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SC EP:376 “The Dog”

A listener writes “Hello Wes, I have been eager to tell you about this short moment for a year now. Problem is there are two things I want to tell you about. Both strange, one still gives me chills.

I’ll let the clock decide on e order of things. Oldest first…DOG MAN? This hole Dogman thing realy set me back when I found the stories online. I have a nack, so to speek, for unusual experiences. Ghost, poltergeist, hauntings, etc. So my encounter, or sighting, of Dogman I always chalked up to a poltergeist I was living with at the time. Heart pounding stuff, if you like I’ll write you about that too. Anyway, it’s fall 1984 and I’m Laying in bed reading a book. I’m 14 years old. Book was “Christine”. Its late, past midnight, my folks are out cold. So much paranormal activity had happened in my bedroom, it became a test of wills. Well the damn ghost won, but I did find a loophole.

All of the activity seemed to be centered on one wall in my bedroom. Eventually I moved everything away from that wall, my bed, desk, phone, pictures etc. And the brooding, ball busting, bitch of a ghost finally stopped making my hair turn white. Parden my cursing. Spent 25 years in Vegas. So I’m in bed, late, reading “Christine” when BAM! Something slammed against the wall from outside! Hard hit, shaking the hole room, and rattling the window above my head. The bang hit on the wall to my right, the empty wall. Yes same one I mentioned, so I tied this to the ghost for all these years, but now I’m not sure.

You see the bang made me jump out of my skin, and I dropped the book, and looked up. There are two windows in that room, one above my headboard, one in the center of ‘that’ wall. Then I saw it. My hair stood up all the way down my back! It was the face of a dog. A black dog, and I got a damn good look at it. It didn’t last long, just a few seconds. A moment that still sends chills down my spine. It had no fur, just black skin. Its eyes were yellow in the moonlight. Its teeth were barred at me in a macabe grin. Way to many teeth for a dog. Long teeth, unnatural teeth. Its nose was pointed down as it pressed against the glass, making the face look extra long. It was looking at me. Our eyes locked, and when they did It pulled it’s mouth tighter curling at the corners, making the grin even more sinister.

I was gripping my blanket in two fist, I was petrified. Absolutely frozen in fear. It didn’t just see me, it saw “in” me. And it wanted me. Then, after just a few seconds, it moved away to the right. In the direction of the other window. The window inches from me. I realized that very quickly and sprung into action. My bedroom door was 12 or so feet away (it was a really big bedroom) so I lept to my feet and sprung off my bed into the floor bounding to the door in one step, throwing it open.

I didn’t look back as I left the room, but I did here it hit the wall by my bed as I ran into the hall. Two hits, like one for each hand, only not as hard. I didn’t wake my folks. I slept on the couch. As I did many nights in that house. Later on I wondered how long it had been looking at me before it banged on the wall. Unnerving. That’s it. “The Dog” I always called it when I told that story. It never really fit into the ghostly goings on of that room, but I didn’t know what else to think. Until I read about the dogman. Now I’m not sure. A few days before “the dog” I was being shadowed In the woods next to my house.

I never saw anything, but something was parraleling me. Its footsteps were crunching in the leaves. I wonder now of it followed me home. I’m Writing all this on my phone and it is slowing down a lot. I’m gonna split it up into another email. The knome will have I wait. That happened just last year, and is twisted and bizzar and deserves it’s own telling. Thanks Wes for reading this. Not sure what you can do with it, but here it is Your free to write back of you have questions of course. Good day and hope your well”

I will also be welcoming Jeff to the show and Jeff writes “Hey Wes; My name is Jeff, I have been a long time listener/follower. I am impressed with the platform you have created and the audience that follows.

I look forward each week to the additional content you provide. I just finished listening to Ron Morehead and Scott share their research and experiences regarding the Sasquatch Language. I have found that most episodes I am so focused and listening intently that I don’t find time to appreciate the comedy in some of the encounters. For example when Scott was perched on his rock calling out to the Bigfoots using content from his 75 pages of transcribed language only to have Ron approach him and ask “how do you know you’re not screaming out some sort of mating call”. I literally laughed out loud. I guess we don’t know. I really appreciate the way you conduct and handle your interviews, it really adds to the show and makes it more personable.

Anyways, the reason I am emailing you tonight is to share something that I think you might find as interesting as I did when I came across it. I also have to inquire and ask you for your opinion at the closing of this email about an additional encounter that Jack had.

Jack is my grandfather, we were very close. He was born in 1926, and passed away in 2003. My grandpa was a very detailed, honest, hardworking individual. I would consider him to be a pillar of the community in which he resided. He spent most of his earlier days in St Anthony, Idaho. He was a WWII Vet, and lived by God, Country, Family, and in that order. Anyways, my grandfather had a very detailed and almost ritualistic routine that he would go through on almost a daily basis. One of these things was writing in a journal. This journal of his turned into what I would consider more of a memoir than anything. The content inside was written and saved to provide his posterity with detailed information on his life and what life was like throughout the 1900’s.

I recently took the opportunity to learn more about this individual that I always held close to my heart. I would consider him to be a hero of mine. A confidant, someone I could always rely on and trust with my life, regardless of the situation or circumstance. As I turned the pages of this “biography” I came across two encounters that he shared. One of which “we” (family) only came to realize through his writings. The other, (which I’ll explain in closing, involved 4-5 ft. owls?) I hope this isn’t too lengthy for you, and that I haven’t bored you to death with trivial stuff. But I’d like to share with you both of his encounters, and I’ll do so by writing them here verbatim.This entry took place when he was a young teenager in the mid 1940’s.

“I saw some strange things in my youth, and some of them I have never been certain of what it was all about. I was bringing the cows in from the pasture one evening at near dark. The time of day when everything is silhouetted, we lived on the state place at the time. (St Anthony) I had the cows bunched and ready to push them across the canal, which was nearly full of water at the time. The cows had to swim to get across. I looked down into the pasture at the opposite direction from where I had gathered the cows, and as I did so I got a cold chill feeling. A feeling so intense I don’t have the vocabulary or words to describe it. All I can share is that there was an immediate trepidation that took place in my body. As I looked out over the pasture, maybe six or seven hundred feet away I saw something standing by a young sapling. An animal which looked like an enormous bear standing on its hind feet. The cows never seemed to be too disturbed, so I thought that maybe this sight was a direct result of an active imagination. I thought perhaps that my mind was playing tricks on me. I told Dad about it but he didn’t seem too concerned, so I proceeded to tell Baker, a dear friend of mine. He agreed to walk to the spot where I had seen the apparition the following morning.

After our morning chores had been accomplished, and after we drove the cows back to the pasture, we walked our way over to that young sapling. Using this sapling as a reference, it was fairly easy to determine this creature’s size within a few inches or so, using Bakers height, it was evident that it was about two of him. We added the difference and could determine that this beast was between eight in a half and nine feet tall. Also, there had been a rain storm the day before I witnessed this strange sight, and the ground around the tree was wet and muddy. Below this tree, there was an area about 2 feet square. There in the mud was the largest looking footprint either one of us had ever seen. We placed our feet into the depression in that muddy ground and marveled about how small our feet with shoes on were in comparison to the footprint that laid there before us. It was Bakers feeling that it must have been a bear, he was happy that no harm had befallen me the previous night when I thought I had seen that enormous creature standing on its hind feet for an extended period of time. As we went back, we had to cross the bridge that hovered over the canal kwai, we were overwhelmed by a terrible odor, and our noses led us to the spot where it looked like some animal or beast with nest making capabilities had built up a bed of dry sticks. We could only conclude that this structure was made to act as a bed for some animal to sleep on during the night. At that location the odor was even stronger, much more pungent and repulsive than anything I could imagine. We vaguely wondered what it could have been, we pursued the mystery no further. Neither of us ever did see anything like what I had seen that one time so I suppose Baker forgot it entirely, something that I have never been able to do.”

(The following is what I was wanting to share in closing, in an attempt to get your opinion and or thoughts. I also would like to know if you have ever heard of anything similar to the following, or if this is an original encounter.)

“On another occasion, at another plot of acreage on the same farm I was riding one of the horses out in the pastureland of sorts. The soil there wasn’t very productive at the time, so even the grasses were dwarfed in size. I looked to my right, and there stood two of the darndest critters I had ever laid eyes on. I thought at the time that they were owls between four and five feet tall. They had owl like noses and owl like enormous eyes and sockets. I rode my horse toward them, but as they never moved from their position I become frightened and turned the horse away. I got off the horse and faced them. They looking south toward me. I was looking north toward them. I took a step toward them and they took a step in my direction and stopped. I took two steps toward them only to have them take two more steps towards me and my direction. I thought if they are birds then I can frighten them into flight by shouting and throwing my arms and hands about over my head and in the air. When I did this they looked at each other as if they were communicating some message to each other. I had the distinct feeling it was me who was the one being discussed. They had a look of wonderment in their eyes, but didn’t move or budge from the spot. I took one more little step, an attempt to ease my troubled mind, and in unison they both took another step toward me. By this time I was more frightened than before, I could tell by their determination that the distance between us was only going to get shorter. So I took one giant step backwards to create some more distance between us, and to prevent an experience of the worst kind. This time they remained were they stood, so I knew they weren’t there for the dance. I got back on my horse and rode circles around them, they kept a keen eye on my whereabouts, as I rode circles, and they would follow using the same roundup method. I got off the horse and again flailed my hands and arms, I even looked for a rock or two that I could throw but found none. All the time they just stood there watching fascinated at what I was doing. Finally I decided that this needs the attention of a gun. I rode to the house and grabbed the twenty-two along with some bullets and headed back to where I had left them. I figured I could shoot up the turf around them and see how good something that big was at being able to fly. When I returned, there wasn’t a trace of the whatever’s they were. Perhaps someday I will know, or perhaps maybe I never will.

I went home that night and asked dad if he had ever seen owls four to five feet tall? He looked at me like I had really flipped and told me no. I told him about what I had seen that day on a portion of his farm and thought it was owls. He just laughed I suppose thinking his youngest son was some kind of crackpot. I don’t know what I saw on either occasion, all I know is that I did witness and encounter both creatures. I told another friend of mine about it many years later and he said “come on Jack, you aren’t for real”. I am only adding these incidents in here in hopes that at some time, some of you may be able to sort out the mystery, and come to find out what it was I witnessed. can assure you, as sure as you’re reading these entries knowing that what I have shared is the truth, and everything else concerning it.”

I found these entries to be pretty fascinating. It created a lot more questions, questions I wish I could have had time to ask him, but none the less, I feel very fortunate that he was detailed enough and dedicated enough to keep track of certain events, and memories of his life.”





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58 Responses to “SC EP:376 “The Dog””

    • F S

      Owls are a common “screen memory” for what people call “aliens”.
      As for the first guest, there is much to unpak from his encounters. He is obviously still under Spiritual Attack, the entire family needs help.
      The most common cause of demonic harassment is generational curses. These can spread to younger and younger members of the family, and can effect all aspects of life – finances, health, employment, etc.
      These things work within a very specific set of laws. No encounter is ever random. We must INVITE them in.
      They do not need to cheat at the rules when human beings open the door.
      The reasons, I and more education people than me think have opened the floodgates are:
      * The rejection of “traditional” values.
      * The rejection of sanctified marriages.
      * The fact that 40% of children are born out of wedlock.
      * The presence of non-genetic males in nuclear families.
      * Single parents raising children.
      * The institutionalized of child care.
      * The hyper sexualizatiom of younger and younger children.
      * The lack of baptism.
      * The lack of formal spiritual beliefs and practices.
      * The increase in paranormal and occult practices.
      The cultural norms and religious practices that were once cherished are now not fashionable.
      The bottom line is – if we HAVE TO INVITE THEM IN – we can KICK THEM OUT.
      It is just that people now have no foundation in Spiritual or moral conviction.
      Just my opinion.

      • Stephen W

        Very interesting analysis, you correct we have lost our core values, the good in people is being replaced by greed, selfishness and no beliefs , where once people caring had generosity to help each other without seeking rewards, now they would walk pass you if you were dying on the street ,may even rob you , the humanity has gone out of the human spirit , lucky there’s still some of us who have good in them .atvb Steve

        • F S

          You are so right, Steve, and I think there is more to this situation than just what you point out.
          The “old fashioned” mores many now think of as obsolete actually PROTECTED US. They assured that whole communities supported one another (its hard to walk away from a marriage that everyone in the village witnessed and celebrated, just like its hard to not support a young couple one has a personal relationship with). In the event of a death of a parent, whole towns pitched in to help. Men, fathers, protected and guided families. When you see men in the modern media, they are on the same level as children and dogs. As sperm donors, they are now totally unnecessary to the nuclear family. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?
          The biggest question I have is: what has all of this moral freedom given us? Are we happier than people in the past? We have more and more “stuff” to fill our bases appetites – so we must all be living in paradise?
          I am a bigger sinner than anyone, and I fall short of Christian ideals daily. I was, however, given the gift of two parents married parents, strict religious practices, and strong family values.
          I wish that the poor young man who lived through these attacks had the tools to stop them.
          I hope we all know what to do, or where to get help, in such a situation. I also hope that these events can be stopped before they pass to his daughter, and then her children.
          May God Bless and Protect us all.

  1. Stephen W

    I listen to a lot of dogman channels, and most of the people on there always say they were eating road kill or eating a deer , if they we’re demonic they wouldn’t have to eat , maybe some are demonic and some are not, some seem to have dog like rear legs and some have human type legs , but everyone who have seen it ,they say it was evil , great show Wes again

    • Christian L

      I think since they look like what we think of as “demonic” which has been drilled into us for literally centuries…fangs..intimidating build…large…pointy horn like ears..huge eyes red or Amber, it all sounds like a pop culture demon description. That plus fear generated on a primal scale due to hard learned lessons of our anscestors plus the effects of infrasound and pheromones (the stink) makes anyone with an ounce of spiritual belief or superstition easily make the leap to a demon and I think “maybe” there could in some cases be a connection but as you said…why does a demon eat roadkill…pop heads off animals and sleep in its own poop??😈😂. Even demons have some level of pride and do things in evil style… says me. Anything mucking down road kill is an animal…plain and simple…maybe a very rare even alien animal but animal none the less. But what the Hell do any of us know!👹

    • F S

      Actually, there are biblical accountants of Angels and otherworldly brings EATING.
      Just because a creatures eats, defacates, copulaates, procreates, etc., does not mean it cannot be, in some way, supernatural.
      That’s also means it can be killed.

  2. Mary H

    The Bible talks about “men’s hearts failing them” from what will be on the earth in the last days. Maybe the veil is getting thin.

  3. sasquatchmac

    Love your shows Wes! Really support Bob Gimlin! He is a treasure. I really think you are a great host and look forward to your shows.
    Really not into satanic, evil haunting stories. I listened to thrvvvscpoint of “pictures wouldn’t stay on the wall”
    Every has a preference, I enjoy the big foot,(the most), ,Dogman, and orbs.
    Take care.

  4. Pete M

    Great show Wes! I’ve read accounts where large gray owls and/or gray monkeys are indeed “screen memories” for gray aliens. Whitley Strieber wrote in “Communion” seeing a large gray owl staring at him through a window when he lived in Austin, TX and then experiencing missing time. It was only years later through hypnosis that their true identity and his abduction history was revealed.

  5. Seamus J. C

    Sounds like a ghost to me (though I didn’t hear the whole show). But I’m no expert. I know people who have had success with such problems simply inviting the ghost to walk into the light, that it will be OK. It seems that some acknowledgement of their predicament (stuck on this side of the veil) and encouragement, and directions are all helpful to restless spirits stuck on this plane. Ghosts can devour people from the inside out, attracted to our life force, and can thereby seem very like a demon.

    And then there are other parts of ourselves that get split off, but retain some autonomy. They can do things without other parts of the psyche having awareness or memory of them. Sometimes these parts have formed in response to religious abuse, so I would add to FS’s comments above that the religious practices be of the type that actually feed the human spirit, rather than shattering it and diminishing it (I agree with much of FS’s comments, BTW). Sometimes the cruelty of people gets inflicted on others in the name of God or gods, which simply adds another layer of insanity to the whole thing, keeping the victim of the abuse confused and stuck in shame and self-blame for it. Small children, by the way, do not “invite” this in, they are innocent victims. …But I digress. Some people have crazy shit happening to them because another part of their mind is taking over and either following its own drummer, or actively messing with the part of the personality which is usually up front. As I said, this sort of psychological coping mechanism always appears as a reaction to extreme abuse suffered at a young age.

    I did not see clear evidence of split personality in the guest’s story (he would have lost time–had blocks of time unaccounted for during which he had no memory of what he had been doing). Just throwing that out their, since we were discussing demons and strange episodes and such.

    However, if a demon is what is at work, the demons must be cast out, one way or another. Christians have one way of doing this, shamans have another, but these rituals have a lot in common. The underlying belief, strengthened, hopefully, by the ritual, is that the Divine has the power to remove the evil (something which the sufferer may have trouble believing). In the end, it is your faith that saves you. The question is: What practices and rituals build your faith to the point where you can cast out a destructive force or attitude which has taken up residence within you? If you ask me, bad habits are as bad as demons, and just as hard to get ride of.

    • F S

      A person cannot choose to be FULLY possessed until they reach the age of Spiritual concent – 13 years or so – which corresponds to the age children receive the sacrament of catholic “Confirmation”, or when they are Bar or Bat Mitzvahed in the Jewish faith, HOWEVER, just as in Baptism, when an adult ACTS IN PROXY of the child, they can be opened to demonic influence and harassment.
      I admin for a FB group that helps people in spiritual crisis – NOT DIRECTLY BATTLING entities, but just directing people to those who can help them.
      We have actually found that NON-SPIRITUAL remedies work best –
      * Live a peaceful life.
      * Do not abuse drugs or alcohol.
      * Do not indulge in sexual perversions or in permiscuity.
      * Keep your finances in check.
      * Keep your body healthy.
      * Do not dabble in the occult.
      * Do not abuse one’s self or others.
      * Do not wish ill or be envious of others.
      * Have gratitude for the gifts you have.
      * Keep a clean, neat home.
      * Do not misrepresent or lie.
      * Do not worship false idols – like money, fame, etc.
      AND MOST IMPORTANT – AVOID CHAOS! I have NEVER seen evil where there was not CHAOS.
      Sounds a lot like another list that God gave Moses.
      (See – just more silly, old fashioned stuff.)

  6. Doug K

    Hey Mike…….great encounters. I would have been scared out of my mind. Thanks for sharing. Hey Jeff…….thanks for sharing your grandfathers journal entries. Thank you Wes for giving us all another great program. You’re the best!!! YEEEE HAWWWW!!!!!

  7. Joh, P

    Wes Great show brother, this was a bizzare one, these dogmans are a mystery for sure, i cant wrap my head around the fact that’ these things/ creatures/animals /
    Seem to just appear all out of the blue, for what reason? Seems like they target good down to earth people who dont harm anyone, still like why? Whats there purpose where do they come from What do they want? an why arent they seen during the daytime? I wonder if there Some form of alien? Man i cant find no info on them,

  8. Joh, P

    Seems like these gnomes an lil people an miniature sasquatch that the natives talk about as well all seem to avoid humans way more then sasquatch an the few that slip up run like hell, versus sasquatch they avoid humans but have more curiosity an aggressiveness, but these dogman idk” i get it that there supposibly flesh eating beings but maybe they are truly just an evil breed that intertwine where ever theres an evil presence such as ghosts demons etc, or maybe they can just simply be wired/programed to be possessed evil with murderous intentions, i mean this thing smiled at this poor guy with a blood thirst look, too me that things a threat an seems like it will be back just maybe.
    Again great show wes’ keep em coming brother

  9. Debbie C

    The first witness…
    His Paranormal activity he witness as a child, I feel for him, he went through hell. It could of been worse if he and his family decide to stay on living in that haunted house.
    Take your Paranormal experiences as learning tools. One you’ll never forget.
    The Dogman he witness, I believe what he saw really took place. He witness a dogman, I believe he did.
    I have no clue where a dogman comes from? I don’t think it’s Paranormal. It’s been witness eating flesh of animals.
    None the less, it’s evil. The other strange things he witness along with his family, there must be a
    Paranormal door open to them and it never closes.
    I wish people that witness these things would try to draw what they witness or have an artist sketch what they seen and subment
    it along with there true story.

    The second witness…
    His grandfather witnessing owls. This sounds silly but he saw aliens.
    Aliens want you to believe you are looking at birds with big eyes.
    Knowing what they really look like can be startling, disbelieving.
    I truly believe his late grandfather’s writings.

  10. David J

    A fantastic episode, Wes! The demonic oppression of the first guest along with the d ‘llog-man sighting are somehow connected.

  11. Robert D

    Just a side note . You have to see Deb local ne pa big foot she’s nuts she talks to the leaves on trees and no one is there. And I think she’s on meds . WOW !

  12. Danny B

    Did I hear the guests description of the dog correctly when he said it had no hair ? Is that attribute something that is commonly reported when people have had encounters with dogmen ? I’ve only heard reports where they were described as having a coat. Great episode. I imagine it takes serious balls for a guest to share something like that with an audience. Thanks !

  13. Janetta V

    Everybody is all caught up with the first episode, BUT, the second episode about the owls was fabulous. It’s not often we get to hear from someone who has kept a journal of their life. Thank you for sharing this about your grandfather. Thank you Wes, you do such a good job.

  14. Robert B

    Oh crap! Now we have to look out for Owl-man??? I now live in Germany, but before moving here, I also lived in Idaho. Beautiful place, but those mountains are chock full of critters of one type or another. It’s interesting that you don’t get as many sighting reports, as you would expect. The folks there are much more self sufficient etc, and prefer to “take care of things their own way”, kinda like Texas…

  15. Jamie m

    Amazing show I love this kind of stuff 👻👻👻🐾🐾🐾🐾💯🦉🦉🦉🦉🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦄🦄🦄🦄

  16. Martin Z

    I think I’m entry # 52 so I doubt anyone will read this but I think this show is one of the best by far. I know Wes works really hard to bring us awesome content but for some reason his newer shows aren’t as interesting as the older ones when Wordy was part of the show. The seeing sasquatch run across the road just don’t interest me as much anymore.

  17. Cathleen H

    Wes, I’ve gone through this…Having the blankets slowly pulled off of me. I’ve felt and heard the edge of the bed be set upon. Or, I’ve heard the kids bunk bed be sat upon. It was in the same room. This only happened when the kids were not their. I’d always pretend like I was asleep. Stir, just a bit, and gently pull my blankets back up over me. Never any harm done. But did feel someone was in the room with me, without any doubt. I told myself, it was the local Locksmith. Silly, I know. But it calmed me. I never looked, I didn’t want to see who or what ever this was. That was the only odd thing that would happen in our little mountain cabin, many nights. So glad to NOT have gone threw the other stuff this gentleman went through. Whew!

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