Oct 21

SC EP:483 It was an ape about 5 ft tall

A listener writes “I grew up in Missouri, or missourah as we say, in my youth, I ran with a pretty rough crowd, raced cars,(picture trucker caps, long hair, black t shirts, skynyrd cranking and jack daniels in the freezer).

Anyway, we used to go down to the Lake if the Ozarks at my friend Matt’s cabin the Osage Beach/Branson area when it was nothing but filling stations and live bait stores, early 80s. During the weekends it was busy, kinda a red neck Hamptons. Dead during the week.

One week in late August my friend Matt invited a bunch of us to hunt/fish/party for a couple of days mid week when nobody is there. We got a late start as usual, I remember stopping for gas, and the crusty old man who pumped it told us to watch out for those guys, he nodded at a couple of guys in a pickup with about 200# yeast and corn feed and copper line, ie moonshiners pulling out in a beat up Chevy truck (common in the Ozarks). “Don’t let them boys or the boogers get ya”. He was referring to the recent MoMo sightings in the area.

The Missouri Monster or MoMo had been seen for a couple of years in Jackson, Clay Counties as well as the Ozarks. There have actually been sightings and confrontations dating back to the Civil War, (Jessie James and his guerrilla fighters actually had violent encounters with them in the caves on Boone Co.)
Anyway, when we finally got to the cabin in a very desolate area of the lake (Cajun creek as they called it) with several small creeks in a densely wooded hillside, literally the sticks.

That night we were pretty loud, partying/ girls/loud music/ the occasional drunken firearm discharged (sorry we were wild). At about 330 am, we started getting various chunks of wood and the occasional pebble tossed at us. We assumed it was some disgruntled moonshiners which we knew were in the area. We yelled back and threw the stones back. Then silence, dead silence. About 5 min later we heard a bunch of whooping, that was weird. Matt insisted it was a coyote, yeah the biggest assed one on the planet! After about 10 min of whoops from two directions it stopped. I guess MoMo doesn’t like skynyrd! The rest of the nighte was quiet. I should mention that Matt and Kevin were down at the lake night fishing for catfish with stinkbait, they caught several and gutted them on a large flat rock on the shore. While doing so they heard loud splashing that they thought were large fish or somebody tossing rocks.

Fast forward to the am, a couple of the girls went down to the dock to hang out while we were cooking up catfish steaks for breakfast. About 1/2 an hr after they left they ran back screaming saying they saw a bear or something with long hair and arms hiding in the brush by the fish guts.

We all ran down, nuthin. Of course nobody looked for tracks. After a day on the water we came back to the cabin, everything in order except the woodpile was toppled. Matt and I wanted to go squirrel hunting in the hills by the creek where there was a large beaver damn that had been there for years, you’d see them floating down the creek from time to time. Matt had a 12ga side by side and I had an Erma .22 cal m1 carbine (German post war). When we hiked up to the creek about 3/4 mi from the lake and directly above the cabin. When we got up there, the smell of death was strong, then we came upon the beaver damn which was in shambles, one beavers carcass was found pulled apart, like something grabbed the head, and another the tail and pulled. There were bites out of it, maybe 12hrs old.

Matt was on one bank of the creek and I was on the other looking at the destroyed damn. The woods were silent. Then we heard somebody sloshing up through the creek (it was maybe a foot deep at most) coming down towards us. Slowly a figure came around the brush walking in the creek staring at the water, bent over trying to find something. It was ape like maybe 5 ft tall, black/ brown matted hair all over its body broad shoulders, male, no real neck, cone shaped head with longish hair on neck shoulder area, couldn’t really see ears. It’s nose was flat with forward nostrils black skin, large black eyes. It first looked at Matt grunted a snarled showing its incisors and turned and started going directly at Matt, who was paralyzed in fear. I aimed at him and chambered a round, clearly he never saw me, he quickly turned his torso looking my way with a puzzled look on his face, cocking his head at an angle. Then we heard a distinct clicking from up in the woods behind us, the one in the water clicked back and he quickly went back the way he came. The whole thing lasted 2 min. I had him in my sights but couldn’t pull the trigger. Looked humanoid but clearly more ape. The closest thing I’ve seen on line is the “them and us” version.



The rest of the time was quiet and we never talked about it for weeks. I had another less dramatic encounter later that fall in Buckner, Mo which I can fill you in on later. Glad to get it off my chest, feel free to call or email me anytime to talk.”




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42 Responses to “SC EP:483 It was an ape about 5 ft tall”

    • James C

      My only issue is that this guy did it was in the Osage Beach/Branson area. Branson is 3 hours SW from Osage Beach. Completely different lake systems. I’ve lived in MO my whole life. Maybe he just misspoke.

  1. Bruce B

    Wes Hit me Up when you’re in Dallas brother. Be nice to grab a drink. I’ve been a member of the site for a few years now and think I’d be cool to meet you…let know

    • Eva B

      The (three lines) under the title sasquatch chronicles, click that and you will see Episodes, forum, blog e.t.c after you sign in. Always hit those 3 lines to navigate to what you want to engage in on the site. So for Friday and Sunday shows will always be under episodes, click the title, of the long story about the episode and that will direct you to the actual episode press play button. Sometimes, Wes has one player(recorder) you can listen to or he had 2 players. If you need help, just let me know. I’ll try and help you navigate possibly over Facebook if you’re on that social media site? Welcome to Sasquatch Chronicles Pamela!!! ??

  2. Pete M

    Hey Wes, my family and I finally got to meet Bob Gimlin yesterday at the Texas Bigfoot Conference on the 51st anniversary of the famous film. He’s everything you said and more. He was nice, genuine and down to earth. He won’t b.s. you either. When Dr. Jeff Meldrum asked him if he took a photo that Meldrum was presenting on a slide show of Roger Patterson holding a cast print in front of a large tree, he said “no, he didn’t remember taking that picture.” Super nice, super honest, it was truly an honor and a privilege to meet him. We made him an honorary Texan too!

  3. Denise F

    Thanks to the guests, great show.

    You picked a good time to come to Texas, we are just now starting fall and able to walk from our car into the house without sweating ?

  4. chance g

    hey wes…you mentioned les stroud. From what I remember wasnt the guy who video taped his show involved in the fake documentary?..plus i think I read somewhere les made up storied to please the network?

    • Denise F

      Not sure about his crew but I’ve only heard great things about Les and his character. The fact that he kept quiet until now regarding strange things he encountered, says alot.

      Looking so forward to listening to the BIG 500!

    • m99

      Yep. That was a good one, as usual. The little boy’s description was chilling. I’d be willing to bet he’s right; the Sasquatch was watching them play for a long time. Don’t you find mostly the creatures aren’t murderers? Seems like that anyway. I agree (lately) – they must be a relic hominids. Thanks Wes.

  5. Amy D

    Wes.. this may sound weird but I thought the biggest thing struck me as ‘compelling evidence’ on Survivornan :Bigfoot was when Les found the pile of human like excrement. In the middle of nowhere a huge pile that was obviously TOO MUCH to be from a human yet was human like …, just a weird little thing that struck with me . Les was wondering as well why it was there, who left it?

  6. Kris G

    Good show! …..could, would anybody know the episode # of the discussion with the author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy book please? I probably even have the title wrong. Wanted to sit and listen again with my two brothers who are visiting. Thank you.

  7. MONTE M

    I remember an episode in CA where the person had Giant Redwoods on or bordering their land and had seen a creature come down out of the tree upside down in a manner such as a squirrel would come down the side of a tree . Wish that was on film .

  8. Eva B

    Hey Wes, my friend, my man, my bud, my brother, my pal…I love you dearly….. let’s just skip the other episodes and play episode 500! Who loves ya? Huh? EPISODE 500!!! C’MONNNNNNNNN….❤???

  9. Robert K

    I live in a major metro and have a PhD in science, yet I believe. I have seen too many things even near my house not to believe. You just need to spend time in the woods.

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