Discover the advantages and disadvantages of video games for children, youth and adults for their proper use and human health.

Enjoying video games without overdoing it is the key to keeping them from being harmful. Monitoring children and adolescents is important.

"At first I only played for two or three hours, but it got worse over time. I didn't leave my room for three weeks and stopped every now and then to make a quick meal. There were days when I didn't even sleep. One of those days I got dizzy and had a headache that didn't go away until I slept for a few hours. "Then I realized that I was addicted to video games and spent my university holidays living in a virtual world."

This story could be the story of any gamer, the story of someone who started playing two hours a day and ended up suffering from addiction. This is one of the risks of these popular devices that can entertain, excite, frighten and move as movies and TV shows do.

Not all gamers are addicted, and spending several hours in front of the console is dangerous. The addict must live the days of virtual immersion for a period of six months to a year. It is important to educate yourself about the advantages and disadvantages of video games in order to take steps to encourage their proper use, especially among the youngest. Read about the pros and cons of online gaming in this article -

Why are video games so addictive?

Video games are one of the favorite devices for children and adults to play. In 2016, sales of various consoles and games exceeded $41 billion.

According to a 2015 report by the Entertainment Software Association, 58% of Americans are gamers. They spend an average of two hours a day in front of a screen and with controls in their hands. The average age of users is 35, while under 18s account for 29% of the market.

As expected, the market for smartphone games has grown, especially with the appearance of the famous Pokémon Go.

These numbers draw attention to something fundamental: constant unsupervised gaming can lead to video game addiction, which in turn entails serious health risks.

Video games have two views on them: the positive side, which is that they teach and improve physical and mental skills. Downside: Video games promote aggression and force people to spend too much time on things that make them lose their sense of reality. Read about the complete cricket betting guide in this source.

These are other pros and cons to consider:

Improve physical and mental abilities

It has been proven that if you play video games every day, your visual attention improves and you multitask more effectively.

An Oxford University study of 5,000 10- to 15-year-olds found that those who played for at least an hour a day had higher levels of sociability and less hyperactivity or emotional and friendship problems than other groups.

They have therapeutic uses

Video games can be used by people with physical and mental problems. For example: for those who have problems with hand movement or who have difficulty communicating (autistic).

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