Many women, whom nature has not endowed with curvy forms, often have a complex about this. However, do not despair, because today there are quite a few different methods of breast augmentation, the fastest and most effective among which is plastic surgery.

But, as you know, not everyone has enough money for such an operation, and many are simply afraid of complications and scars that can remain for life. That is why, before resorting to the help of a plastic surgeon, it is advisable to try non-surgical methods to solve the problem.

For example, there are special pills that can cause breast growth. There are also various creams and gels that are similar in composition to these tablets, but their penetration into the body occurs through the skin of the breast. When using this method, the result is a breast enlargement of 1-1.5 sizes.

There is also a method of vacuum breast augmentation. It consists in the fact that with the help of vacuum, negative pressure is created, which promotes the growth of new cells, and, thanks to the abundant blood flow, metabolism improves in the right area. This method is completely safe and with proper patience, you can achieve the desired result.

The safest method is to perform special exercises that help to increase the bust. However, it will take a lot of patience and a lot of effort. A noticeable result will appear in the case of regular exercise for several months. The maximum effect is an increase in breast volume by 1.5 sizes.

There is another way that not everyone decides on, due to possible complications, up to oncological diseases. This is a way to increase the bust by injecting a special gel. If there are any complications in the chest area, it is possible to cope with this only by completely amputating it. The method is unsafe, but an instant visible result is provided. It is possible to increase the volume by 2-3 sizes at once.

Thus, a small breast size is a completely solvable issue, and how and in what ways to do it, everyone decides for himself, weighing all the pros and cons, determining the desired breast volume and thinking about all possible complications. But if there is a loved one nearby who likes a woman the way she is, then perhaps you won't have to do anything. Are you looking for the perfect online casino to play your favourite games? Look no further than pinup This online casino offers an amazing selection of games, great customer service and generous bonuses. In this review, we will go over all the reasons why you should be playing at pin up casino and encourage you to keep reading to find out more!

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