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SC EP:419 I would not believe it if I didn’t see it

A listener writes “I live in Kentucky. I’ve had several encounters with Sasquatch, or as we refer as “Haints”. My encounter started when I would ride my motorcycle and would always park at a secluded rock quarry lake.

I’ve had hands on interactions with a juvenile that resulted in me thinking it’s mother and another female was going to rip me to pieces. I later come to find out that an elderly lady feeds them and this is gonna sound really strange but she kind of ran a baby sitting house for the juveniles.

This all seems unbelievable but I won’t waste your time if you don’t waste mine. I’ve told 3 people about this encounter and I figured I could tell you. If you choose to believe me or if you want to listen to my story just message me back.”

I spoke to the witness late last night. The witness said “I was on my motorcycle and I was out in the woods and I heard what sounded like a child crying. I came up on this thing. It was small and was hanging upside down in a tree, it was small. I think it fell from the top of the tree and got stuck as I walked up on this thing I thought I was dreaming. I had never seen anything like this before. It looked like a hairy human/animal/kid.

I am sitting there watching this thing trying to figure out how I am going to help it out of the tree and what is it….you are not going to believe this, I wouldn’t if someone told me this. As I am watching this thing two more stepped out and they were both females. It is a long story but one of the females screamed at me and I ran.

This haunted me, I didn’t know what I saw. Later I went down that same road and I parked my bike. A short while later this old woman walked up to me and started talking about what I had seen. I had not told anyone about what I had seen and somehow this old woman knew what happen to me. She told me to come by her home sometime as she lived up the road.

I decided later to stop by her home and this is where it gets really strange. If someone told me what I am about to tell you I would NOT believe them…..”





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230 Responses to “SC EP:419 I would not believe it if I didn’t see it”

      • F S

        I’ve tried to be less dissenting for Lent, which is officially over, so I will just post a quick review:
        Aside from being sublimely recherche, the guest is either remarkably well rehearsed, or really did experience something incredible.
        The problem for me, in my OCD-addled world, was one sentence at the end of the interview. Just can’t get it out of my mind. That one sentence called the whole story into question.
        I just can’t seem to shake that this may be a disinformation effort.
        Probably just me.
        Great job, Wes.

          • jeff m

            Look, if we question his credibility, we have to question every person Wes brings on the show. Just because his story is fantastic doesn’t make it false or true. I would rather believe it than dismiss it. If the story is false have we really lost anything? It was entertaining if nothing else. But I believe him.

        • Ernest M

          Wholeheartedly agree. Art Bell said he didn’t believe all his guests, he put them on the air and left it to us to decide. Me thinks Wes was hoodwinked on this one.

  1. RubenD S

    Thanks Wes! It’s great to see that someone would trust you with such an amazing account! There are many others out there and hopefully this will encourage them to also tell their stories.

  2. Mark T

    Southern comedian Jerry Crowler used to tell a joke with “haints”… I always thought he was referring to spirits or ghosts who were “hainting” the old house…

    • Rosie M

      Totally. He lost it when he mentioned the horse hair braiding, he’s just listened to hundreds of episodes that’s all.
      When would a horse that wasn’t zonked out with infasound let one of these things near them? All these interactions over time and nada but a few anecdotes to back it up, not even a skerrick of proof, you know what they say about extraordinary claims.. Wes you let through a world class bull crapper,a very observant, jovial, sunny and amiable one.

      • BrokenMind27

        Why do we have ti have proof to be believed?? You’re the epidemy of what is so screwed up with this subject.
        Tell me stories so I can say you’re lying. Forget you Rosie. You may have it figured out but you still haven’t figured out youre a DA yet. Or have you??

        • Lou V

          The only subject that humans don’t need overwhelming proof for is religion. That they will build their entire existence around but anything else they want a plethora of evidence before even letting the thought enter their minds.

          • Jay Carlsen

            I use to think the same way , Until it was Proven to me in his CRAZY DREAM. Do you require Poof ? I will be happy to share it with You ! My email is jaycarlsen1971@gmail.com Drop me a Line & I will tell you all about it .

      • Jay Carlsen

        I do not know who I was replying too earlier , But do you think these things Emit this Infra-sound where ever they are ? I am not so Certain ? As I walked right next to one that was Pacing me from just inside the Forest. I couldn’t Imagine WHO This was ? I even Spoke to it …. Twice ! But when it put that “Gravity ” on me I knew it. That I was in Grave Danger for My Life.
        I do not KNOW for Certain …..But I do Guess they can turn it ON / OFF when ever they chose too.

    • BrokenMind27

      How do you know?? My Grandmother did the same thing with boogets in North MS. Never in the house but communicating with them through hand gestures, some english and some Choctaw. I kind of wanted to tell my story but people like you f that up. One more question. Is this Derek Randle with the olympic – we havent dine squat – project??

      • Kimberly P

        Even if you had the standard, run-of-the-mill encounter with no new information to give, someone will always try to tear down your account. It still doesn’t change the fact that it was experienced by you, truth is truth. And I believe him. I believe Sasquatches vary as much as we humans do. You’ll encounter the less intelligent ones, the ones we see as animals, and then you have the hairy human types. And like humans, you have psychopathic ill-tempered ones, mentally-challenged ones, the Einstein-of-the-woods types. Not every account is cookie-cutter because Sasquatch are a close relative of ours. Sasquatch is what the rest of us humans would have evolved into if we had not become more dependent on technology for our survival. Humans survive by changing and controlling our environment. Sasquatch doesn’t have to. You should tell your story. FUCK the rest of these know-it-alls. Honestly, this account has been the most interesting to date! Totally weird in the best way!

        • SANDRA E

          Very nicely said! This was the most detailed and interesting encounter I have ever heard. An incredible encounter. He was very lucky to have run across this lady. Thanks again, Wes, for a super show!!

  3. Wookie Booger

    Hell yeah! Talking with family about Sasquatch over the holiday and a new episode, yes! Life is good. Thanks brother.

    • Jay Carlsen

      ! You are one Brave Wookie my Friend ! ( I have had my Younger Brother by 4 years give me the Stink Eye when I told him of what I saw……… ) The Anvil & I haven’t had a GO at it for some time now – But that day in my Parents Garage ? was close. He does have the “Weight” on me now ? But I refuse to let that be a Deciding Factor. I am the Older – so I would automatically WIN!
      ( OH Yes , I am certain of it ) Your encounter was one of the BEST ! As I did not think these things were in the Plains States !?! ( You did have that Encounter in Kansas ? Yes ? )
      Was it Kansas that they dug up the Neanderthal Battle Field ? or was that Nebraska ?

  4. Jerry M

    Hey Wes, I have not listened yet… But I just was wondering given all the hype prior to the episode, if this isn’t an April Fool’s joke? Either way love you bro happy Easter!

      • Stephen C

        Hey Wes, don’t know how everybody is reacting to the last show and I’ve never had visual encounter -Plenty of encounters down here in Bama I completely believe Anthony story as wild as it sounded its believable and I’d take his word on it thanks for having such great guest and all you do for all us bd butts who always say this and that. Anthony made more sense than these experts that think they have it all figured out . Be good Wes or be good at it lol

        • Kimberly P

          I totally agree with you! This story is TOO SPECIFIC and TOO WEIRD not to be true. The star people comment gave me the chills.

      • Marian P

        Wes if you do come to find out she is still alive, I hope she is encouraged to document it.

        Did the caller say what any of the names were or sounded like?

        And thank you does not seem enough to say to you, but I know it makes you feel good to help so many, let alone the entertainment.

      • Jay Carlsen

        BRAVO ! ( Too many Details to be a Joke ) Anthony said Central Kentucky , which made me wonder if the Major City he was returning Home from in the Beginning was Bowling Green Kentucky ? I only Wonder because I worked out of our Kentucky Office for a short time which was Located in Bowling Green.
        The South is Notorious for Ticks ! Which made me think of the Family Bonds these things have with each other must be very Strong. As they would have to “Groom” Each Other Multiple times a Day ! I often would describe us who worked doing Seismic Survey as a Troop of Monkey’s ! As we were always asking the People working along side you to check for the Little Parasites ! I am sure these Things are No Different in that aspect ?

  5. Zachary R

    This is now my favorite episode! Thanks for an exciting show Wes! Will be listening to it again before bedtime!

  6. Rick C

    One of those stories that is almost too strange NOT to be true. The way a person sounds, inflections of the voice and the flow of their encounter and the way they recall details leads to the overall impression of one’s sincerity. I tend to believe Anthony but just can’t believe he wasn’t more inquisitive about what these things are. However, one shouldn’t necessarily judge another’s story and reactions unless you have experienced similar. All I can say is WOW, FASCINATING! I just wish he had pix and some hair samples. Please go back and start a diary of everything you are told.

  7. Bryan G

    Great show! I have no reason to disbelief the witness. Sounded very sincere and if he was making it up he would be a great story teller.

      • m99

        Lord have Mercy! If I had walked in that place, smelled the nasty odors, then saw a four foot toddler, my happy southern behind would have left and NEVER EVER gone back!

  8. Trent M

    Thanks for sharing your story Anthony!! You are a very lucky man and we are lucky to hear your story. And Wes I’m so glad you got him on, I was worried when on Friday nights show you said you were still trying to get him to agree to come on. One of the top 5 shows!

  9. Rodney P

    This encounter was hands down the craziest one I ever heard and I listened to a lot of different ones on the internet for at least the past 5 years. This encounter was so good and crazy I could of swore Wes was gonna start laughing and say April fools day every one but he never did. The more I listen to Anthony’s encounter the more I was believing it. He was giving so much information so fast he couldn’t be lying , that’s just my opinion. This encounter was in my opinion the best one on Sasquatch Chronicles ever. Thanks Wes for talking Anthony to coming on the show I’m blown away.

  10. William L

    Yes he has risen!

    Wes, I have got to say that next to you and Woody’s encounter, this show with Anthony is the best show you have had, hands down! And like you said there is a huge amount of information here and it both affirmed some thesis’ and refuted a few, but I feel like a kid at Christmas right now. Thank you Anthony for coming on the show and sharing your experiences with all of us. There is only one more question I have now (the one the guest a few weeks ago said he was dying to find out about: the Gospel.)

  11. Doug K

    Happy Easter everyone!!!! Another great episode Wes!!! Thanks to Anthony for sharing this amazing encounter.!! YEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!

  12. David J

    What a story! I am blown away by his account. If its true, I wonder how she got away with this kind of encounter without the government shutting it down. His voice has the ring of truth, though, and I believe him.

    Now the star people roused my interest a great deal. Most Native American tribes have stories of the star people. I studied it as an undergraduate and it fascinated me then. On top of that, my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. Sadly, I was very young when she passed away. I never got to hear her stories. Equally as sad, my mother and her cousins all discounted her stories and didn’t believe her. That history should have been recorded by them but they squandered it.

    Thank you Wes, for getting this guy on your show!

  13. DONNA G

    I really enjoyed the show Wes. Thank you Anthony for coming on the show to tell of your experiences. If you go back there, be careful. If the old lady is not there anymore because of death, please use caution, we have heard of BF getting upset when the person who is helping feed them leaves or dies and they can be violent.

    • Marian P

      You’re right Donna and more so if they are protective of her home or body. I wonder if they would take her away like they must do to their own. They may consider her to be one of their own.

  14. Eddie M

    I’ve heard something similar on a farm in S. Alabama. Generational relationship. Young ones would sneak in raid kitchen leftovers under table cloth. On an old farm and the guy telling me said the same thing “I pitty the thief that come out there at night”. Nothing ever got stole off that farm. They co-existed for generations.

  15. Bob V


    In Wisconsin and in Minnesota we have Fleet Farm and Farm n Fleet. In every area there is a Fleet Farm, Home Depot struggles.


  16. Asheim

    I an about half way through the show. I was reading through the comments to see if anyone was sceptical of this account. Many seem to believe it. I am unsure. I always try to keep an open mind that there are many things we just don’t know about these creatures. I would have asked the old lady so many questions. It just left me with more questions than anything. Is there anyone that has their doubts?

    • Colin K

      I am also very unsure about this story. Much of seems too incredible to be true; but it kind of makes sense. I am beginning to wonder is there is more to Bigfoot than just being a relic hominid. I too have my doubts, but I will be pondering this story for a while to come. It was sure different and entertaining, for sure. Also, that “star people” comment really freaks me out.

  17. Thomas W

    That was awesome. Anthony had an amazing experience and there were some intriguing things in there with the Star people, the daycare, horse braiding and a sexy squatch. Makes sense about Ostman also…..Interesting about the troop size. Great show like always. Happy Easter, He Is Risen!

  18. Ruth T

    Great story! Almost sounds like the old woman was looking for someone to groom and teach as her replacement when the time came! I wonder how old she was. I sure would have wanted her to make sure they knew I was a friend and not a threat in any way!!!!
    Also wonder who the star people are, maybe military?

    • Diane L

      I’m sure the squatch knew that if she had him over 5-6 times, Anthony could be trusted. I wonder how she got it wrong, though, about him aiding the little one caught in the tree. And, I wonder if she told Anthony to be sure to never tell anyone about her property. Maybe, though, with “Papa” around, she didn’t fear visitors.

    • David J

      The star people are spoken of by most Native American tribes. The stories are about extraterrestrial visitors and their relationship with the tribes. Although there are a few exceptions, most tribes believe they came to Earth from the stars and that the star people are their ancestors. In some cases, there are stories of the tribes coming to Earth through doorways from other dimensions or from subterranean worlds instead of spacecraft.

  19. Annelise B

    Incredible information; I believe him. I agree, this was probably the best show ever—because it demystifies these creatures to a great extent. Thank you, guy, for sharing this story!!

  20. David R

    Thank you Anthony! I met a lady who heard stories from people that played with the young ones when they were young. They just thought they were Indian children that lived in the woods. This was in Canada.

  21. Jeffrey H

    Damn, that was an excellent show! Thanks Anthony, for sharing your experiences. You truly are a lucky man to have had met that lady and shared the time you did with her and her neighbors! Wes, thanks for talking Anthony into doing your show. A lot would have been missed if we didn’t have such an opportunity to experience Anthony’s story. I wish you both a Happy Easter too! Thank again to both of you!

  22. Jeffrey H

    An author by the name of Kewaunee Lapseritis talked about having feeling with a females Bigfooot such as Anthony described. The face was that of a beautiful Native American, no hair on the face either. The body was close to a human woman’s body in shape. Actually the only difference was that Kewaunee’s female Bigfoot was older and was trying to suduce him. He wasn’t over a recent breakup and thus declined! Also stated that some, the smarter ones, can read your mind. Specially the Acient ones, who have no hair on their face and look closest facial wise to a human.

  23. Gregory B

    Amazing story Anthony. I’ve learned to never discount the tales told by those who have had encounters. Excellent show Wes, your guests are the best

  24. Duke S

    Great show! Every detail he gave out is something I have already heard, except the star people thing, so I tend to believe this guy. the age and size also matches other reports. Glagg saga for one, we guessed he was about 8 when Kevin met him, and already 61/2 feet and 350 lbs, for example. Matches up perfectly with what this guest and another witness I know said about their size and age.

    • Charles R

      This was new to me, and was one great piece of information I took away from this fabulous episode, one of many pieces. I had figured they would get this height in their mid teens. Just shows how darn fast they grow and when you consider their environment it is a good thing they grow so fast. It may also suggest they age faster and may not live as long as we do, perhaps natural death may come in their 30s or 40s, but this is a bridge to far right now.

      • m99

        Lord have Mercy! If I had walked in that place, smelled the nasty odors, then saw a four foot toddler, my happy southern behind would have left and NEVER EVER gone back!

    • BrokenMind27

      Great points Duke. Its a shame people cant listen then keep their comments to theirself. Itts messed up. They cant eait for the show then they drag the guezt through the mud cause they say it isn’t true. Hundred bucks says the people criticizing don’t even research.
      B. Browning

  25. Samuel F

    You know I bet there are more instances like this more than we could imagine anyway. You heard him say he didn’t think they could read your thoughts but then he said he got a really bad feeling about popa squatch. Well this is probably the same feeling they get off of humans and they know from experience that 98% of the humans they encounter could spell trouble for them either directly or indirectly. My gosh look at what we do to each other and what we did to the indigenous people of the America’s . So yes I think there a lot of situations just like this one where you have an old lady or an old man that might not have any surviving family or if they do they done come around so they kind of adopt each other so to speak. What an awesome show Wes Thank you…

    • Charles R

      I suspect you are correct Samuel. It is possible for certain people ( I will bet mostly women ) to live in harmony with the Sasquatch, but our race overall is not to be trusted by them. It now leads credence to the book Janice Carter wrote that just maybe she had this going on for a long time, I think 50 years. I think I will get the book.

  26. Pat T

    Wow Wes!, incredible show!, this guy you can’t help but believe! I am also very intrigued by the “star people” and would like to hear more about that. Keep bringing it!

  27. Pete M

    Well, they probably read his mind and knew his intent was to help the little one that was stuck even though he didn’t actually help it. He was right to hold back for fear it might attack him, would you walk up and free any other wild animal and not fear that it might maul you? Why do they go with the star people for a while? What do they do while there? Why are they here? I don’t know if this really happened, but he sounded sincere, left a lot of questions unanswered. He went back five or six times, he’s got a lotta balls, my ass wouldn’t even have been back in that area after that initial encounter, much less on a motorcycle, sorry, but no thanks!

  28. Charles R

    Jeepers Wes what a great episode, I believe Anthony and I think he has a lot more to say. First I hope he does go back and see if the lady is alive. Unfortunately he gave just enough information that I could find the house with enough time and the powers that monitor these creatures surely can do it much quicker than me. I hope this does not happen.

    I just have to hear more from Anthony. I would have him spend some time writing down all that occurred in a noted timeline and then have him back on. I am sure there is some great information he left out that is still in his memory bank. I learned so much more, and I am all about their culture and habits. This episode really furthers the possibilities that can happen with the Sasquatch and gives me new hope on my retirement plans.

    I also am sorry that you hate these creatures so much, but I also understand why. However what sprung out of you and Woody’s turmoil is the single greatest source of information brought to the Sasquatch world by these detailed witness accounts. It really has moved the research world forward to a great great degree. Bless you for this Wes. Keep up the great work.

  29. Lee F


    Thank you for sharing your experiences – what an awesome story!
    I hope you get a chance to meet up again with the old woman & possible see the what the babies have grown into

  30. Dawn G

    This is the 2nd or 3rd guest that mentions they listen to Sasquatch Chronicles at bedtime with earphones ?. I thought I was the only one. My husband finally bought me a fancy eye mask with built in blue tooth headphones so he wouldn’t have to have nightmares listening to the scary stories hahaha! I told him, listening to it totally relaxes me, what are you talking about!

    • Asheim

      I listen in bed with earphones! In Norway we are about 8 or 9 hours ahead of Washington time so the new episodes are often posted in the middle of the night our time. I have insomnia so usually catch the show while still in bed. They completely relax me too.

      • m99

        Hello Asheim. I was watching that silly show about the trolls of Norway. I was enthralled with the woods and scenic majestic beauty of Norway. Then I realized, it looks so much like parts of Washington State, where I live. Have you visited? What do you think about the trolls of Norway? _m

  31. Isabella I

    This story made my hair stand on end. I 100% believe Anthony I was listening to his voice and his pausing to think, very easy to know he is telling the truth. I agree with other members there is a lot more to this story than what we are hearing. I believe Anthony was afraid Wes would think he is really crazy and have him committed to the nearest hospital.
    Anthony I think you was right to be afraid of the Alfa male and your braver than many men I know as there is no way any of them would go back there after the first time.

  32. Isabella I

    Forgot to say thank you to Wes, this show is one of your best so far. Very scary makes me so happy I can hear these stories from across the pond and know I’m safe when I’m out and about in the countryside. Finally I also listen to the shows in bed with earphones!! Now that is weird ??

  33. michael m


  34. Stephanie G

    To me, there was an overall sense of truth. Too many insignificant details that a made up story just wouldn’t have. Plus, Wes has often said that he hears a lot of corroborating information off the air. I don’t think Wes would put this on if he had his doubts. One other thing people, for a while there, reading through the comments, I thought I had drifted over to a religious channel. Please stay on topic, and no offense is meant to your beliefs, but c’mon.

  35. Tamsin D

    Dear Wes & Anthony,
    Hands down one off the top five encounters.
    I wish on cold days I had a sashquatch to feed my horses.
    However, the babies would have to stay in the barn. I wouldn’t want the smell and mess in the house.

  36. rosalyn b

    Really interesting show. I wondered why the lady was even at the abandoned quarry when she spoke to him the first time. Seems like her house was a pretty far walk (quarter to half mile away) if she wasn’t really able to do her barn chores. Did she just happen to be on a stroll to the quarry at the same time he was there? Anyone else wonder about that?

  37. Joseph D

    Hey Wes,
    Great show, really enjoyed this one. Thanks, for all your hard work on putting on such a phenomenal podcast each week.

  38. Tanner M

    This was a great show! One of my favorites so far… pretty wild story but I think he could be telling the truth.

  39. squatch

    Gobsmacked is a good way to describe how i felt when listening to this. A BIG thank you to Anthony for sharing one of the greatest encounters of all time (if not THE greatest) and for being totally honest and believable. This gentleman (Anthony) is completely legit, imho. You don’t make up a story like this. (talkin about the lady putting neosporin/band-aids on these things, sponge-bob, starpeople, being attracted to the young female) You just don’t. Which leads me to think about Duke’s recent story with the gentleman from Idaho (Glagg’s encounters?) Similar in the Squatch/Human interaction. These types of relationships probably do happen more often that we ever thought possible? (as rare as they may be)

    • m99

      One word to describe how I felt listening to this encounter? “Gobsmacked!” A new favorite word to me! Thanks squatch. 🙂

  40. Kerry D

    I’m only at the part where the guest keeps talking about the feet and ankles of the Squatches, but I
    needed to respond. I have heard this from a scientist that studied there tracks. Actually it may have been Dr. Meldrum. The ankle IS set OVER the foot unlike ours, and the witness also noticed the Mid- tarsal break, but didn’t know what to call it. This bit of information that he gives, makes me feel that this was a true encounter.

  41. Jacqueline N

    Wow what a great esisode! It has been on my mind all day today and I want to hear more. Wes I think you need to take a road trip and see if she is still alive and living on the property. Sounds like the property is still there, that’s a good sign. I got the impression that she may be a bit of a loner and don’t see why she would not still be there if still alive. She needs her stories to be documented before she passes away.
    Anthony thank you for sharing! Pretty amazing

  42. Danny H

    So much info to take in, had to listen to this twice. Hope we get to hear more shows like this especially considering all the positive feedback. Not sure how you’re going to top this Wes….

  43. jennifer g

    This story probably has the most comments ever……well , Glagg testimony, Khat Hansen….the other fello Duke had on in the round table.
    Major muffin production going on there.
    She might need a go fund me page for all the ingredients , food and her electric bill.
    So crazy, he does sound credible though I think………just cuckoo.

  44. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Maybe Wes should offer his members counseling services after such an episode. Really quite a lot to absorb! I agree with a number of comments suggesting some sort of follow up with Anthony. Also what if anything is going on at the lady’s property.

    • m99

      That’s it! Favorite Episode EVER! Love that Anthony. Thanks for sharing brother Anthony. You know you Rock! Gonna go watch me some Sponge Bob Now! 🙂

  45. Ann M

    Best show ever! Thank you Anthony. Thank you Wes. Would be so cool to hear more. Find the lady and bring her on with Anthony.

  46. Trevor C

    Wow what a show! I thought the last one was fascinating! For me it’s very difficult to take in so much information but the details.. just too many details.. things we’ve all heard before! The midtarsal break, the brow ridge, the clicks and pops, the body proportions at different ages etc it’s almost too much to make up! And Anthony seemed descent and very believable! Awesome stuff!

  47. Dave T

    Great show Wes. I’m in the believing camp right now. I had it pictured in my mind that somewhere at an old farm, a little old lady had befriended a Sasquatch or family of them and here it is. So many things Anthony said about these beings resonated with me. The only thing I really didn’t agree on with him is that they are animals. In my opinion they are some form of human or human hybrid. What really separates Sasquatch from animals is they’re ability to speak and they do have a language. They may be feral but they are a people and closely related to us.

  48. Dovie D

    Wow!! Wow!! Very interesting and the fact that you have heard of this before. I wonder how many people are doing this that we don’t know about? If your guest had a camera the woman and her guests would not have allowed him to take a picture so how would he get “proof”. When Anthony shared about the ankle in the middle of their foot that was interesting and I wonder if that is how these creatures Move the way they do on all four. I’m curious too how that woman could have tolerated that smell? I know you get use to smells but it started somewhere; she would have had to smell that for months before she could accept it. I appreciate your guest coming on. When we begin critiquing guests we are doing what “guests” have heard or felt already and why share?

  49. dan F

    Great show Wes. But I still consider them animals with alot of the same qualities of a wolf. The way they live and hunt in family unites. So it’s not hard for me to believe they can be habituated to a human. Maybe the old woman was acclimating Anthony to the pack knowing she wouldn’t be around much longer. ??? I’ve made the mistake of habituating several types of animals and it always cost them their lives once they lost their fear of humans.

  50. Jason E

    This makes me think of my encounter when I was young. (Chewbaca Man) EP147. My young friend built a friendship with one. It chased me out of the woods. One of the most frightening experiences of my life I will never forget it.

    • m99

      Hi Jason @Chewbaca Man! Glad to see your input. Thanks for posting the episode #, which is in the top five best in my book. Hope all is well with you. Any other encounters to speak of?

      • Jason E

        Thank you! I’m doing well. I did a lot of investigating in East Texas after the show and after my friend called me about his encounter. I interviewed several people in East Texas and have several more encounters. I have not contacted Wes again. Maybe I should reach out to him and let him know what I have learned.

        • m99

          That would be fantastic Jason. I’m from SETX, but have lived in East Tx proper, Huntsville, Conroe, finally Jacksonville area.

          When you described the woods you kids played in, I could actually feel the trees, the air and scents, and the mystic of the deep woods. Me and my little brother played together in the deeps woods. We weren’t allowed to go back that far, but we didn’t care, we did anyway. I thank God we never encountered a BF.

          Please follow up. I know many people would love it if you could. Bless you and Bless the Great state of Texas!

    • Jay Carlsen

      Your the one who did the Chewbaca Man episode ?!? THAT WAS THE BEST ! I use your account in debate about these things being a ” People “. ( Only not quite like we Modern Humans are People) For when You called for your Father it stopped dead in it’s Tracks! Maybe it did not understand WHO you were calling out to ? But It KNEW you were calling out to Someone.
      If a dog is Chasing You ? You are it’s Target and it will not concern itself with you yelling out for Help.
      But this ‘Sloping Forehead Person’ DID Know you were calling out for Help. And it did Stop. Because it KNEW what would happen if it was found out hiding behind the Surveyors House. That it would have been Killed or at least Run Off.
      These things have different Brains than we do. Yes I do think these are the same as Neanderthal & all the other ” Cavemen ” that Science puts names to. This Nocturnal Nation of People who are a Different Manner than You or Me. ( Because of Our Modern – State of the Art – All on Top Brains )
      I read your Reply …… Am I to understand that your Friend who moved away all of a sudden contacted you ? ( I would have to beg you to contact Wes and do another Episode ! ) Your Encounter was THE BEST ! ( Though maybe not from your Perspective ? )

  51. Jan F

    I bellive you 100% Anthony.
    And what you told was up in top 3.i Will say its the bedst bcoz my THEORY is that sasquatch are genetik made by U.F.O
    its so many times that i have hear that they look like native indians in the face,just like Mike wooleylvj drawing.
    And sasquatch and you U.F.O are the two only things were the military or people in High places say…..you saw a Bear or you saw an air baloon.and the two things they cant do anything about to it.

    And they Can talk and have deferent facese.
    And its Right out of the bible.

    AND ALSO AFTER THAT.(the great flood)

  52. michael m

    it is sad to think if this nice lady were to pass on,this would leave the group at the mercy of the next people that move on to the property.it would be nice if she had someone to carry on for her and the group of squatch living on her property.If this has gone on since the 70s it would be sad to see it stop.and oh my wouldn’t that make a great movie.im sure she has many more stories andmuch more for us to learn.thank you

  53. m99

    Let’s rank ’em:

    1. Wes and Woody, Yacolt Mountain
    2. Jason’s encounter with Chewbacca Man
    3. Knobby’s Rock throwing retaliation
    4. Tracy G. close encounter of the third kind
    5. Anthony and the Sasquatch Babysitter

    After seeing Jason and thinking about it, Chewy had to be second. Knobby’s had to be third. Can’t forget Tracy’s, which still gives me shivers when I think about it! And Anthony’s had to be in this list. Wes’ had to be first. Anybody else want to rank ’em? As far as I’m concerned, these could all be #1.

  54. Eric B

    I feel Anthony is telling the truth. I don’t know but he sounds very earnest and honest.
    I also Loved the Chewbacca man story. Thanks Jason!! You Rock! I’ll never forget when your friend said
    He doesn’t like YOU!!

    • Jason E

      Lol! I will never forget it either! I still get shivers down my spine when he said that and I took off running and that thing came after me. I think it was jealous somehow and very territorial. I’ve given it lots of thought over the years.

  55. m99

    I’ve been pondering the term “Haint”, which is what the lady called her forest friends. I looked it up:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost / “Haint” is a synonym for ghost used in regional English of the southern United States,[16] and the “haint tale” is a common feature of southern oral and literary tradition.”

    The thing is, she knew these beings were not ghosts. I would like to hear from some Kentuckians regarding this word. Also in the same paper at wiki, the haint is synonymous for a “shade”, which if you look up in the bible, the Raphaim, the offspring of the watchers, are also called ‘shades’, or soulless. That’s the meaning of Raphaim. Not that I want to go there, I just found it interesting that she called them this term.

    I wonder if Anthony could expound on any of this. Any ideas Anthony?

  56. Jan F

    I know many dont like the U.F.O combined whit sasquatch.but go on youtube and type diclosure 2001
    And many High ranking formor military whit top secret clering,are telling the thruth.
    And some of Them have been murded by talking about it.

    You all hear Anthony talk about the starpeople.

  57. m99

    @Jan F ~ It’s not so much people don’t believe the govt’s of the world aren’t involved in a UFO cover up, as well as true history, and other cover ups. It’s that so much of it is believed to be physical, not spiritual. In other words, I do believe in UFO’s and Aliens, however, I believe they are inter-dimensional beings, not inner-galactic. I believe they’re demonic in nature and are liars. If they can fool humans, they certainly can fool other species. This is basically a BF podcast. with so many varying opinions about the “woo”. I think we are trying to figure out BF. And I also wish Anthony had expounded more on the star people too. Thanks for Sharing though, Jan. 🙂

    • Jan F

      Yes i agree whit you totaly.i bellive that they are those the bible told about…those who came from heaven to Earth and corupted humans animals and plants before the flood.
      And now they are doing it again.
      They dont COME from another planet but as you self Said another dimension. “Star people”
      I saw how southkorea cold clone a US. wardog in under 7minuts. In a tv program about were to live.
      So whats next? That you self deseign your own chrild whit genetik..blue eyes and i want Black hair and so on. 🙂

  58. Bruce S

    Thanks Wes, great show – Anthony was believable for many reasons: 1 – he kept back tracking yet the details remained consistent, even the really mundane ones 2 – the house smelled of milk, namely lactating female sasquatches with kids 3 – the old woman does not fully understand squatch; she interpreted helped the kid as rescued the kid 4 – banging a squatch; that’s about as as honest as it get….if he is a con, that performance deserves an Oscar

  59. James F

    I like these odd off the wall ones. Some of the details are so out there that you can’t make this up. Don’t hold back Wes. Great show and great interview. I would like to thank that gentleman for coming on with his story.

  60. tom b

    Either this gentleman was telling the truth or we were listening to Steven Spielberg with his voice disguised. I’m betting it was the truth

  61. Marian P

    Thank you Anthony for stepping up and sharing your story. Please give us any update on the old lady. Sounds like there should be a part 2 to this one. One of the best. I have heard almost all of Wes’s guests and just when you think it can’t get any better…..WOW
    I really hope this story helps others with similar ones contact SC.

  62. Pat T

    Jason E, good to hear from you!!, just wanted to tell you what a great story teller you are! I loved your account and listen to it again and again!, glad your doing well.

  63. Tycinnacus W

    Appreciate what you do Wes, if there was a Hall of Fame for Squatchers I wouldn’t hesitate to nominate you. By the way, where’s that new Renegades episode? Lol

  64. Aaron W

    I’d love to hear bear and coonbo’s take on this interview! If y’all can recall what they said about the horse hair braiding!?…and it’s not pretty! So it makes me wonder how that went down! Just saying! ?

  65. michael m


  66. Debbie C

    I like that you had a good conversation
    with this kind and intertaining guest.
    I have never witness Bigfoot.
    I completely believe the guest stories.
    I don’t see any reason not to believe him.
    I love this episode!:)!

  67. gOrk B

    Great episode – whether its fact or fiction. I’d like to believe it myself. Any idea on how close / far this location is from the Pancake-eating habitual site of the early-00’s ? Would be interesting to find out if they are close in proximity. And this, of all witnesses, would be a GREAT one to spend time with a sketch-artist!
    I think this one has to be my 2nd favorite SC show of all time.

  68. Letty

    First, Happy Belated Easter to Wes, Woody, & the rest of your families. Second, fantastic episode! Thanks, Wes!!!

    Thanks, Anthony for sharing your story. Your comments about the female made me giggle but overall, your encounter is a rare one. I think if you go back she will be long gone. It would be great to find out if her family had a chance to bury her or if she disappeared because the BF family took care of her. I started thinking that the alpha BF was trying to send you a message that 1. He is the only alpha on that property and 2. I heard you were staring at my daughter’s boobs and don’t want you near her kind of deal. I hope you come back with a follow up. Thanks again for sharing. 😀

  69. Morris W

    Wow! Not sure if I’m buying this but nobody believes my encounter either. I saw the damn thing but could not see a face! I was 20 feet away and it was so dark it looked like there was nothing there. I would like to believe this. At any rate. It was a great story. PRt of me think that you could not make this up but wow! The guy is like me. Not smart enough to make up something like this. It had to be hard not to laugh even if you believe it. Great story line. Stranger things have happened. Right down to the guy looking at the young girls ass and breasts and getting lost in eyes. Yep. It’s a guy thing. Just how we are wired.

  70. Jorge M

    i been a member for a yr now an i never wrote a comment . but this is some good stuff if its true. im a believer when it comes to bigfoot so i hope this was real . good show

  71. Debbie A

    Awesome show Wes! Thank you Anthony for having the courage to share your experience. I wish I could draw. There are so many pictures I would get out of your story. This is right up there with Bob Garret’s account. Wes, how is Bob? Loved your story Anthony!

  72. LINA P

    Great show! I hope Anthony could at least check property records and see if the woman is still there. It would be very worth a daytime trip to get an account from her!

  73. John S

    Oh, please. Man! I really enjoy this podcast, but lately…eh. I’m just not sure what I’m listening to, anymore…guests have just been ok, a little too much Dogmen for my taste, “encounters” have been a lot of noise in the woods and now this guy. He was definitely entertaining, but credibility wise, show is going a little south. Sasquatch Syndicate has been much better, lately, and that didn’t used to be the case. PLEASE go back to the basics…and give us a scientist every once in a while. STILL LOVE THE SHOW, just not my go-to, any longer.

  74. Becky F

    I believe this guy. There are too many stories about older ladies socially interacting with these creatures. With her to intercede for him I can guess why they didn’t hurt him. Notice he never said they accepted him. I like this articulate young man. He simply had a fantastic, unique and completely enthralling experience. The End.

  75. Angie S

    I wonder if the part we are missing is: the attractive 8 year old female with a “cute little hairy butt” got a creeper vibe from this guy and told her sisters and cousins about it. Papa over heard her conversation and came to the farm that day to either scare him, hurt him, or kill him but the old woman stopped him when she went out to talk to him, then she came back into the house like everything was fine not to scare her new friend away. But Anthony knew that’s why Papa was there and alas has never returned. It’s a classic scenario between father’s, beautiful daughters, and intrusive strange men with wandering eyes.

  76. Jay Carlsen

    I Believe Him !
    But I wish I could of ask Anthony if the 2 Young Ones were Twins ? ( I have a Theory I am working on ………………………..)

  77. Mauri G

    I want to know since he said the Bigfoot had names if they were given there names by other Bigfoot or the Old lady named them? This was one of the top episodes on here!!?

  78. james n

    OMG!! I feel as if I just dove head first down the rabbit hole. Just about the best one yet. Thanks for sharing this!!?

  79. Jay Carlsen

    I find it Fascinating about the Two young ones. Were They Twins ?
    Like the First Twins spoken of in the Bible – Jacob & Esau ?
    The leaving with the Space Brothers is Crazy Also ! Sorry – I Thoroughly think these ” Aliens ” are in fact these Demons spoken of in the Ancient Text. Do these thing Travels in these Foul things that Creep at Night Abducting People for Biological Sampling ? Why do they do This ? Is it to Clone other Vessels ? Are these Sasquatch easier to ” Inhabit ” / ” Possess ” ? Because of their Brains ? Who is to say ?

  80. Joel V

    Anthony is such a credible dude! There are things he couldn’t have made up without experiencing this! Plus he told his story very fluidly. I would buy that property in a second!
    I want to take a road trip to meet this lady if she’s still alive. Anothoby!! You gotta get back out there!

  81. Nicholas S

    Hey Wes so this question is directed at you…. have you heard back from this guy was he able to check up on her see if she is still alive? I would love to know if she’s okay if ? one of these things through a fit or something and hurt her accidentally or killed her ( it seem like that’s what you were getting at when you are asking him to check up on her). I could totally see that happening with the type of temper that he described especially with children that weigh 2-300lbs. Even though she’s been taking care of the little ones for 30-40 years it only takes one tantrum that goes a little too far with an animal that big.

  82. Ernest M

    Art Bell said he didn’t believe all his guests, he put them on the air and left it to us to decide. Me thinks Wes was hoodwinked on this one.

  83. Michelle R

    Wow, awesome encounter…I would have wanted to learn so much more about them…These creatures could be Alien made.. Just guessing, I have no Idea what they are really!!

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