Jan 22

Sasquatch Chronicles sounds from the field

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  1. Kenneth M

    With multiple listening posts and computer software, synchronized clocks one could determine approximate location. I wonder if the Browns would be up for a crowd funding project on developing tracking systems (audio,visual, etc.) to help establish a detailed map of location, movement and patterns.

    • Patrick W

      I really doubt it. They have had their fill of the leaches allready. Even Stacy Brown the alligator arm clown is one of the many that thought they could invite themselfs to get famous from that honney hole.

    • paul p

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. The resonant tones these creatures can make are mind boggling. With all these recordings/videos, I cant help but feel, we as people, are on the cusp of proving once and for all that these beings are not only real, but closer to us as anyone could have imagined. I feel if one really wants to learn about sasquatch, one should look towards native american folklore/stories for all the details they will need. Though native american people are not openly willing to share this information with outsiders (whites) And can you blame them? Look at what we do with antthing that is different or not readily understood. It is exploited for financial gain and then when wrung dry, it is exterminated. In a way I hope sasquatch are never proven to exist for their sake. I am content with just “knowing” these beings are out there, lurking in the shadows, doing what they do to ensure their future.

      -Paul. N.y State-

  2. Tom Cantwell

    I called one as a child. Didnt know at the time thats what it was. Wasnt until I had kids old enuff to watch bigfoot shows that it finally hit me what happened. The distance speed and silence is what made the incident stay with me all these years. Something to consider if you start howling lol.

  3. Dave T

    That is some good stuff. Really like that Ohio howl in the distance. Sounds very squatchie. You can rule out any other critter other than some squatches or a very convincing group of hoaxers. Some background info with these audios would be helpful. I can understand keeping exact location confidential.

  4. Brian A

    If it is making that much noise, then, it certainly isn’t worried about discovery. It’s announcing it self there. there was a 3rd higher pitched sound that I thought sounded human. Were I still in the country and heard it off close to the house, I’d probably be the first to start shooting. The stories I find the most fascinating are stories that involve more than one animal. I think I’ve heard references to “whole families” but I think that’s not quite the accurate description. I would think of a group being more like a “pack”. Complete with it’s own pecking order. Imagine, several large packs of animals between 6 to 12 animals. All ranging in size Large to small, the older bigger ones being the leader of the pack. In the ladies’ story from C to C am she seemed to relate seeing a large group and her totally being repulsed at the sight of it seemed to me to lend credibility to her story. You know these days we hear about people crossing the globe in space balloons and solar powered planes. But I have never heard a story on mainstream news that there would ever be a serious govt effort to investigate and or Dept of the Interior to reveal any and all knowledge of any wild animals that match the description of Sasquatch,Bigfoot, and so forth down the list.

  5. Nick J

    The problem to me, is that all the sounds heard, can be dublicated by humans.
    Its sounds scary because its u can hear its in a forrest and because its either humans or some kind of primate/monkey.
    I had to be waaay out there all alone, to buy into this.
    Its funny there are never any sounds of those deep deep growls people talk about, thats can shake windows and no sounds that just keeps going where u know this thing has a set of lungs like an oilbarrel.
    So this to me is useless!

  6. Kimberly K

    Ok, seriously…when can we have that long call as a ring tone? I know it sounds terrible, but maybe it could be a super secret member perk? How much fun would that be?
    Really, I’ve been listening since episode 2 (even sent an e-mail or two to Will), I live on the Oregon Coast and am sure almost every day that there’s some shit going on in my woods! Our house abuts 1000’s of acres of logging roads, power easements and forrest land. You guys have made me SO MUCH MORE AWARE of what could be on my property. I love listening and became a member MOMENTS after you announced the website. I have a Masters in Anthropology and have always been fascinated by human origins. You do an amazing job of combining great storytelling and cutting edge scientific investigation. It’s so wonderful to know that there are real people out there trying to honestly investigate this, for the moment, unanserable mystery. Thank You for you hard work and for providing great radio! Ring Tone?

  7. Christopher A

    South East Texas women killed by pack of wild hogs in the yard of the elderly people she cared for. Itโ€™s sad news of course, but that location just sounds sqautchy. Iโ€™m due for some R/R itโ€™s near my home in Houston, small town East if Houston news claims. I might just ride out there.

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