Apr 8

SC EP:421 Chased out of the woods

Tonight I will be welcoming Jeremey to the show. He describes activity around his property and finding tracks. A little bit later Jeremey and his friend decided to go camping not far from his property and something roared at him and his friend. They left all of their camping supplies behind and left as fast as they could. They decided to go back and get all of the camping gear the next day and found tracks of something very large, Jeremey said “It looked like a human track but just on a large scale.”

They decided the next day they would follow where the tracks were going. They came up into an area in the woods when all hell broke loose. Jeremey said “as we came around the corner we could hear talking but it sounded like gibberish than everything went silent….something screamed at us and it came from three different directions and whatever these things were they started knocking trees over.

We ran and I have never ran this fast in my life as we came down the trail this thing stood up on the side of the trail and I could see it from the chest up and it was huge. It wasn’t a monkey or human I wasn’t sure what it was but it was about 10 feet from me and it screamed at me. I really thought I was dead….”

The incident took place in Maine.






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71 Responses to “SC EP:421 Chased out of the woods”

  1. Clint N

    Thanks again Wes. You never fail to disappoint. Sure hope your Lady says the same. LOL. Damn, Sorry. Now I feel bad.

  2. Doug K

    Hey Wes…..thanks for another great program. Thank you Jeremey for sharing your awesome encounter with us. YEEEE HAWWWW!!!!!!

  3. Jon K

    Can’t wait to hear what you think these things are Wes, along with your theory as to why the government wants to cover them up. Thanks for the show.

  4. winkatme

    I’ve got my favorite bowl of ice cream[Macanaw Fudge] I’m sitting in my comfy chair and 5,4,3,2,1…. ALL RIGHT WES BLOW MY SOCKS OFF! WWWWWEEEEEeeeee! Much Luv, WINK

  5. Colin K

    Wes, you’re awesome man; but I’m dying to hear your theory. I’v e listened to how your ideas on what Bigfoot is have evolved since your first show. This has had an influence on me. When can we expect to hear your current thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW, in which episode did you first share your and Woody’s first encounter?

  6. Derek H

    Wes. I’d love to hear your theory. Maybe with a few special guests on the panel. If we’ve talked about Baphomet and Rakes, we are ready to hear your theory. A members only episode of course. Thanks again. Great episode!!

  7. Thomas W

    WTF elevator music! You are killing us. Speaking of Rakes, go see A Quiet Place and let us know what you think. When Wes finally does his “Here Is What I Think Sasquatch Is” show……its is going to be one for the ages! Great show.

  8. Kathy J T

    Thanks for sharing your story Jeremy…I think you are right when you say that you followed their markers for a gathering. Glad you are still with us!!!!
    Wes, I LOVE the show and your personality and how humble you are. All The Best to you and Woody and Will !Thanks

  9. Dovie D

    I’d love to hear your theory too. I would guess but then I would need to play elevator music too..? great show! Keepum coming …

  10. Cassandra S

    There are many different creatures on the land now that are not natural. They are not from God or made by God. They are man made. They have come into existence via other means Even though it is a movie, watch “The Titan” with Sam Worthington. It is a good example of what has been going on for decades and decades. In this movie, it is reptilian, but rest assured there also mammal creatures that have come into existence the same way, and other ways. Mr. Germer, keep the information coming. The more informed we are, the safer we are because we will know how to deal with these many creatures and protect our loved ones. In prayer for all of us.

    • Gabriel H

      Maybe Sasquatch is one of OUR parent species? And some ET race combined their nuclear DNA with Sasquatch mitochondrial DNA effectively making – human? And what we’ve been told is a cover story? That would be worth coverup wouldn’t it? Especially if under strict orders by said ET race? And that the implications aren’t What Are They, but instead What Are We. That would seem worth it in my head

      • Wolf W

        Exactly what I have been proposing for ages.

        This is why the cover up is so worldwide and complete. Imagine the outcry, uproar and general chaos if humans suddenly found out they are no more than genetically manipulated slaves designed to mine the planet’s resources for alien overlords?

        … The world religions would become obsolete overnight and the masses would revolt against the existing powers that be…

  11. Nicolas B

    I think humans have been genetically monified by the aliens in the past, and we’ve also been modified to be able to receive the soul. It MIGHT be the same with the sasquatch and the dogman, considering that UFOs are sometimes seen where there is activity of those critters, maybe yes maybe no!

  12. Eric P

    You just made your first mistake with me elevator music fuck you make sure that when my payed year is up to take me off I’m a they

  13. manuel m

    Wes your killing ME ! But I know what he said and what u think !! I promise not to tell ! Study the Bible in Hebrew because when this stuff comes out , I hope we are able to deal with it . Most wont ! SHALOM my brother ! Great show

  14. Lewis S

    Wanting to know why they cover this up is like wanting to see one. Sounds good till it happens then it’s too late. Have care in what you ask for.

  15. Derek R

    In the comment section of episode 419 I said the guest was delusional. As i thought about that over the last couple days i realized i was wrong in saying that…and to the guest i apologize…and to the Sasquatch Chronicles family i apologize…i may not have liked his encounter but had no right in saying that…i realize by me saying that i was acting like the unbelieving public and how they treat witnesses. Anyways…i had to get that out. Thanks Wes for bringing these encounters to light…

  16. Janeda E

    OMG I nearly died laughing when the elevator music came on. Wes, you da man. You are so honest and true, and you do it all with a sense of humor. Proud to be a member, you help so many.

  17. Jeremey G

    I would just like to say Wes is an awesome human being. I believe he is right on what he thinks and should go with his gut instincts. He put me at ease and thank you all for the kind words.

    • Christian L

      Jeremy i grew up near Lake Auburn maybe 15 min drive from Poland and had a couple encounters there in the 80s….dont live there anymore…just a few yrs older than you..wonder if we knew some of the same people.

  18. pam purple rose

    I am moving in the direction I THINK you have moved toward Wes, and it isn’t pretty. It is messy and not ready for mass consumption; it also would end my fascination for the creature.

  19. Mike J

    Wow, Jeremey you are one lucky man. Glad you made it out of there safe.
    Never thought I would hear elevator music during a show. Love the show Wess…

  20. Bob V



    For the first time I’m protesting the show. No More Elevator Music….Leave us hanging…ugh…lol

    I understand why you did it. But it was very disappointing. What’s important is it shows how well you treat people. I just hope I never hear elevator music again…Kenny G…maybe….lol. Good show.


  21. Kim S

    Great shows in the last month mr Wes……”crazy” isn’t …id rather listen to someone that thinks outside the square before I’d listen to someone that wanted to talk about the “weather”…. Shows are peaking…good job brother.

  22. Janetta V

    You were a great guest and not once did you sound stupid. Stop thinking that. Gen : 6, explains what they are, just sifted down from the top a few notches. It’s a big gene pool, ya know.

  23. F S

    If you are going to cut something from the show it would be more considerate to just edit that whole portion.
    We are loyal fans who support you, and to cut the interview like you did reminds me of two mean girls at lunch in jr. high.

  24. Joan P

    Amazing show. I don’t mind the elevator music/cliff hanger.It just shows respect for the guest who wanted to be off the record.

  25. Cole D

    Wes is absolutely correct about people in Louisiana not talking about the Boogers here. I live in South West La, Ive known about these things for years and openly talk about them. It’s difficult to get anyone to talk to you about the subject.

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