Jul 1

SC EP:448 It’s face changed like it was mad

A listener writes “I’ve had a pretty interesting encounter back in 2010. It took place in Wyoming and I got a pretty good look at two of them and I’m pretty sure there were others with them but I would love to talk to you about it.”

Spoke to the witness and he said “I was out on a mountain bike riding these trails and everyday I felt like I was being watched. We were helping family move and being 11 years old I was not much help so I rode the trails everyday. I stopped by the river next to the trail when this thing stepped out in front of me. I was in shock. I have never seen anything like this before. It was not a bear. He looked at me and than started doing this mouth popping and clicking sound. The sound was not directed at me. I picked up my bike and started turning around to ride off and it’s face changed like it was mad and it started growling at me. That is when the second one stepped out…”





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35 Responses to “SC EP:448 It’s face changed like it was mad”

  1. Reed D

    On a more serious note, thank you, as always. About to hit the play button now. Looks like another great episode. And by the way, Friday’s episode was excellent! His encounter was so vivid. You are really hitting them out of the park!
    Happy Independence Day, Wes, and everyone here!
    God bless.

  2. winkatme

    Hi WES, YAHOOOooo! LOL I’m lucky #7 tonight! And if I’m not that’s OK too. I hope you and all the members had a great weekend and an even better one coming up on 4th of July. Wes, it always makes me giggle when I play a past show when you recounted hearing a Bigfoot say Yahooo, Yahooo. GOD BLESS AMERICA! NOTHIN BUT LUV, WINK

  3. Adam Stewart

    Hey Wes I had an incredible ENCOUNTER.
    I had a dream that I was telling you in person and you were SOOO bored of the Sasquatch stories, that you ignored me, and then walked over to a construction company across the street and started to jack hammer a sidewalk while I kept talking lol….
    I woke up this morning and thought… I better tell Wes soon.
    I’ll send it tonight or tomorrow… I’m almost done writing it to you.
    Going listen to the show right now.
    Peace big Daddy.

  4. Doug K

    Hey Wes,. Great show tonight. Big thank you goes out to Miguel. Thanks for sharing this awesome encounter with all of us. YEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  5. Pat T

    Happy 4th Wes to you and yours! God Bless America! Thank you very much for providing such an amazing show over the years! May all the members have a great 4th of July celebration!

  6. Terry R

    Great show as always. Just wondering if there were young ones off to the side and the adults came out to confront a possible threat.

  7. m99

    This has to be a human hybrid. No there explanation. And, WHY are so many people Seeing these things, so frequently these days? With the whole clicking thing, and grimacing at people, like I hate you and get out of here? And HOW does a troop of Bigfoot hide in the forest? Has to use cave networks. No other way. Incredible account. So glad you made it out of there! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Wes, really enjoyed you having conversation with your witness. You’re getting better and better, more and more comfortable with your audiences. Thanks Wes.

  8. Jessica R

    I live in Lander WY. I HAVE SOOOOO many questions for this guest. Could you tell me which road you took out of town? Baldwin, Squaw Creek, on the way to Fort washakie, up North Fork or up to Sinks? And which creek were you on? Squaw, Little Popo Agie, North Fork? And was he here for the 4th of July?

  9. Kristina Easterday

    Got my tee shirt, orange hunting hat and stickers!! Now listening to this. Good start to a HOT HUMID day. Have a great weekend everyone!!
    Northern Michigander here

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