Nov 14

Sasquatch Chronicles Behind The Scenes EP:2

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5 Responses to “Sasquatch Chronicles Behind The Scenes EP:2”

  1. Roy D

    Question? On the second video with the dogs barking. At the end of it with a lower barking, was that the sasquatch? It sounded like it was trying to bark, and the other dogs got very quiet.

  2. Mindy V

    Just like Shannon said, whatever this way “blinked” it’s eyes very unusually. Wasn’t quick like a human blinks but more shutting it’s eyes and opening them, a much longer closed time. Shannon has much better observations than Will Jevning does and Wes is much less afraid to let his opinion be known. And Mr. Jevnings, supposedly the most knowledgeable of these three should recognize the sagittal crest of the sasquatch as the “shiny” part of it’s forehead.

    • daniel w

      hi kristie,
      i was having the same issue couple nights ago, some members have told me that most likely the videos have been removed from where ever they were posted. i was a little sad as well im on episode 350ish and was trying to match some things

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