Apr 30

Sasquatch Spotted Crossing HWY 115 near Fort Carson, Colorado

Modern Explorer writes “Welcome to our special interview! Today, we have the incredible opportunity to sit down with Harry, an adventurous individual who experienced a captivating encounter with the legendary North American hominid known as Sasquatch. Joining us on this exciting journey are Glenn and Mateo, ready to delve into Harry’s remarkable story.

Our adventure begins in the picturesque state of Colorado, where Harry was driving along Highway 115, stretching between the charming cities of Colorado Springs and Florence. Little did Harry know that this ordinary drive would turn into a life-altering experience.”

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  1. Linda B

    It’s been awhile but I remember my husband and I drove that highway once and I’d I remember correctly a lot of that highway is in an isolated area, and it’s a different kind of terrain. The area seemed to be quiet and kind of erie. It’s a good place for a scary roadside sighting .

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