, buried treasure, and even a creepy Toadman lurking in the nearby creek. To these stories, Renner adds his own experiences of oddities, weird synchronicity, rare animals, unexplained lights, and other high strangeness.






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56 Responses to “SC EP:495 Don’t Look Behind You”

  1. Laura K

    Loved the bit from Richard Pimental! Thanks so much for sharing… Just getting started on the episode but know it’s going to be great… Had to thank you for that inspiration, though. And thank you for all you do, your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  2. James M

    My wife wanted me to watch Rampage with her but I’ve encountered enough giant monkeys to last me a lifetime. So what did I do instead? I listen to this podcast about giant monkeys! Something must be terribly wrong with me. But it was a great show. Thanks Wes

  3. John G

    It’s funny that they were talking about how the bigfoots don’t like to be touched. In the book 50 years of Bigfoot where Janice Carter-Coy discusses her life growing up on a farm where her grandfather habituated a family of squatch. The dominant leader of the pack was “Fox”. During her childhood I can’t remember if it was Janice or her sister but one of them was running through the field and ran right into the back leg of the Bigfoot named fox. And from what she says in the description it sounds as though her grandfather had to stand there and talk the Bigfoot down from hurting her. She says something about him talking to the Bigfoot as a person would talk to a mad dog or a horse or something. Saying things like “now now boy it’s alright.. it’s okay.. it was just an accident, it won’t happen again. It was just an accident settle down there there”. It’s pretty compelling that they are finding these suttle nuances from one situation to the next.

  4. Denise F

    ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ -Maya Angelou

    Thanks Wes, bravo

  5. pam

    Thanks to your guests Wes, really good lessons in their accounts. I feel a kinship with Liz, lol, I would MOVE!
    Timothy Renner is one other podcast I try to always listen to. And his wriiting is as you say- like listening to him tell you a tale.
    Appreciate you all!

  6. David J

    What a great episode, Wes! All three guests were spectacular!!! Anyone who thinks these creatures are “friendly forest giants” are crazy and not only risking their own lives but the lives of others. As a father, I could never take my daughters or grandsons on such an outing looking for these creatures!

  7. Jan F


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    And sorry for all the American men and boys who had to die for the goverment.
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    GOD Bless Them all.

    • m99

      Jan, I believe in the constitution of the US of A, and the men And women who went to war defending those rights. It is & it was their choice to sign up to do so. There hasn’t been a “draft” in this country in a long time, and it was an on again off again process. Most soldiers go because they want to.

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      We can worship the Lord in Jesus’ name as well, or not, if one chooses. So, thank you for stating Jesus is with us in the USA, but He’s also there where you are. God Bless you Jan.

      • Jan F

        Do you really have fredom?.you once had but not Anymore.
        And the Young boys who went to war because they wanted to? There should not be war.

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  8. Robert B

    “Paul”, ex military combat vet also. Been in it deep several times. My fear response is typically shows up as aggression. My first known contact with a Bf, face to face also, also with a 45. You are correct. A 45 isn’t big enough. When I first saw this thing, the amount of fear I experienced, was more intense than anything I have every experienced. I pissed myself. Getting zapped. Whatever it is, whether it is infrasound, or some way of manipulation of EMF, I don’t know. I have been hit with EM pulse, that fried both the camera module in my iPhone and the SD card in my Nikon P520. Both were running video at the time. So I dont know what getting zapped is. But my usual response is like your son’s. It’s like my blood pressure just goes flat to zero, and I often have hit the ground. My wife and I got hit together once, and her response was like yours. Except she went into projectile vomiting. Over here in Germany, we have them also. Typically much less aggressive than in the US, but they don’t hesitate to zap. I have pissed blood the morning after way too many times. I am now suffering from a variety of serious health conditions and I strongly suspect that they might be related to getting zapped. There are several other researchers/investigators that also suffer from serious health issues after being repeatedly zapped. Be careful if you keep going out. Bob in Germany

  9. Christine D

    Here is an interesting story. I don’t know if she dresses in white, but worth looking at: In Latin American folklore, La Llorona (pronounced [la ʝo.ˈɾ], “The Weeping Woman”) is a ghost of a woman who lost her children and now cries while looking for them in the river, often causing misfortune to those who are near, or who hear her.
    I have an active Bigfoot area and I have encountered lights, but these remind me of car lights coming up behind me. When I turn, there if nothing there.
    Enjoyed the show and the two eye witness interviews also.

  10. Wolf

    As a didgeridoo player myself I can tell you listening to any recording of one is nowhere near e same as listening to one in person, esepecially a bloodwood didge.
    They produce a resonance that you feel deep in your bones.
    I have often wondered how the big fellas would react if you simply went deep into a hotspot and started playing a good bloodwood didge in the wee hours…

  11. Eric Z

    Crazy how ppl go looking for BF in their territory and can’t handle it when they see them and start shooting. In addition, you brought your son to their territory. Doesn’t sound like he tried leaving the situation first.

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