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SC EP:1032 The Teddy Roosevelt Bigfoot Story

Long before he was President; even before he was a Rough Rider, Assistant Secretary of War, or governor of NY state, Theodore Roosevelt tried his hand at ranching in the wilds of North Dakota (until the blizzards of 1886-87 wiped out most of his cattle herd). One of his books from these formative years ”The Wilderness Hunter” (1893) contains perhaps the first widely-distributed modern tale of a Bigfoot encounter with early American West pioneers. In his book, Roosevelt relays an account as told to him by an elderly frontiersman, describing nightmarish events experienced during his earlier excursions into the region.

Tonight I will be speaking to Mike. Mike and his wife live in Texas and in 2020 they started noticing strange things happening on this property. Mike writes “I have a deer feed plot at the edge of the woods and I’ve always felt uneasy there feeling like I’m being watched, especially at night.

I’ve been tossing a few apples near my feeder a few times a week and started seeing every apple gone the next morning, no pieces left anywhere.

Then I noticed other things like no coyotes for the past 6-8 months, found a large mound of dark poop full of seeds by my feeder that didn’t look like any scat I’ve ever seen and old trees that either fall over or get pushed over at night, but I dismissed all this as just odd.

Recently, I heard an actual whoop around 8 pm that sounded like the one on your show’s intro from about a hundred yards away or further. My wife has heard this too on other occasions. It’s hunting season now, so I was out about 8 pm the other night tossing out apples by my feeder when I heard movement rustling leaves followed by a deep, low growl about 30-35 ft away to my left.

Now I’ve been in some truly scary situations before but this really spooked me because I know animal sounds and what we have here and this wasn’t a hog, coyote, cougar or dog and we don’t have bears, but this felt distinctly like a warning from something intelligent to leave the area immediately, so I did just that and quickly got back in the house.”















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81 Responses to “SC EP:1032 The Teddy Roosevelt Bigfoot Story”

  1. Daniel M

    Great episode Wes! I think the intro is your best yet. Mike sounds like a good dude, but he’s so married to the idea of materialism that he throws out the evidence that may be to the contrary.

    Say hi to your motha for me.

  2. Joseph K

    Absolutely laughed my ass off with your intro Wes. Did I imagine that or did I hear some soundbites from Merkel sprinkled in as well? in any event, great job loved it. Had to listen to it twice just to make sure I caught it all.

  3. Lauren V

    I truly understand we all have opinions and nothing wrong with that. But I don’t understand when people are so closed minded. It goes right over this guest’s head when Wes is “not breaking balls”, that his theory is just not feasible at this point on bigfoot. At this point, it’s more impractical for bigfoot to be an undiscovered primate than it is to be something we can’t understand. But, he could be right…right?

  4. Gina B

    I would like to know what part of east Texas he’s from because I’m from east Texas area around groveton, trevat, apple springs area close to Lufkin tx, and have had some questionable sounds and activity.

    • Connie F

      I see a few anomalies in Mikes pictures that I have seen before. Has nothing to do with tree breaks, footprints ect. The problem being that when people, including myself, first hear what sounds like tree knocks, whoops, along with odd things happening, start looking for a flesh and blood primate. We set up game cameras and flip through the pictures looking for an upright walking primate. It bears repeating that if you really want to know what is happening, set game cameras up in timelapse mode to take a picture every 10 seconds, during the day and all night. Yes sometimes the cameras get moved, the batteries die, but eventually you should get thousands of pictures a night. Once you know what you are looking for you have a sequence that can be put into motion. Add several high quality recorders in the area and you might be surprised what is going on. Infrared reveals a lot of things! I have gotten some really mind blowing pictures and audio that way, and for the record, none of what I have seen has presented itself like the huge fanged bigfoot or werewolf that have been so beautifully illustrated over the years…yet.

  5. Matthew J

    This episode was really interesting. I think we are all getting better at guessing what “happens next” with these beings. These sasquatches seem to have different talent levels. I imagine hearing mind speak would be a real surprise. Even better would be to see one vanish into thin air.

  6. Joseph D

    I wonder how many times the murdering of European settlers was blamed on native Americans and how many times was the murdering of native Americans were blamed on European settlers when it was attacks by Sasquatch?

  7. Connie F

    To hear a couple of Sasquatch/ET witness testimonies and drawings: Gaia.com Truth Hunters, Introduction to an Alien Taxonomy. Season 1 Episode 8. Linda Moulton Howe.
    In part: Mt. Vernon Mo, July 1983 Ron and Paula Watson saw through binoculars a lizard type being and a Sasquatch by a ship where small gray beings floated a cow toward a waiting craft. Great Falls Montana 1970’s Sasquatch shot at by rancher disappeared in a flash of light. Emery Smith, a whistleblower, also states Sasquatch are used by ET to gather samples. Worth digging into deeper.

  8. STEVE W

    Whats worries me about the animals disappearing on his property. Ive heard more stories of Dogman causing animals to flee when they enter the area than Sasquatch . The state land I hunt has a family of at least 3 Sasquatch and there is still plenty of deer ect around, Zero coyote now, It appears they took out the competition, I dont know if the family is there full time, But they are around in the months that I hunt. Sept thru Nov, Definitely a ton of woo with the group I know of, They will test your mettle, But it appears they are just playing around, We are a source of entertainment, I once had an acorn hit me on the hand as I was unlocking my deer stand in the dark, I was paced once, I had trees pushed down around me,. But they have never messed with my stand, So I figure they dont mind if I hunt there

    • Charles R

      Interesting Steve. There is no doubt for me that they have great propensity to scare the living daylights out of us to get us to move out of their territory. And other times, such as your case, we are amusement and games for them. I think they have a lot of time to lounge around, as food comes easy for them.

  9. Adam D

    that was hard work. He starts hunting deer and then wonders why there isn’t any deer in the area anymore🥱

    and if you leave an upside down jar of peanut butter hanging from a tree with a hole in it. In December. You can’t exactly blame that on a squatch when we’ve got this incredible thing called rain.

  10. James G

    All the animals leaving is 100% abnormal. I can see the deer leaving, BUT everything disappearing is not normal and can’t be reasoned as such. Mike is going to have to open his eyes to the “other” just as he did with accepting they were real in the first place.

  11. Robin D

    Oh my gawd! I laughed out loud for real when I heard lemon drop. The minute I heard “yep, yep” I KNEW that was Tony. Great little gems sprinkled in among an amazing historic account. I sooo appreciate that little extra fun. Also, that story of that Belgian pilot was beyond good and I never commented on that so thought I would cram that in here as well. I love your show so much…the only one I cough up $$ for!

  12. William D

    He gets a humane trap for the field mouse only to leave it to starve to death? SMH. Why wouldn’t he walk out to the woods and let it go? Does he think there are no other field mice out there that he’d worry about THIS one coming back?

  13. Charles R

    Welcome to the Bigfoot Club Mike, and know you are down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out these Sasquatch. Nice track of that 10 incher, however that may only put this juvenille in maybe 5 to 6 foot range. I personally think they stay with the parents for longer than this, due to so many folks seeing them with their children that are well over 6 foot and maybe 7 foot. Glad to hear af encounters from East Texas. I went through this area twice summer of 22 taking the 59/69 north from Houston to Texarkana. There is so much forest between the cities, known as the Piney Woods. Also an interesting theory of staying around harvesting the animals and then moving on, although I do not think they eat as much meat as most people think. This is based on Albert Ostmans 6 day capture in 1924 in British Columbia. However, I could be way wrong.

  14. Matthew C

    rob m totally agree with you. The more you try to reconcile people’s encounters with any known animal on earth, the further you’re carried down the “woo” path. Almost Nothing they do makes any sense.

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