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  1. Gary C

    If I went through what you guys went through I probably would have forgotten my name, I’m a city person and to me the moon looks full for a few days, it’s a shame you feel you have to justify yourself, most reasonable people would understand. Keep up the good work that’s what counts

    • Laura L

      Joseph B. The cream of the crop has decided to ignore your comment but I’ve decided to jump off my high horse and tell you what bothers me…haters. I believe and I pay my $7…and if it pays for a HUMMER then good for them. What’s this WE business? You mean I. Keep it real. If you don’t like the stew…then leave it by the road…jump back in your little josephmobile…keep your head straight and move on. And if a HUMMER pulls up beside you…don’t hate..just love your little motorscooter and hum a happy tune because everything you just spouted off shows how inadequate you feel in your little josephmobile. Just stay in your lane man. Sorry SC community but I chose not to let this one go….

    • Kyle S

      Dude he has a hummer h3 which my ex girlfriend had and I went with her to buy it. It’s a $40k suv. Now the hummer h2 can run into the $70k price tag.

    • Cindy W

      How low self esteem do you really have? Oh wait, you just told us in your lame excuse of a person who is so jealous of these guys who has made something of themselves – and imagine that; living here in the USA where we ALL have the right to make money with a business that these guys had the courage and energy to start up and if they are doing good enough to buy a Hummer or every Hummer in America I say then good for Wes, Will, Shannon and Woody too! That’s the rewards of their hard work and endless, tiresome efforts to entertain the true believers out there. You need to crawl back under your rock where your low self esteem people, who can not for the life of them give somebody who is doing good a nice thing to say. People like you are haters because they have nothing and cutting the success of others down, in their sick mind seems to build their crappy, endless, piece of crap life up. When in reality it doesn’t do a thing but show the true colors of who you really are. Sad. Your just plain sad. I say since the “stew does not smell right”, you should go away………far, far away. No one will miss haters; this I promise.

    • Shannon D

      Yeah, I can’t let this go either. I guess no matter the topic, trolls appear because of his/her low self esteem. Half the stories we hear, people can’t give an accurate date because the event traumatizes ’em. Wes shouldn’t have to apologize for being a little inaccurate. It’s the encounter that’s the meat of the issue.

      Wes, there will always be haters and doubters. You can’t answer to all of them. Keep up the good work. I feel your show is one of the few that tells it how it is.

      • Shannon D

        For all you doubters, I am sorry I critized. I had no idea of the threads going on reddit and some of your true concerns. I too saw some red flags and was disappointed with the lack of content I paid for and the prerecorded shows, etc. I canceled my subscription. I put a lot of stock in this show and finally felt that I was hearing the truth about these creatures, but now I wonder. Forgetting a date is one thing but when you have digital time stamps to back it up and NOAA data, I seriously have to question.

    • Corry B

      Well looks like you accomplished what you wanted!..shows down shit creek now. With the resignation of Will to ” protect his reputation” there’s no chance in hell the show will survive! What a waste! For better or worse it was the best Sasquatch show out there! (best show I’ve listened to in the 10 yrs if been interested in the subject)..over what jealousy?? Seems to me that Sasquatch people live to tear each other down..Fuck that and Sasquatch!…if it does exists I hope it never gets found! I for one am done with the whole scene! I’ll keep payin my whopping 7$ for a while to help pay off the Hummer! Then never again will I support anything Sasquatch it’s a lost cause!! GOOD LUCK WES!!GREAT JOB ON THE SHOW!!

      ??Credibility/Sasquatch/credibility/Sasquatch never really been considered the most credible of subjects to begin with??

      • sara brown

        his resignation is legit. I’m glad he left. For him to hold Wes in such low regard that he didn’t even call to resign, he doesn’t deserve the show. He doesn’t deserve our ears. The show is going to be better than it’s ever been.

        • Asheim

          Sara where did you hear that he is resigning? Has Will made any kind of statement? He would not do that without a good reason. Will is a good solid person with decades of research and passion for the subject behind him. He has a good name and losing him here I cannot see that as a good thing. It would change a lot. There are a lot of us here that are here for what we can learn and I am weary of the so often contraversy and circus antics that has gone on it the Bigfoot world out there. I come here to learn and because it felt like this was a place that was on the up and up. I am more than a little disappointed with what is happening here. I hope Wes will come forward and address things if Will has left. It does not feel like a good thing to just be left here in the dark trying to figure out what is going on.

    • mindy l

      joseph b. you are a used douche bag from a whore with the clap,you have a problem dealing with your low self esteem and the fact that you have nothing to show for for your menial life,you envy anyone that has achieved anything above your low status,get a life and move on.

    • Derek G

      Joe Blow, You must lay awake all night thinking this stuff up. I see a pattern developing here…. you hear something said and criticize it just to criticize it…. just for the sake of it. Every one is ignorant here but you, no one knows how to hunt but you, no one knows ballistics but you….etc. Then you make the most ridiculous general statements about others as if your shit don’t stink. Who cares if they write a book!? They are free to do so and we are free to buy it or not which goes the same for the monthly fee to be a member, so use your freedom to leave and stop, as I said before, with all the nonsense. I can think of many different reasons why someone who may have been out of work temporarily a year and half ago might have a hummer today! Intelligence is measured by the ability to make correct judgments and reasonable conclusions based on facts and given information and what you have displayed is the inability to either assimilate the facts or make reasonable conclusions therefore…….

    • Mikel F

      Dude… H3’s haven’t been produced since 2010… if you’re going to be upset with someone for having a 5-6 year old car… you need to do some research. There just always has to be someone who’s MAD about someTHING.

    • Rick F

      Hmmm…..Last time I checked, you could not buy a new Hummer and used ones were pretty cheap compared to when they were still in business. Anyway, Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. JB, I think you might accomplish more in drawing the attention you desire so badly if you were a little more suttle in your approach. You kind of come off as a far reaching left winger from Capitol hill.

    • Carl M

      I hope Wes and Will and Shanon all make a ton of money off Sasquatch Chron and their research and encounters. I hope they drive what ever kind of cars they want and live in awesome homes and travel anywhere they want. Making money is good being successful is to be admired. It has nothing to do with telling the truth. They can have all that success and still be telling the 100% truth!

    • Anthony E

      Dude they havent even made hummers for five years hahaha. What a rube! You can buy one of those for less than $20 grand with lows miles. I have not posted before and I am a member/believer but some of you folks need to chill the hell out.

    • sara brown

      Joseph. A $70 k hummer? I have seen it, it’s probably blue booked at 15-17 tops. Do you really think that there’s a TON of money in bigfooting and that these guys were just DYING to cash in on it? give me a break. I’d believe that an Alien floating from one dimension to another to take over Wes’s brain, causing him to fake an encounter in order for the aliens to rule the world through bigfooters before I believe that motive.

    • Thane M

      This makes absolutely no difference to me in believing Wes and Woody. Now Wes is a smart guy and if he wanted to fake an encounter he would have gone and looked up which days in November were full moons so he could describe what he saw in his fake encounter as being able to see them in the moon light. That Wes made this kind of mistake makes him more credible as someone who has not taken the time to think out his story before sharing it. None of those criticizing him for this mistake could accurately off the top of their heads pick which days in November of 2012 were full moon nights even you’d hold a gun to their heads. Way too much is being made of this. As an attorney I could easily get around this and explain it on behalf of one of my clients.

      • Asheim

        Good point Thane! My thoughts too. If someone was going to fake an encounter to get rich, wouldn’t they meticulously research every detail like that beforehand? Listen to their story again. There is just too much raw emotion there for it to be fake. The descriptions were too detailed about the growls and how they describe it. I mean you feel like you’re there. And it was truly eleftrifying to listen to their encounter. And if there is so much money floating their way how come Woody left the show and how come they all still have their day jobs? It just doesn’t add up to think that way. Wes is far too passionate about the subject. Anyone can pick up on that. There is this member here that posted in the forum that has made it his mission to “take Wes down.” Can you believe that? I was so appalled when I read that. I mean does this guy not have a life? Who would do that? These people and their mean spiritedness are just ruining it for everyone that has a passion for the subjext and come here because they want to learn. I am disgusted. Why don’t they just leave? Go find some worthwhile endeavor to put that kind of passion into. I mean who wakes up every morning and thinks “what can I do today to bring Wes down?!” I told Wes that these people should get a warning and then be history. Being a member here is not a right, it is a priviledge. If you are so disruptive you shouldn’t be here. You’re spoiling it for the rest of us. We want to learn and come here many of us who has had an encounter and want to feel safe like we can share our encounters without someone jumping the gun and looking for hairs to split. Go get a life. Do something worthwhile with yourselves. Get off the site!

    • Wesley M

      Who gives a shit about the nesayers! You and your bro should start kicking ass and taking names……oh wait! You already do, bye having the baddest and most interesting podcast in podcasting! I’m a paid subscriber to your show, C2C and many others. What’s the first podcast I look for everyday?????? Duh! Sasquatch Chronicles!! Man, I don’t even feel you and your brother should even have had a whole show on responding to a punch of haters! That was one less show of your trip to Texas which is what paying customers want to hear. If you can make money and can keep putting out awesome podcast, please continue. I’ll still pay for it every year. Don’t let a good thing go because a bunch of dickheads don’t have anything else better to do with their time, but to harass you, Woody & Shannon. I hope to keep listening to great podcast of your show for many years to come. Shit! I’ll donate $50 for you to get a real H2! seriously! Please don’t cancel the P-Cast.


    • Bryan H

      I would like to set the record straight on the Hummer issue. First of my line of work I do, repairs wrecked cars all day, and I’m a certified tech, that is also a bigfoot believer with several experiances. The Hummer Itself from GENERAL MOTORS, is nothing more than Chevy running gear with a GENERIC HUMMER BODY ON IT. These vehicles don’t even have a real military Hummer body on them. And yes when they were new they brought in top $$$. Now that they are older their appreciation is falling quickly. Dependability yes they have because of the GM running gear they have. But make no mistake, it’s simply a Tahoe chasy/running gear with a GENERIC Hummer body on them. They are far from a $70,000 vehicle, so please do your research before throwing rocks from a glass house. And by the way everybody who listens to this pod cast that contacts Wes usually has had an experiance of there own without any actual documentation or video to prove it, other than their own two eyes. And as for Wes wanting to charge for a pod cast, Maybe you JB should take some business classes. One of the first things you learn in business is that time is worth money, and the amount of time that Wes has to put into the show, just to even give all of us listeners a one hour show, not to mention 3 more hours a week is definitely worth what he is charging. Remember it’s 90% prep 10% on air, that usually the way all shows are ran. So make sure next time home work is done before you attack things only at face value.

  2. Wil I

    Thank you so much for addressing these “butt-rashes”. I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to show up and it will get worse because as much as it sucks our community can be hateful. The reality is we need to support each other in the search for the truth. Thanks for providing us with the best content out there. Some of us are in for the long haul. If you’ve ever lived through a traumatic event then you understand the need for ride or die supporters.

    • Gerald G

      has nothing to do with hater. wow what a bunch of sympathetic followere. Detail are important, especially about a subject with a community of liar’s. People (host) suggesting their competition isn’t credible, and from those who are asking for financial support. When you discredit others, put out safety sensitive info, and ask for money, you damn right details are important. it’s called integrity and the bigfoot community should get some, that include the listener’s.

      • Asheim

        That’s fine and I would agree that it’s important to get the story straight but some are making accusations and attacks. If I went through an encounter like Wes & Woody’s or Will’s and Tracey’s, I’m not sure I would have the presence of mind to remember the finer details. Why are some so quick to assume the worst? No wonder people are terrified to admit they had an encounter by the treatment they so readily recieve. Why not give the man the benefit of the doubt? This kind of stuff is spoiling this podcast for the rest of us that come here to learn and share encounters in an atmosphere where we can feel safe and not judged?

  3. Agnes B

    You found a genuine forum for people to tell their stories without feeling compromised. Just keep doing you and never compromise your integrity and you’ll do just fine. Thanks for addressing the issue.


    thanks Wes..no need to apologize..i wish that your reply would quench the non-masses…I doubt it will.
    I LOVE THIS SITE. I do not care for the fact that due to this site’s squatch info I can no longer be unaware of things that could happen when in or near the woods, but such is life.

  5. Patti M

    This should never have become an issue. I have been watching the things being said and was appalled with all this immature behavior. It always takes one negative thought to become like a cancer. Will and Woody you are human and if people are so great to never make mistakes good for them. I as a paying member am more than satisfied with what I pay for and feel you all go above and beyond the $7.00 a month. KEEP UP THE FANTANSTIC WORK!!!!!!! PS: I would never be able to give you a correct date from several years ago!

  6. Andrew L

    You don’t have to apologize to anybody. If somebody’s giving you guys are time over the exact date of your experience- they’re assholes. I can’t remember the exact dates of some of the most significant experiences in my life. Just because I can’t remember the exact date doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. It’s petty and ridiculously juvenile for people to throw stones about the most minute details. Fuck those people. You don’t owe them anything Wes. Especially not an apology.

  7. Audie J

    Wes….there is no need to apologize ……
    For those of you whom have the time to go back and figure out that the date that Wes had said did not coincide with his encounter ….Get A Fcuking Life!

    • Lee W

      like I said who would go to such exstreams,just the ones recording the show…. come on people… don’t let them win,there is to much at stake for us, let the show begin !!!!!!

  8. Craig A

    Wes, mate, don’t even go there. I suppose we should expect this sort of crap when we tell of our encounters but I know it cuts deep non the less. I had comments about the show you kindly had me relate my encounter and after 24 hours of feeling upset about it I thought fxxx it, most people enjoyed hearing it and it was good to get it out there. I believe your account and its a damned fine show, you guys keep it up, it’s the highlight of my dreary Monday

  9. Jim D

    Oh people are A-holes-no big surprise there. Especially when it comes to this subject. We have gone through a lot of high profile people who turned out to be charlatans. From Rick Dyer, Biscardi and the cop and the freezer gag, to the guys at FB/FB and their agenda to sell a movie hoax-again with Agent Dyer involved, to Todd Standing and Justin Smeja. There are a lot of reasons that people are wary Wes, then add on the Keystone Cops approach of Finding Bigfoot not to mention all of the paid commenters on Bigfoot Evidence. There are a lot of forces out there looking to keep this subject as the big joke. They failed with the UFO /alien “little green men” tactics. They don’t want to lose this war, they need to keep the idea of “the big monkey in the woods” a relevant one. People just don’t want to be lied to anymore about this subject Wes, we don’t want BC to become what Facebook/Finding Bigfoot became.

  10. Donald S

    Wes this is sad if this is all people can hate on is you got a date wrong. That’s what’s wrong with the Bigfoot Community, keep up the good work. Glad you went to Texas great experiences on that side of the state. Ready to go back.

  11. Stephen N

    Dates not important Wes, The story is. Thank you for caring. We are behind you all the way. Hope to see everybody one day.I look forword every week for the bigfoot word.Many thanks again.

  12. Tyler D

    Honestly, it’s the truth. Who in the hell cares about the day it happened? Is that the detail that really matters to people? You people think because he had the day wrong his whole story falls apart or something? N REALLY, WHO CARES WHAT DAY IT WAS. It still happened, so let it go people. If YOU ARE A TRUE FAN OF THIS SHOW, YOU KNOW HOW HONEST WES IS. Honestly, some of these people need to get a life n quit trying to poke holes in Wes n Woody’s encounter

  13. Matt C

    I wonder who’s paying these Negative Neds? They are hired to stir up distrust and controversy so as to contribute to cover-ups and misinformation. They are the lowest slobs on the government payroll.
    Now here’s to you trolls; You are being watched by people dedicated to exposing you and your alphabet connections. You should be ashamed to accept taxpayer money, just so you can attempt to debunk the reality of Sasquatch and denigrate the reputations of honest researchers, while you sit on your butts at a computer. Can’t you get a real job? Don’t you understand you are the lowest trash in your “company”? Your bosses laugh at how stupid YOU are.

    • johnny b

      100% agree, you read my mind. Possible paid troll; with the show gaining popularity and the Bob Garrett story of harassment now public, a front assault like that would just help SAS CHRON get bigger so a classic divide and conquer from within would be the best approach. WES *there is no need to keep apologizing* I am horrible with important dates. If these agencies can afford paying officers to go around the country extinguishing encounters, they can certainly afford $7 memberships for a few trolls to keep tabs on the show. GREAT SHOW, KEEP THE STORIES COMING WES 🙂

  14. Tyler D

    And the people who are saying this crap, really had to go back n do their research like they REALLY trying to find ANY inconsistencies in Wes n Woody’s encounter. Like it was their job to prove their encounter wasn’t real, n it’s pretty sad that that’s the best they could come up with. You people are kind of pathetic

  15. Brent P

    I see this “issue” as such a non-issue that I wouldnt even spend time on it. If a family of Sasquatch were surrounding me, Id be like cousin Eddie on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation….”Piss my pants and forget who I was for a 1/2 hour”!

  16. Renee B

    If you have an effective website and podcast about the truth that bigfoot is out there. If you are currently featuring shows about government coverups of bigfoot and intimidation of witnesses. If you are getting close to being able to provide possible proof that not only has the government been aware of these creatures but are also aware that they are very likely responsible for deaths in our national parks then wouldn’t it make sense to employ agent provacateurs to spread disinformation and dissent? Why are these people attacking Tracy G of all people? Could it be that Tracy G and his encounter are so convincing that while discrediting Wes n Woody they will hit Tracy for good measure? To me Wes n Woody’s encounter rings of truth. Do I believe all bf sightings no. As with Tracy G I believe W n W’s story. It was a life altering encounter. If they got the date wrong its understandible. They’d lost their dad, their jobs, and just saw something with their own eyes that up till that point was fiction
    To them. Forgetting the exact date would be the least of my worries. Until or unless I’m given a good reason to think this is a lie I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

  17. tom b

    Wes, Thank You for addressing that. These crazy few were getting more and more “out there” in their accusations if you read that forum thread “moon phases”. It was pissing me off. But I learned from an elderly friend long ago not to “argue with an idiot because it makes you an idiot” Keep up the great work Bro!!! Most of us never doubted you!

    • Renee B

      As someone who also lost her dad and was then involved in a bad car wreck two days later I have empathy for Wes n Woody. If you add in unemployment and an encounter as dangerous as theirs I’d make mistakes as well as to exact dates and times. If that is mushy then I’m guilty. I prefer to call it having empathy.

  18. Jacquie C

    Holy moly! I’ve been trying to find the courage to write about my encounters from three years ago! I don’t remember the day. I don’t remember the moon phase, but I do remember what I saw and heard! And the fear… keep it up guys! Fantastic show! 🙂

    • Eddie M

      I agree Jim…the fact Wes even addressed speaks volumes….such crap as this is why Coonbo doesn’t participate anymore. Folks that never spent one day in the woods will never understand and really should just observe and not speak. Nothing someone that can’t tell a rat from a possum should even cement on. Keep up the good work Wes.

  19. Copperhead120

    Absolutely no apologies needed Wes! I forgot dates of important things in my life all the time. These jerks who have nothing better to do than go around bullying innocent people about three encounters are the same ones that would go running away screaming and pissing their pants if they were in yours or Tracy G’s shoes. Hold your head up high. I love the show, keep it up guys!

  20. Damon M

    Integrity is so important for this to be a sound site;that is true of the host as well as the members; hopefully it will never digress into a degrading name calling jealousy ridden place that was once a ligament source of information and knowledge on this subject. If it ever comes to that I would hope the Team would take the liberty to dismiss such members from the site. Membership is a privilege not a right.
    No one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes – normally its the wolves who portray it that way…I know I’ve been butchered more than once.

  21. Asheim

    Well I agree with the majority of what everyone is saying here. A lot of us has your back Wes, that’s what matters. There has been some petty sniveling going on and this is ALL they could come up with?!?! That Wes didn’t go immediately home and mark the day on his calender? Much to do about nothing. YES, I second that. Can the man get back to business now? What we’re all here for and love about this site. Don’t worry about the small minded people looking for flaws. Keep up the great job you’re doing Wes & Will & Shannon. I am another one in it for the long haul. I want to learn about all things Sasquatch.

  22. Frankie P

    You do not “owe” anyone an apology. I went through the death of my mother, years in the nursing etc., and I cannot tell you when it was. Dates come, go, whatever. To this day, I have to stop and look it up. I think I just don’t want to remember it. It was not an event to celebrate, I lost my mom, my best friend, etc. right when I retired and we had time. The brain doesn’t like trauma. I love the show, the site, and most of the members, and respect all of the admins. Best wishes, and I know this is going to grow because it’s the best out there.

  23. joann m

    Simple and sweet. To the point, addressed something that didn’t even need addressing except that the trolls were popping veins in the head over it. lol. Glad you guys are back and had a good trip!

  24. Dave T

    Wes, the true supporters of SC are with you. Don’t let the Patrick G groupies, and you know who you are, try to ruin things for the rest of us. For the rest of the SC nation, don’t fall for the hype, hopefully all these ass bags will leave and join the Pat G/ Infradope BF site.

  25. mdel747

    Well that was quite Disappointing
    After a week of Multi threads hundreds of posts
    and you have the nerve to show Class in handling this the way you did
    Good job Wesley

  26. Bill E

    This is the best site I’ve found on this subject that has intrigued me since I saw the Patterson file at the theater so many years ago. Keep up the good work. The story is the important part, don’t let the haters get to ya. You and your brother put yourselves in the public eye to help others. I recall the gentlemen in van how shook up he was I could tell after he told his story how relieved he was, man that matters. People need an outlet this is a great place for that. Indeed sir you are doing a great service. Will your books are awesome!!!

  27. auroralora

    Wes, even though I think you’re too hard on flute players, and even though I think it was borderline mean to broadcast you and the others joking about the Bigfoot implant guy (I admit I laughed though, even if it was mean), I have always believed you. I listened to stories about Sasquatch for several years before I actually believed it was a very real thing. Several years. I expect that you too will be open to more ideas you don’t currently entertain in a few more years time.

    This show has an air of authenticity that others don’t. Period. So it’s no surprise to me that you are going through these attacks, particularly with the inclusion of the Bob Garrett case. I know all about his videos because I watched them several times last summer and again not long before they disappeared.

    And for the record, I can’t tell you the date of my own weird-ass woods experience. It was last year in the summer. I’m not even sure of the month. Maybe June. Hell. I forgot my own anniversary way back when I was married. Was it the 21st or 24th? I still don’t remember.

    And you guys have totally done what you said you would do with paid content. I don’t expect it to come without growing pains, either. So what if a show was late or cancelled. You guys deliver anyway. I understand that it’s a small operation. However, it’s a quality one. Please keep doing what you do. If you didn’t put out content for weeks at a time, yeah, I’d call you guys scammers. That’s just not the case, though.

    I love you guys! Stay strong and fight the good fight.

  28. Sharon W

    We’re with ya all the way, don’t let the meanies get ya down, haters gonna hate… I laughed out loud on the Texas update when you said you had one guy on each shoulder comin back out…ya gotta have balls to do what you do..you too Shannon!

  29. hickory67

    Personally, I admire Wes’ restraint – it speaks to his character and, actually, to his credibility. A deceitful person would have become viscerally defensive – and probably shut the whole thing down. Plus I have a difficult time believing someone would go to length the hosts have with the podcast- in terms of the hours, days, weeks, and months they have- based off of a made-up story. The joke would have lost its humor by now, at least for me.

    Don’t sweat the trolls and their keyboard courage. If anything, enjoy them for the psychological case studies they are.

  30. jimmy v

    Totally understand and well done on addressing what would normally be a “no biggie” but once in the public eye had to be explained. I never doubted you bro! This show and your staff has set the bar on content and integrity that the industry should set as a model, other than Vic Cundiff of dogman encounters radio, no show on the air comes close to the standard of truth and reality you guys strive to achieve.

  31. David P

    Wes no need to apologize, I think all the members will agree that all the haters out there who are looking for any reason to debunk the exsistence of Sasquatch, will take something like this and run with it. Let them, but please don’t give them any mention again , cause that is what they live for.

  32. Robert S

    I would be really surprised if the “bigfoot community” (whatever that is) are a significant percentage of the folks paying the $7 each month to follow you guys. If they aren’t, who cares what they say. I’m just interested in peoples encounters as told by them. Kep on keepin on!

  33. Eddie M

    No need to even address. I fish a lot and the moon stays bright for a week before, during and after the “full” moon. Some things are just genuine … Your experience was one of those. It comes across…kinda like Tracy’s… It came across. The Effect cannot be mistaken. I’m sure these naysayers have never experienced. Forget it and Please Carry On!

    • Shannon D

      Why is the team so quiet? Where’s Shannon? How come all posting had stopped? Either the cat’s outs the bag or he’s running scared. The silence is troubling.

  34. Marc B

    Wes there is no need to apologize for anything. There is always going to be idiots saying crap when they have no idea what they were talking about. They were not there ,you and your brother were. Many props to you guys for having the guts to come out with your encounter when there is always going to be ridicule about the subject of sasquatch. All of you on the show keep up the good work.

  35. Janet P

    Here you are apologizing to people who see no need for an apology… I’ll bet my bottom dollar that the haters and gripers aren’t even listening to this.

    Wes, you aren’tt responsible for the obsessive nitpicking of other people. They are. Now they’ll find something else to keep their beady little eyes focused on the inane. It’s what they’re good at. You, on the other hand, have integrity and we appreciate it from far and near.

  36. Julie S

    No worries, Wes. Some people will never be happy. Some people spend all their time nitpicking and searching for ways to cause trouble where there is none. There are a ton of people here who support you and believe you! Pay the others no mind at all.

  37. S O

    Wes and co. That showed true class and humility! Thanks so much for the public response & making yourself so available.

    Don’t tell my husband, but I can never remember the date of our anniversary, and have to look @ the date stamp on the photos!

  38. james b

    Are you kidding??? I dont feel Wes needs to apologies to anyone. why is it such a big deal. he was just off a week or so. I mean some people are hard pressed to tell you what month or even year of their encounter. Most people just remember if it was winter spring summer or fall and just guestimate from there. Some people just love chaos and they will generate it every opportunity they get. I just bet Wes was dying to give a few choice folks a piece of his mind but opted to take the high road and just apologized for the mistake. Good for him for being a professional it cant be easy.

  39. patricia d

    This is so interesting and positive…out from the dark came many faces and names we have never seen or heard from on the forum’s before. I like it..hope they continue to voice their feelings and thoughts

  40. Robert P

    I don’t have time for this. So I guess the date Wes gave had no full moon or something. I couldn’t care less. Hell I smoked weed with the Beasty Boys once but I couldn’t tell you the date. I want to hear about The Big Thicket . Stop complaining dang it

  41. Laura L

    Wes and crew…u guys are awesome. If I thought u were frauds n out to con people I would still pay the $7 for the stories…as told by the ‘actors’. Lol. But seriously i believe you and that’s all I care about. I would like to see these people deleted off everything. Your show, your page…your choice. I read n log in because I feel its a safe place and I don’t need anymore drama than there already exists about this subject. A lifechanging event has turned out to be a positive not only for you n your brother but others as well. Keep doin what you’re doin.

  42. Chris P

    Hummers don’t cost 70 grand. You don’t have to be a cardiologist to have one. People who have been divorced own Hummers. My Hummer gets better than 9MPG.

  43. William L

    Wow talk about support; you guys have it in spades. I have zero tolerance for AH trolls and all of this support for Wes and the team demonstrated on this page ought to make the trolls feel about an inch high. It should also make the SasChron team feel like a million bucks. Keep up the good work. As for the trolls: f*** ’em.

  44. Trent M

    There is a reason your story rang true to so many and why your show is so popular, and it’s not because of the date of your encounter being one day or even a week later, it’s because the way that you told of your encounter and how it rang true with the others that have had similar life changing encounters. Wes you and Woody and Will and Shannon have given them a voice. No need to apologize just keep up the good work. And BTW I wish everyone associated with this website success and plenty of it!!

  45. Diane L

    Wes, I believe you 100%, and I am a person who can usually spot B.S. Now, there was a show recently with a woman whose made the Bigfoot talk show circuit and I do not find her credible. My radar went off on that one. But you are very sincere, genuine sounding, and so is your brother. I also doubt Mr. Jevning would want to be associated with a fraud.

    Look at it this way, Wes. I can’t even say I like this show without almost everyone ridiculing me for having a real interest and belief in Sasquatch. So the haters are gonna find fault with anyone who talks about having an encounter.

    Keep up the excellent work and don’t let them bring you down. Every person in the world has critics and enemies, it’s just the way life is.

    • Dan G

      Wes, shanon and woody behind you 100 : haters gonna hate please continue and don’t let the losers of the world get you down .
      Believe you all the way, hate to see you distracted by bullshit from lowlifes .

  46. TheGiant573

    Not an issue sir. Has anyone ever taken an eye wittness testimony? It is flawed, and with the adrenaline rushing through your veins that night it is amazing you can remember any of the encounter at all!

    ps. Don’t feed the trolls !

  47. Christopher c

    No apology nec. we are human and can have brainfarts that’s human,not only that but I had to research my encounters to get the dates exact thank God there was a forest fire that year in the vicinity to help me track it down as I was actually trying to block this out of my mind like a rape victim would I actually tried my hardest to forget that it happened,but was re-reminded when I had a second and third creepy terrifying encounter that well I can just say opened old wounds for good.1989-1992-1995.

  48. Paul M

    Quite the nit pickin. … Quite the boot Lickin… Let the people that never made a mistake Cast the first STONE. . Give it a REST AllREADY… Really … MAN… These people are doing a good job… Most often they are fair and try to give us the facts…. SETTLE DOWN PEOPLE…. OR SHOULD WE MAKE THEM TAKE LIE DETECTIOR TESTS AFTER EACH SHOW… NOTTTTT

  49. Victoria A

    Yay Wes!
    Wow, maybe now these very silly self agrandized blabber mouths may have an inkling there are so many other people who do not agree with them. It is so nice to see you have so much support!

  50. Matt f

    Joseph,it’s an H3 U dumbass,u can buy a used one under 25k,they are providing a service,u don’t like their get the F$&@” out.Or are you one of infiltrators using their knowledge for your benefit?We have seen your kind around here and very easy to spot,maybe you are also Gary c the bad cop.Dont crap in our yard Cuz we can sling shit too.

  51. Donna K

    Wes, we are not even worried what the actual date was. Anybody who can make such a big deal over something so trivial has their head screwed on backwards. Wil should not be leaving the show either. I don’t even think it should even have been mentioned because most of us out here never even heard anything about it…Not until today. Anybody can get their dates mixed up. Really we are not worried about that…and again Wil should not leave the show over something this trivial and in our minds this is the best show out there. Dont let a few haters effect this great team…. There will always be naysayers. Keep up the great work..

  52. Donna A

    Wes – you have more supporters than you may know who believe in you and this was never an issue with us. Who cares about the date! I say only the people who get off making trouble and they shouldn’t be given a passing glance.

  53. Bruce M

    Dear Wes,

    First of all, I believe that the political correctness has been destroying our Country bit by bit. Their is no need for an apology. If I remember from the first time I heard your experience, you had a death in the family, marriage problems and little to no work. You and your brother went off to have a heart to heart talk and got interupted by monsters that our government feels we don’t need to know about. I have seen a monster on 2 different occasions and I too am in the middle of mariage hell. Damn! I have trouble remembering the years! Please do not apologize anymore for getting a few facts mixed up. Hell! When you interviewed me, I forgot to share the 1 thing that scared me the most. One fall night I decided to go to the store late. As I got near my truck, I heard what sounded like a giant owl in the tree in my front yard about 15 feet away. Not ever hearing an owl around here and imitating animals has always been something I have done well, I hooted back. I got an emediate reply but this time it was louder and deeper and ended with what sounded like an angry growl. I am a big guy and I carry a big gun but this time I freeked out, jumped into the truck and stayed at the store till the sun came up. I was so afraid that I left my only son and wife home to fend for themselves. This is why I really ended up feeling like I had been mentaly raped. I forgot to share this and the only reason I I’m apologizing to you is that this is the only part of my experiences that would have made it a better show when I was on.
    As an internet friend and a fellow monster witness, enough is enough. Just say,”woops, my bad” and let us all move on.
    And to the guy who calls BS because you have a decent truck. I am holding my little finger down, can you read between the lines?
    Great show and I hope all of you get rich and famous, (than call me and do a feel good episode were you get me a new house and truck and give my son a car) 😉

    • Eddie M

      I agree Jim…the fact Wes even addressed speaks volumes….such crap as this is why Coonbo doesn’t participate anymore. Folks that never spent one day in the woods will never understand and really should just observe and not speak. Nothing someone that can’t tell a rat from a possum should even comment on. Keep up the good work Wes, Will, Shamnon….I’ll take these assholes to my woods…and guarantee a “Booger Getting Them”

  54. Donna K

    And one other thing. They’re always going to be people who are jealous or who want to bring you down because you have been elevated because of the type of show that you guys conduct. There is no better program out there than what you guys have. I have listen to them and there is nothing better than Sasquatch Chronicles. Don’t let a few haters spoil the show for all of us who love all of you!!!!! And I will say it again, WIL don’t leave this show!!! You are needed with the team. I hope you read this. Don’t let a few people who are jealous bring you down. They are falsely accusing anyway. Hold your head high and just keep moving forward. Keep doing what you been doing because it makes a difference for all of us out here who have had experiences. None of you should let anyone cause you to quit!!!

  55. gary b

    My support Wes! You listen to people, and provide an open forum keep it up, and simply turn the page, new chapter. Let the critics be critics. I learned alot. Have a beer, get back on the air, and move forward! Best to you!

  56. matthew D

    Wes. The show is blowing up the bigfoot world. In two short years this show has become better than anything bigfoot related on tv, cable, or anywhere else. This is maybe even the best bigfoot show ever. When you are number one people are going to try and tear you down . Stay strong and fight through it. This is your calling, and this team approach is really killing it. You are literally blowing people’s minds and changing lives for the better each and every show. Think about this, most people will never get within a mile of bigfoot in their lives. Your show allowed your team to not only find a bigfoot hotspot, but get close enough for a close encounter with a flying log. You and the show are really blowing this bigfoot field apart. You’re doing it every week, and making it look easy. All of this is going to draw lots of attention from both fans and critics. The haters are going to find loose ends and yank on them. Address loose ends that need to be addressed and charge forward. WE ARE BEHIND YOU 100%.

  57. LC B

    The real question is not the date, but whether or not your account is true, and I have listened to numerous tellings and could detect no deceit. I have forgotten the exact date of my mothers death, sometimes we choose to forget certain things. If you really want to vindicate yourself you could simply take a lie detector test, that is strictly up to you in order to silence the mob

  58. Billie S

    I found Sasquatch Chronicles by accident when I was injured. I have listened to all the shows. I freely joined as a paid member. Wes’s account rings true in my estimation. If he did get the wrong date, so what. I listen to the show for its content and stories. Some of the stories from people I have heard set off my BS meter. Most do not. Keep up the good work.

  59. Jason

    Yet, another forum ruined by nonproductive bullshiz. Finger pointing, insult slinging, Internet bullydom…

    The worldwide web has allowed great minds who think alike, to come together. It’s also allowed Effin morons to ruin it for others, thinking their $7 a month buys them a license to be assholes. I couldnt care less about dates and times. I listen to gather knowledge, share experiences, and affirm what I’ve known since I was 11 yrs old. It’s better than therapy, cheaper, too!!

    If people put as much time into focusing on the overall, instead of tearing apart minuscule details to the point where credible people are stepping away, the entre community would make great strides. I got involved to find a way to process my post encounter trauma, 30 years after it happened. I didn’t get involved to watch constant bickering. I get enough of that with my kids.

    Quit bitchin’, people. Or get outta the sandbox.

  60. Lori J

    Thanks Wes for showing such class..I support you 100%…Just keep doing what you are doing and I am glad you got to go to Texas and spend time in the thicket..if my $7 a month helped to make that happen then it was well worth it…I look forward to more trips for the SC crew and I hope you will continue to help people because that is what you are doing..giving people a place to share their encounters..thats what you started this for and that is what you have been doing all along…you understand they needed a place to go for that..after all..you needed a place too…thanks for all you do

  61. Terry R

    No need to apologize Wes. But I have to ask you, with everything else going on, you mean to tell me that you didn’t take the time to see if it was exactly a full moon. Who cares? The night was clear and there was enough moon to give you plenty of light. Maybe Joseph has never been in the woods on a clear night with a partial moon. I’ve been able to shut off my head lamp plenty of times and walk out with a partial moon. In fact that way your eyes adjust better so that you don’t get that tunnel-vision affect. My guess is that when things started happening, just like any other breathing creature, your senses got a little sharper, and it might have seemed like the moon was full.

    Just for grins, is anybody interested in taking up a collection to buy Joseph a plane ticket to East Texas for a night alone in The Big Thicket? You could drop him off and check on him in the morning. Or be real cordial and drop him off at the biker bar there after dark and let him ride a bike back to town. I’ll pay for the drinks.

  62. Mindy V

    Just wanted to voice my support as well. Didn’t know there was an issue, couldn’t care less. It’s obvious the encounter story was real, true and life changing. If Will’s leaving like he says, too bad, but that’s his choice. If his “reputation” could be harmed by something as trivial as this then obviously he should go. Now we won’t have to hear about Rene Dahinden and John Green all the time anyway. Okay Wes now you won’t be interrupted either. It’s obvious that most of us out here just want you to keep doing what you are doing. Let that crap drop and keep us in Sasquatch Chronicles!

  63. Kim

    Wil, please dont leave, dont give up. We need your profesionalism, and your years of experience. We love your stories and the fact that you look beyond “collecting” and STUDY behavior. You have opened my eyes tremendously! Ive had to rethink everything!

    Wes…..dont sweat it. I know the feeling of a person questioning your integrity. It is very painful! But if you compare the amount of naysayers v.s. people standing next to you, you should have NO doubts concerning those who believe in you. Wil this goes for you too!

    Those that are unhappy, please leave and go to where you are wanted! Because your not wanted here! “You are dead to me.”

  64. Anthony M

    Keep On Keeping On Wes!
    These Stories Were Obviously Planted By THE POWERS THAT BE!
    They Always Try To DIVIDE & CONQUER!
    They Are Very Worried About The Growth Of This Show Too!
    By Talking To Ordinary People Who Have Had Experience s With Sasquatch All Over The Country Makes This Show Awesome!

  65. greg d

    Coming from one of the bigger skeptics here, the details of the exact date is completely irrelevant. Very easy to forget and not important in the least. Details of the story changing would be a problem, but thats never occurred.

    As for the H3, you can get a used one for 12k. Not that its anyones business or important what the host drives.

  66. jamie smith

    Wes I have believed you from the first time I heard your encounter, don’t let the haters get inside your head.
    It’s still an AWESOME show and I love the “HUMMER” ….LOL
    And if you are making money good for you people don’t understand how much effort goes into putting these shows together, I remember how much time and many Skype calls it took just to do my interview.
    I will be a life long member.

  67. Papa - Yeti

    The Dates are not bunt aka etched into our minds, as are the events of the encounter(s) because our minds are far from thinking of the date, while in shock and trying, hoping to survive the moments happing. As our minds are in shock and trying to processes the impossible creatures achieving their imposable super physical body mechanics, a showing super straights. Are our minds are doing the best of trying to understand and process all of what is happening right before your eyes. Nowhere are there dated and time stamped signs physically present as this encounter / attack which is happening to us. So speaking for myself, dates, and time(s) are nothing of great importance. In fact although Dates and Times are of the very first tings to be mentioned at the beginning of a written encounter, the Dates and times are the last details my mind even considers. Getting every detail is one thing, but having the ‘Investigative skeptics’ scrutinize every detail down to the number of fly farts; and holding the credibility of a Man / Witness / survivor, to me it just proves just how superficial, and even at times proving just how close to being inhuman and disrespectful they are. I can call them on it, because I have been a survivor for over half a century. Wes, I have seen past video footage of you and Woody, and that proved to my, of just how dedicated you two are in exposing and documenting the creatures, it also showed me, just how non B.S. you too are. Never have I questioned yours or Woody’s credibility, or Character Standing. You two men are 100 percent the real deal. So the date of your encounter does not matter. Being human, is a very good thing, Gentlemen, and human you both are.

  68. Kay S

    To Wes, you have my support. I believe you and always have.
    To Will, please don’t leave. We need your humour and stability.
    To the nay sayers, get a life, grow up, climb out of your sandpit and quit the school yard bullying!

  69. Glenn S

    I support you Wes, and I know your encounter was real, don’t let the jealous flute players cloud your mind, keep moving on and keep up the great work mate!

  70. deborah m

    OMG!!!! WTF!!!!!!! has Will really packed it in? Well i am in the dark, been away from the show for a few weeks and haven’t had time to read all the comments, so can someone fill me in?!! Wes, don’t listen to all the crap people put out there, u know what u saw and who cares what the date was, really, you guys just keep doing what u r doing and know u have MORE supporters than haters. And yes u guys have a big following in Australia. Come on over and we will go Yowie hunting. Keep up all the great work guys, lovin it.

  71. Andrew O

    Yes, I am also loving SasChron from the UK, and it’s an absolutely excellent show. It’s a real shame that Will has bailed out, but maybe that was due to all the recent mud slinging that’s taken place.

    I think the genuine listeners and followers do honestly think you’re doing a great job, and one can tell that you’re being honest and on the level.

    It’s a shame that some people pick on some minor detail to attempt to blow the whole thing out of the water, but with so many people coming forward now that held back before is a testament to your presenting style, and with Shannon has made this a show not to be missed.

  72. Steve A

    Joe B is probably a government employee trying to make everyone have some question to the existence of Sasquatch .Don t let him get under your skin ,and who really cares what you drive .Keep up the great work you guys

  73. Audrey M

    I will miss Will but I still support you. It is so easy to mix dates up, I’ve done it and I bet all most everyone out there has too. If they say they have never miss quoted a date I don’t believe them. I believe you, Don’t let the “haters” out there get to you.

  74. Bruce F

    Wes – A mentor of mine told me a long time ago. “Don;’t let the bastards get you down”. You are never going to please everyone, so continue to tell your story with the passion you have and let the chips fall where they may. The one thing I truly hate about the internet is people do things they never would do face to face. Many times they are just being pricks because they can. I see some forums and think to myself “Is this what God sees when he looks at man? “If it is then the term all merciful takes on a new real meaning. Keep on doing what you are and dont worry about the jerks. They have always been with us and unfortunately they always will.

  75. Rick F

    I agree with Bruce F. ……. There are many out there having only a pair of “raisins” that they actually consider to be ‘Balls” as long as they can speak out from behind a computer screen. Its a shame really.

    And Wes., surely my good friend you knew there would be these types of people commenting in this manner once you built the show to what it is. How on earth you could lend any credibility to their comments by acknowledging them is beyond me. Its part of the process. Lets move on with the reason this program was built to begin with. I don’t it think has anything to do with being recognized as a person of stature or achievement. Its about sharing amongst the community with those stories and encounters that have credibility without being commercialised. (pardon my spelling and grammer.)

  76. Paris A

    I’m pissed I don’t have a hummer. But im so thankful that I live in a place that hard HONEST work pays off. America is the greatest nation ever to be conceived. Wes keep up the hard work Dude. You Rock Bro.

  77. sherry r

    Ok,This will be my only post! I have been a member right from the start,listened to the original podcast, I do not read this bullcrap because of the whiners and drama! If you dont believe someones story,dont pull out the hate card,just dont be a part of it. Other people on here are enjoying and taking part in something they enjoy! Wake up haters and complainers and be adults and not ruin it for everybody else!! Wont here from me again! ):

  78. Sandra S

    Those of us who enjoy SC (and how hard you guys work to make it that way for us) did not need an apology, Wes. This is my first comment but felt you need to know that we appreciate everything you do to make this site as entertaining, informative and legitimate as possible. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters. There are always a few bad apples in every barrel, thankfully there are more who support you.

  79. Sheila

    As I said on your FB page Wes, why you shouldn’t criticize other Bigfoot researchers, like Todd Standing or Jeff Meldrum? Now, the shoe is on the other foot. People will turn on you in a minute in the Bigfoot world and call you a liar. I believe your encounter and I hope you can continue doing this site and not going the way of Todd Standing and get out of the bigfoot world.

  80. Cindie M

    Wes, no worries, no apologies! I have trouble remembering my son’s birth weight and length! That was a happy expected event and he is an only child!
    Regarding the vehicle comment, I would hope you would be driving something substantial since you are out and about where these creatures are living. A Ford Pinto, as some of the stupid asses would like you to drive, just would not get the job done! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  81. Travis L

    Who gives a shit what other people think? What are we, in freaking high school (well, maybe some are)?!? Personally, I had a lot of questions regarding the info that Will was putting out. Nobody ever questioned the inconsistencies with his own stories. His age at the time of his first encounter fluctuated between 14 and 16. And for his 40 or so years investigating this topic it hasn’t gotten the subject of Bigfoot any closer to being accepted by mainstream science. Where is Will’s boba fife proof that Bigfoot exists? He jumped ship because he thought this issue might affect his book sales and that’s the only reason why he’s in this subject, money. Haven’t any of you noticed that he never had an original idea concerning Bigfoot? He just took known primate behaviors and attached it to Bigfoot. Then he wrote books with other people’s info and sold them. I think the show will be better off without the back patting and self glorifying Will Jevning.

  82. ben h

    Is Joseph B a plant, government? It seems to me recently that there are a lot of nay -sayers and people on here who seem to be having a go at the core key guys. I reckon this could be a way for certain people to intimidate and dis-inform us. So to be honest Joseph B i think your a plant and i think its interesting you haven’t replied.

    • Travis L

      @ ben h, why don’t you take your lack of intellect and go give Will Jevning more of your money. Wes and Woody are the reason why Sasquatch Chronicles is a huge hit, not Will or Shannon. I stand behind Wes and Woody’s story 100%. Will was just riding their coat tails to plug his books and try to take credit for everything bigfoot. So Ben, why don’t you go plant yourself on another site. Only people with a true interest in this subject and some common sense belong here. That’s why I’m a paying member.

  83. Gail d

    I really don’t care about the date I was so thrilled to listen to you encounter. You have nothing to apologize for. Just keep making these great shows

  84. Katie F

    @ Travis
    I agree with you totally. All Will did was interrupt. His interview of Wes and Woody
    was beyond frustrating. Those guys were interrupted so often that I was
    surprised they even knew their own names. Will’s comments were based on
    what Wes would say. Will agreed with who ever he was talking to, and
    couldn’t say one sentence without name dropping –Dehenden–John green
    bla bla. Now he can take some time off and let his arm heal.
    (from patting himself on the back )
    Wes– hang in there– you are doing a great job. You and Woody
    are the reason I love this site.

  85. DonRay

    Wes….. any rational person would realize you were’nt out there taking notes on date, time or moon phase… Like you said,, What happened too you changed your life… A traumatic experience… Which we know memory can miss a few details, because the brain is working overdrive trying normalize whats happening around you…… I understand your why your apology….. The true believers wouldn’t question something as insignificant as the date,,, something we all get wrong now and again……. The only fact i care about, is that your story has never changed…… Keep on, Keepin on… Ciao

  86. sarasara

    Bravo, for your calm cool demeanor in addressing these issues, Wes! While I apprecitate you addressing people’s questions, Wes, know most are not concerned with a minor discrepancy that could simply stem from stress or too much time going by to get the date exactly right. I’ve been there myself. I’m happy to pay the small amount of money you ask for subscriptions, it only makes sense that you would need to generate an income from this website in order to afford the time necessary to produce content. I love this show and look forward to you loading the audio and video from Texas. If it should in fact be true that Will has left the show, I hope, in time, he will reconsider and return, you all bring something to Sasquatch Chronicles.

  87. Elmer Fudd

    So we have covered Wes’s Hummer (Joseph B – get a life you LOOSER), so what’s next, his religion?
    I would enjoy this site a lot more if comments were disabled for episodes as they seem to be a gathering ground for trolls and other no-hopers, in fact while you’re at it Wes, take down the forum too.

  88. Mark R

    I think this definitely has something to do with the east Texas trip and bob Garrett! The timing can’t be coincidental, SC is close to exposing the truth! I haven’t seen a squatch, (seen eyeshine of 4 of them though), but I know 3 lifelong friends who have! The truth can’t be silenced forever, SQUATCH ON brothers & sister

  89. Vinnie G

    Podcast goes huge, starts releasing inside Gov. info and then shills/trolls create a divisive situation that implodes it all just before it reaches critical mass and goes viral…Predictable. Traumatic events cause PTSD and people often confuse details..it’s the human condition and it does not invalidate EVERYTHING. Now people are at each other’s throats and SC is circling the drain…. Wake up.

  90. Robert B

    Hang tough Wes. I love the show regardless of the flap. Stay strong and carry on. Besides you got a whole bunch of stuff to post from Texas and me being from Texas has my mouth watering for some of the goodies you collected while in the Thicket.
    Peace out.

  91. Linda H

    My question, if you don’t approve or believe in the encounters, WTF are you hanging around for? Get some sort of cheap thrill trying to stir up trouble? Delving into the mysteries of the universe leaves me little time for you … Go to some AH’s rant room; share your like-minded thoughts with your Cretans friends. You’ll finally achieve the loving attention you crave.

    Let the rest of enjoy the quality, hard-working, considerate-minded, work that SasQ strives to give us with every show.

  92. Robert V

    When you get heat like this you know your onto something greatness. Keep going. The great people who’ve accomplished great things get kicked by those who can’t reach this greatness or are threatened by someone else’s greatness. Get through today. Get through tomorrow. In a short time You will be the standard.


  93. David C

    I’m surprised that there are so many mercenaries on the BLM”s payroll. That’s the only conclusion I can reach after seeing the trivial issues these fools want to stir up..

  94. charlene a

    I am not worried about what SC does with my $7 I gave them to entertain me , but I am pretty sure it isn’t going to buy any mansions or hummers lol, and you can lease hummers if you want even if your not wealthy. So that was a good laugh, anyway gonna listen to some more stuff on here , love the show 🙂

  95. WALT D

    My God Im gone from the website for a week and all hell breaking loose.There have been numerous boneheads from the begining at saschron.Wes no explanation neccessary. There are idiots that think there forensic experts on breaking a story down. Keep up the good work.Not drinking any koolaide either. Luv you guys and the show and all the supporters!

  96. Dan N

    Who really gives a rip? Truth or not who honestly cares? At the very worst all Wes did was a little creative marketing. This is a business and take’s quite a lot of time to produce I have no doubt. I work for a living and I will tell you this. I would seriously sell my left arm to have enough free time to (investigate) the encounter in question. I mean seriously folks. I get on this site for entertainment and to feed my curiosity on the bf subject. The podcasts play in my headphones as I toil away another day doing my best to make a living. The day goes by a little quicker and my mind is occupied and sparking nicely. 7 whole dollars a month and absolutely no skin off my butt. The fact anyone would go to trouble to suss this out leads me to think they started out with ill will and malicious intent. On a personal note. I lost my father,a good job (due to missing work taking care of cancer laden father) my dog and a good friend to a drunk driver all in the space of about 4 weeks and I am here to tell you that I lost the greater part of a whole year due to the stress of it all. Until you have been through it you do not have a clue as to what one goes through. On bringing up the loss of their father only Wes and Woody get to bring that up. Mind your own damn business in the matter of family. You didn’t know their father and you don’t know them. If he did lie about his encounter all I have to say is it’s his show, his business, his risk. One last thing. Attacking the car a guy drives just screams of jealousy. It is in fact an H3. You can pick one up in about any color well equipped for 15g. Not a real high rolling set of wheels, I’m afraid. A nice rig for sure but honestly a fairly sensible buy if you have kiddos and live in the northwest. These are my words just as I wrote them. I’m sure a nerve will be touched with this so just know that before you twist what I have said, there is no hidden message or agenda here. Just my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Good day.

  97. Shawn p

    I’m confused about what’s going on? This show is the only thing I’ve discovered that can help me sleep . Not ambien, CR, trazadone, booze nothing helps me. I am a Marine with three deployments that is happy when I can get three uninterrupted hours of sleep. I really hope this show doesn’t go away . I do not mean to be whining or trying to center the reason on me but slimply telling the truth . this really sucks man. I understand reputation is important but can’t you guys communicate on conduct or courses of action? Anyways my email is n2battle@yahoo s/f

  98. rubin c


  99. WindshieldSquatcher

    I bet all the losers driving non-Hummers got them honestly with their own damn money, not other people’s! You’re all right in one thing. They had the best thing going-and they shit all over it. WHY be so damn lazy, so tacky, so sloppy? They put up crap like 100 BF Nights, pre-recorded shows pretending to take callers, no shows half the time, sicking the suck-ups on other paying customers, the same guy pretending to be different guests, cut and pasted STOLEN material from other researchers. I notice Butt Blossom Brown doesn’t address the stolen stuff. Do you and your husband have real jobs or do you have to phoney up the evidence to keep those donations rolling in like Wessie? Elana’s right, they were laughing at the subscribers the whole time and some are still too gullible to see it. The show COULD go on but these idiots are just stuck on stupid. I wouldn’t count on it.

  100. WindshieldSquatcher

    And all that cut and paste takes what..5 minutes a day? There was NEVER any work put into except bank runs. Therein lies the issue.

  101. LC B

    In the bigfoot world all you have is your reputation, once that is tarnished you can forget the
    paid internet and so forth, this community is self policing, and we smell rotten eggs out. It is
    not easy to see a show we all liked going down in flames but without Wes coming forward, passing
    a lie detector test that is independently given, he has little chance of escaping this wave of doubting
    his integrity, if he can prove that the e-mail was false, that too might give him some wiggle room.
    Will leaving the show is a sign of his own doubts or reservations with Wes, I know that it will be
    a while till we hear anything from the source, frankly it requires more than an apology at this point,
    I think it requires something of a confession, or attempting to refute the e-mail.

  102. Linda H

    The attackers have always stalled controversial knowledge; the unthinking-sheep, blindly-following what is spoon-fed to us by those who control the world. Wake up, we are taught what to think. Ever hear of Question Authority? If something turns out to be untrue, at least we had an open mind. (I, personally, think sasq are out there; as well as a numerous amount of unimaginable things we can’t even comprehend or are taught to believe in our school books.)

    Or are you a paid dis-creditor hired to calm down the Garrett affair? Since Mr. Garrett was/is being attacked, are we surprised SC, who have openly supported Garrett, are on the attack list?

    I again say, if you don’t believe, go away or shut up. The rest of us are thoroughly enjoying SC. Maybe we should look into your personal life since you’re going there.; do ant us to make unknown assumptions about your personal life?

  103. WindshieldSquatcher

    I think it’s a little bit of both now, Linda. But if they’re gonna salvage it, they need to take the subscribers into account and DELIVER this time. I don’t believe that contract was ever fulfilled. There never was the extra content unless you count the cut and paste. I SINCERELY want to see the show go on. If they hadn’t shown such contempt for the subscribers and fomenting so much bloodshed in the forum, I don’t think that this would have happened. The people had legitimate gripes and those should have been addressed instead of telling them to take a hike. They should have gotten a clue and showed up for work at 8 o’clock. Public relations 101. They can still do that. It would go a long way toward quieting this whole melee.

  104. Linda H

    Now your attacking show content when it’s in it’s early stage? SC has been busy and things don’t happen over night. I don’t think they have to prove ANYTHING. When I signed up I wasn’t made any promises. OK you want the royal SC membership treatment. Give them a year. I haven’t a complaint about SC , and think most don’t. Maybe you should take your $7 elsewhere.

    None of us owe anyone or anything in this life. (We accept and give freely) Are you one of those “Life Isn’t Fair?

  105. WindshieldSquatcher

    There you go again. It’s been FOUR months at least. Have you ever had a site yourself? Well, there certainly has never been evidence of any work on this one past the first week. They had people like Elana on the payroll so they had help. We were ALL made promises when we signed up. Go and read the FAQs and listen to the shows where they were made. I didn’t see or hear a thing about it only going into effect a year from now. Go tell the judge that paying customers with a contract, verbal or written, aren’t “owed anything”. Had they not monetized, that might be true. Had they not taken people’s money, that would be true. They’re ADULTS with business experience. They KNEW better. Once they got the subscriptions, they sat on their butts. If anything, the quality of product went down, not up over time. And ya know what? People were owed a modicum of respect. Both on the forum and from the hosts “on the air”. They attacked their stakeholders that dared to expect something under the contract, over and over and over, and then act surprised when something like this happens. These weren’t donations. It wasn’t ‘passive income’. They still have you shills coming here doing the same thing. There’s something called customer service that they never seem to have heard of. They need to get a clue if they’re gonna save it.

  106. Letty

    This is really sad and discouraging for everyone who is here simply to learn on the subject based on eyewitness accounts. This show is for believers and for those who are looking for reasons why to believe. The concept is simple. If you don’t like what you hear go somewhere else. No one is making anyone pay either. We all have choices. Make a decision and move on. In my opinion, the show should block out all those who are causing grief and headaches.It’s done on social media why can’t it be done here?

    • Derek G

      Some might have but I didn’t actually expect that much more for the membership…. I gave my 7$ thinking it would support a good cause. I enjoy the content. I agree with you Linda.

  107. Mr.Crypto

    Everyone needs to give wes a break. it scared the holy shit out of him and unless you were in the same scenario, then you can only speculate. If you people cant be nice and respectful then please just move on to another site. We need to get this show back on track and with all of the hate and bashing its getting very redundant and once again, unless you were there you dont know. I stand by Wes no matter what any of you think but please take the high road here and stop being ugly. thank you for reading. if you feel you wanna debate my post then i wont participate so have fun but remember this, have any of you ever won an award for being perfect?


  108. rubin c


  109. bigyin

    The email proves that beyond a doubt. He emailed them on the 16th advising his encounter happened the night before… So there is no way his encounter happened. He would not have been able to see shit on that mountain

  110. Linda H

    Ok, this is my last blog… but a warning to loyal SASq listeners ; Don’t let the dis-informationers ruin a wonderful ride SC has given us. I think our fruitless attempt to dissuade the jerks are lost on individuals that made a wrong turn into SCs. They’re here only to discredit, and destroy. I’m happy to say NOTHING they say means a thing to me (know the tree by its fruit), I’m done playing with them and am waiting for another fabulous program.

    110% support to SC.. Long ride for SCs! Thank you SCs. SC workers – ignore these jerks. We will too.

  111. SteelcityNS


  112. Tyler D

    I can’t believe that this is getting as much attention as it is. WHY IS SUCH A SMALL INSIGNIFICANT PART OF THE STORY GETTING TO BE SUCH A BIG DEAL?? It’s quite unbelievable that Wes is getting so much flack for something so small. He’s a good honest person n every true fan of the show knows that. Shannon, Wes, n Will are all very honest straight forward people. So HOW ABOUT WE STOP THIS NONSENSE N GET BACK TO WHAT REALLY MATTERS HERE. THE ENCOUNTERS!! It’s almost comical how much attention this is getting

  113. Tyler D

    Ok Steelcity, a little over the top there. I do believe we should be getting a bit more encounters here, but that’s only cuz I can’t get enough of this show

  114. Robert P

    SteelCity Suck. A little lesson in capitalism you ass wipe troll. If you don’t like content take your fucking 7 dollars and stick it straight up your smelly ass.

  115. Ted T

    Steelcityns and any one elce.
    I can’t believe any one would have such a temper tantrum over 7 bucks. Unless the person has a serious personality issue!
    And I have a hard time understanding the attack on Wes over a mixed up date, That doesn’t mean he’s lying about anything.
    People are just being DRAMA QUEENS over a simple date.
    Bottom line
    The show is grate and very enjoyable, so let’s be siveliesd people about this.

  116. larry h

    well I guess I will find a new pod cast its been over a week and no new stuff about their trip just a bunch of people giggling and laughing for over a hour I guess the next show will be next year

  117. Letty

    Seriously? This whining about content and a discrepancy is out of control and so petty. They need to be blocked from this community. I want to get back to listening to their encounters at the Big Thicket!

  118. Andrew L

    I’m sure Wes has a lot of editing and organizing to do. They all said there was a ton of data they gathered and they mentioned how tedious it can be to sift through all of it, whether it be photos, audio or video. I hope folks can be patient and understanding about the time it takes to get a finished product. Wes especially busts his ass working on the show. I’m eager too but I’m just saying.

  119. darren

    Just a storm in a teacup I reckon – big deal. You’ve addressed the question, and was a pretty trivial discrepancy anyway. The account/answer Wes has provided is plenty good enough for me. Ignore and move on now Wes, and back to focusing on providing us with a quality show, as have done to date. Nothing to see here people, move along now.

  120. Paul M

    Wow …. just thinking how much fun this show was… now it seems like some people want it to be sissy pissy bich match of who’s lieing… Well get bent ya nonbelievers… your either the same GOV. Lackeys that couldn’t get a real job = or your the pricks that just want to suck the fun out of living… WESS & WILL & SHARON have done a commendable job throughout the show span… Not sure why Wills departure happened so abruptly but Hey he was very good on this show also. .. Tuff act to follow I think… I really hope they can find a person that can fill his shoes… We can get back to what made this show the best Sasquatch Show on the net… If everyone Frick in chills… including the hosts… look at the problems… look at where they mite be coming from… And delete these sorry as people from our group… Or tuff in up and know sharp arrows are gonna be in the air all the time.. put on your shields people… nobody said the truth wouldn’t HURT…

  121. Robert W

    I know I am weighing in late on this issue – and I am new to SC and the whole bigfoot phenom. I like the show and the content – and frankly I interview people all the time in my job-and inconsistencies are a key to any lie. I do not find shred of inconsistency with anything Wes says – I have heard his encounter on other shows and he is not lying – if he were there would be very specific things he would embellish – which he doesn’t. Frankly Will’s encounter description is very inconsistent – enough said on that! Don’t want to get into it – but I don’t mmd paying the $7/month. Great show!

  122. Sam T

    I believe wes. If you dont believe him or you think his show is fake then dont watch it thats your choice but i think he has the best show on the net next to vic cundiff and dark waters and ill continue being a member.

  123. Monica S

    I am WAY late to the party. It seems to me that the haters and naysayers all use bad grammar and have many misspelled words, not to mention words used out of context.
    Could this have anything to do with level of education or intelligence?
    Just say in’ ……..

  124. Ernest M

    You never need to apologize to your followers for anything Wes, your integrity is beyond reproach so don’t waste your time addressing issues from the trolls.

  125. James M

    My encounter was Nov. 2nd 2017……………..but I wouldn’t swear to it. I was so freaked out I didn’t speak of it for months. My little world was so turned upside down that my date could be wrong also.

  126. Jennifer F

    Wes and Woody,
    I am late to the party. I stumbled upon the drama by accident when makig a play list. It shocked me at the teen level of behavior of so called adults. Death threats, accusations and so forth aside. My encounter happened in 1983 just before my senior year. It do you think I could remember the exact campsite number, whY I was wearing. And for flipping Pete’s sake. Forget the moon. A I know is I was terriffied. It was not a bear. And I remember the stench and the shape and size of the foot as it ran from our campground. And 7 teenagers ran lixkery split to the rangers station!

    It’s always good to have quesrions and have a skeptical sidieIt keeps us balanced. Thank you, and I enjoy the show.

  127. Josephine L

    Hi Wes, wow….I’m super late to this party huh? 4 years & 9 months later…just finished reading those 270 responses following your apology…the most ever? You know, my momma used to say, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”. Plus, I was raised with the “Golden Rule” to treat people how you want to be treated. Lift people up, help them. I think most people can understand this. I’ve been listening to your show for a couple of years now & just became a member recently so now I have access to the member podcasts which I listen to daily to catch up. It’s my choice to be a member right? No one is forcing me to pay $7 bucks a month, I want to. And I think that I can quit being a member freely if I wish, right? Here’s the main thing, I want to be a member & a listener because I truly enjoy the content of your podcasts. You have a gift, a natural way with people and you’re sharing it with all of us through your interviews. You invite people to share. You’re helping those like you & your brother who’ve experienced something similiar. From my perspective, I’ve listened to you & your podcast evolve into something remarkable, which you probably never even imagined. I’m honored to say that I’m a listener & member of Sasquatch Chronicles. Now I just need to order a hoodie to make it official! Wes, you know what’s right & so do all of your listeners. All I can do is echo what the majority of your respondents say, and that is to “Keep doing what you’re doing, YOU GOT THIS!!!” Sincerely, central CA listener/member

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