Jan 10

Sasquatch Documentary

I am not a huge fan of NvTv but they posted an excellent bigfoot documentary that may turn the opinions of non-believers. Check it out.

6 Responses to “Sasquatch Documentary”

  1. Elaine L

    Isn’t it something that in 1974 paleoanthropologist Dr. Donald Johanson finds the ancient bones of a pint-sized ape-like creature, Australopithecus, while digging in Ethiopia This find was nicknamed “Lucy.” Then in China, in 1989 the bones of a large hominid were discovered in a cave. This creature that came to be known as Giagantopithicus was scientifically accepted as factual. When I look at the skulls of each creature I see what looks like ape-like creatures. What I find so annoying is that today with so much evidence from the past as well as more recent evidence in hand… hair, footprints, DNA, photos, film, and thousands of sighted testimonies, scientists still balk at the validity of Sasquatch!?!

  2. Blobsquatch

    I concur with you Elaine. If you aren’t a scientist of note or whatever group all the cool kids are in. It wouldn’t matter if you had one hanging out on your couch. It would not be accepted as proof. It’s sad because anyone that could prove it. Wouldn’t bother to share. In my opinion. For whatever that’s worth.

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